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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 11853 times)
Janna Britton
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« on: November 16, 2008, 02:46:51 am »

Just Legends?!

With the introduction of the latin "writing-culture" we may observe that the old ("pagan") sagas got undermined, distorted and even prohibited. Though we may still find fragments of the genuine stuff, - inbetween the distortions and misconceptions found in most of the sagas written down during the 12th-14th centuries.

Thus it may seem as a sheer miracle that researchers within the Science of Folklore and Traditions (antropologists) still find genuine and original information - resited by memory from old people still living in remote districts of Norway, Finland and Russia...

The most fantastic story was discovered in Finland as late as 1984-85, when a complete Family Saga was revealed. Showing to be an incredibly detailed story of our ancient antiquity theese tellings was catalogued as "The Family Saga of Strömsö Manor" by the "Archive of Folk Culture" in Helsinki.

This Saga is built around a chronological history where many incidents are already known, but most are very litle or not at all known from our public history.

Moreover the Saga explains the mere roots of the caucasian people and their culture, as originating in Fenno-Scandia during ice-time (!) And even worse; it does give a very precise, logic and detailed explanation about an ancient world-wide culture, as the common source of the European, Finnish, Asian and Indian Mythologies!

Since this have been genreally unknown to humanity and our academies, the present Nordic and Finnish Institutes of History has - not surprisingly - rejected the whole concept of such a saga; as "nonsens" and non-significant"...!
Even though it is completly documented. In interviews and dicussions even Finnish authorities have dismissed this historical legacy as "fantasies and speculations".

Lost, - But Found!

None the less have more archaeological discoveries from 1993-2002 given proof to the statements given by the saga already in 1985! One clear-cut example is the statement from the saga that; "The origin of our arctic culture evolved in the Baltic Area DURING ice-time, in a time we called "Alt-land-is", meaning "All-land-ice", because the whole Eurasian continent where covered in an enormous ice-sheet, exept from a small area around the Finnish Gulf that was kept open and warm enough for our ancestors to survive, - thanks to the Gulf-stream that used to end here at that time..." (!!!)

In 1995-96 a team of Russian and Norwegian scientists discovered a highly remarkable settlement - "from modern human beeings" - within the White Sea, where more than 40.000 years old...
Even worse did it become when a Finnish truck-driver got the rigth to dig out a cavern outside Kristinestad, on Finlands western coast. In 1995 he proved that there had been people using the cave more than 70.000 years ago!
Since than Finlands State-archeologists have been exploring about 1/8 of the cave, and by 1998-2002 it was proven that humans have lived in the "wolf-cave" for more than 280.000 years - i.e. during the coldest ice-time!!!

Yet, - the "Family-saga of Strömsö Manor" is
still not given any credit, although it is given specific information about several (unknown) artefacts to be hidden underground in Finland. One of theese is the crown and the crest of arms of the authentic Finnish Kingdom, that subdued to the religious regime of Europe (becomming part of the catholic Sweden) first in 1248.

According to the Saga this kingline, as well as their insignias and symbols originated from "As-Hel"; the arctic Kingdom of Altlandis. And as we may see on maps before 1854; the old zero-meridian (today GMT) used to run from As-Hel (todays Hel-sing-ki) to Hel-As, dividing Crete into a Eastern vs. a Western hemispheres - creating the basic culture that developed into the eastern Greek and the western Roman kingdoms as of 9000 years ago.
Thus we may understand that Alt-land-is and Atlantis is refering to the same myth, based on the same historical fact!

By today an exstensive lineout of the Bock Family Saga, - with a comprehensive description of the historical Altlandis - can be found at

Happy New Year!

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