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News: Did Humans Colonize the World by Boat?
Research suggests our ancestors traveled the oceans 70,000 years ago
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Do the Germans and the Jewish people have the same forefathers????

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Author Topic: Do the Germans and the Jewish people have the same forefathers????  (Read 3321 times)
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« on: March 23, 2008, 06:05:49 pm »

Thanks King Crimson

I found that post very inspiring to

There was a couple of points that seem to confirm the Urantia case which was


Although the Ashkenazi (European) community separated from their Mediterranean ancestors some 1,200 years ago and lived among Central and Eastern European gentiles, their paternal gene pool still resembles that of other Jewish and Semitic groups, originating in the Middle East.

One theory claims that the Jews of Eastern Europe derive predominantly from Jewish migrants from the Rhineland or from Italy, being fairly direct descendants of the original ancient Jewish / Hebrew populations.


A second theory suggests a northerly migration from the Balkans or from Central Asia, with the possibility of large scale conversions of Slavs and/or Kuzars to Judiasm.

The above seems to point to the Urantia fragments

I was was completely surprised when it occurred to me that there is a connection between the Jews Abraham and the gene pool that went to Europe and that can be identified.

That was completely interesting

and these the fragments that got me going



The Andite peoples of  the Euphrates valley migrated north to Europe to mingle with the blue men and west into the Mediterranean regions to mix with the remnants of the commingled Saharans and the southern blue men.

They were often reinforced by arrivals from Asia Minor,


The Danubians were Andonites  , farmers and herders who had entered Europe   through the Balkan peninsula and were moving slowly northward by way of the Danube valley.


Danubian-Andonite    cultures met and mingled on the Rhine as is witnessed   by the existence of two racial groups in   Germany today.


The ancient Hittites stemmed directly from the Andonite stock;  their pale skins and broad heads were typical of that race.   This strain was carried in  Abraham's ancestry and contributed much to the characteristic facial appearance of his later Jewish descendants who, while having a culture and religion derived from the Andites, spoke a very different language.

I'm really interested in finding out the truth of origins, I think its a good study.

It might be that we all have a commonality in Genes in Europe and might be very interesting to know that we have more in common than what divides even in our Genes. 

It interesting 500 years after Abraham left the Euphrates Valley, UR collapsed and there would of been a large exodus then and even before to the Rhine/Danube River.  At around 2500BC there was a great dispersal of Andites and that would of included the Abraham/Hittite strain going to Europe, However 500yrs later Abrahams particular Hittite line left UR, the Euphrates Valley to Palestine via Nathor and met with Melchizedek, the Sage of Salem! 2000BC and thats when everything began to where we are today!

What even more amazing is that 4000 years later from Melchizedek, The Son of Man Jesus came and today in our times we are in (I believe) the twilight of great enlightenment through the books and discovery, verification of the former cities which will lead to a new destiny in truth and could lead to a call to rapture and some judgement as well.  I dont know see what happens.

I have to laugh at that one for such a connection for Easter to find out that are large majority of Europeans are all connected to the Andites of the Euphrates river or the Sumerian's which go back to the Andonite, Adamite and the Nodite with some Adamson gene pool and which go back to the original and first Cities Dalamatia City, Dilmun/Babel 1stEden, 1stSusa and then to Egypt.

Here is another piece

3. The southern white race. This brunet Mediterranean race consisted of a blend of the Andite and the blue man, with a smaller Andonite strain than in the north. This group also absorbed a considerable amount of secondary Sangik blood through the Saharans. In later times this southern division of the white race was infused by strong Andite elements from the eastern Mediterranean.

and this part for background

For almost twenty thousand years the Andonites had been pushed farther and farther to the north of central Asia by the Andites. By 3000 B.C. increasing aridity was driving these Andonites back into Turkestan. This Andonite push southward continued for over a thousand years and, splitting around the Caspian and Black seas, penetrated Europe by way of both the Balkans and the Ukraine. This invasion included the remaining groups of Adamson's descendants and, during the latter half of the invasion period, carried with it considerable numbers of the Iranian Andites as well as many of the descendants of the Sethite priests.

By 2500 B.C. the westward thrust of the Andonites reached Europe. And this overrunning of all Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and the Danube basin by the barbarians of the hills of Turkestan constituted the most serious and lasting of all cultural setbacks up to that time. These invaders definitely Andonized the character of the central European races, which have ever since remained characteristically Alpine.

mm interesting

See we are all one big happy family!


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