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News: Ice Age blast 'ravaged America'
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Author Topic: HIGHLIGHTS IN EARLY ATLANTOLOGY  (Read 1171 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2007, 11:34:29 am »

Hey guys? Last night I was looking at Kircher's Atlantis Map, and thinking "something doesn't look right." So I looked at my trusty, rusty globe that is well over 60 years old, but at least the continents are correctly placed. If that is supposed to be a map of Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, then something sure looks heywire, because America should be on the left, and Africa on the right, unless of course, the poles have flipped...


This is precisely my Point that ' COLUMNBUST ' (= a pun on Christopher COLON, which means "Carrier -over the threashold, Fretum of the " Columns or Pillars, of HERCULES " ) Also had an ancient-Arabic- Map on Atlantis ( with the South-in-Top.)

By the printing of This Map Upside Down,  it seemed thus to indicate that America or Mexico was the fabled Atlantis, ( The Moroccans insist that Atlantis lay in Berber-Land becase of the (anti-)ATLAS-Mountains !!)  but If we would re-rotate this Kircher Map of 1667 ( printed in AMSTERDAM.) than the Extreme -East-end location of Atlantis in the extreme end of the Ocean, would be  rather nearer to Europe's Aegean SEA or ARABIA's RED-SEA.

Myth has it that in 1492 on returning home, ' COLOMNA ' heard that King Ferdinand had declared that ( United-)Spain was the apparent HEIR to Atlantis  ( and even Atlantis itselves ),

That's why Ferdinand had new-coins struck with on the Front Himself & Isabella and at the obverse side the Coats-of-Arms of: Asturia-&-Leon & Castillia, inbetween TWO COLUMNS, or Pillars surmounted by a Banderoll with the words " Plus-Ultra " meaning Beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

' COLOMB ' had from the start planned to discover and claim ATLANTIS (= in America.) for himself as vice-Roy, but since Ferdinand had suddenly declared Spain to be HESPERIS/ Atlantis-proper, his discovery of America- as -Atlantis would be' null-and- void ' and futile,

So 'COLUMNBUS 'invented a fib to save himself from ridicule and told the Fib that during the last part of the Voyage, in Spain,  he had lost his itinerary Ships Journal and had to re-write it leaving out all allusions to Atlantis in America, instead he substituted the words Atlantis for " INDIA "

But this was unlucky too because in 1498 Vasco da Gama had found an even shorter way to India.  Amerigo Vespuggi the successor of ' COLUMBUST' as Pilot-Major must have seen his socalled 'l ost Ships-Journal ', because he had a Map issued with the 10-Divisions of Plato's Atlantis drawn over Mexico & South-America. This was reprinted but never officially recognized.

' COLUMNS ' had thought that The Carribean Islands were a part of the mainland forming an longstreched coastal-Peninsula,enclosing a BAY of Brazil- because unlike the 105 Atlantologists at MELOS-1 in 2005 he did read Greek  and noticed that PLATO ( in section CRITIAS.) placed Atlantis in the extremity of an Offshoot off the World-OCEAN, that , compared to the Whole Ocean, only seemed a narrow Harbor.

In Modern NAUTICAL-Terms we would call such a coastal Oceanic-Offshoot a Lagoon or GULF and thus, so did  'COLUMNBUS '  he named the Carribbean SEA a BRAZZO- de- MER or a BRAZ-del-MAR, in Italian probaly: " BRAZILLIO "( thus actually not because Atlantis was the Land of BRAZ(= Auricalchum.)

In America & Brazil/ Mexico the historians and New wave seekers are LOATH to loose the pretence of a possible Atlantis in the ' NEW-World ' and are not keen on re-locating the ' Creadle -of- Civilisation 'and Birthplace of the European Gods, ( back-)to South-Arabia , where it belonged in ADEN/ Yemen.)

What we today call the Atlantic was NOT a part of PLATO's " KNOWN-WORLD " the Original WORLD-OCEAN  cannot run crissCross over the Globe !!

This OIKUMENE-OKEANOS was originally horizontal on All ancient Maps and thus thought to be the Media-Terran-Nean-SEA which is a bad translation for World-Ocean as the SEA that TRANSFERRED -the- LANDS of the Globe.

Adding that Atlantis was not :" as -big -as-" but:  IN-BETWEEN ; Lybia & ASIA(= Major.)makes it most probable that Atlantis was indeed in the Mediaterranea-SEA and Not in the modern ATLANTIC.

The fact that the ancient Cartographers -honestly- added " NEAN " to the term "TERRA(=' World-')Transfering -SEA must have arroused suspicion with any Atlantologist that The Mediterranean-Sea was also NOT the original ' Known-WORLD-SEA ' either.

By simply observing the oldest printed map by HEKATAIOS from 512 bc, we can grab, the problem of the horzontal position of PLATO's ' World-SE'and the fact that the Atlantic is vertical !~!   We can  Clearly see that in PLATO's  time the INDIAN-Ocean was supposed to be transferring the Known-World, with the GULF-of-ADEN as the described horizontall Oceanic Offshoot.

Since ADEN is not an ISLAND although Atlantis was separated from the MAINLAND, by a ( Man-made) Isthmus or Canal, the word NESSOS would not be a proper application or propriete topographic Geo-name.

The problem is - again- in the translation of : RAS- ADEN, as: " RAISED-CITY " (=Terrassed-City.) as a City-raised above water thus a Nessos.  20 RASSES in The Gulf-of-ADEN are former GYUOTS, that by Tectonic activities have been raised by seismic waves above the Sealevel.  ADEN is such a MUD-Vulcano and so is MUSCATE

The Bible and the Greek Myth both gives us the Solution of what sort of Coastal 'Island "Atlantis or the LAND-of- AD actually was: a (coastal- )ATOLL connected to Arabia by a TOMBOLO.

In Greek any Perinsula that is washed on TWO sides, thus a circular and not an rectangular Peninsulae is namesd, as an ACHILEOS, and surely enough,

In Hebrew Paradise-garden -of -EDEN was named in short: ACH-AD as an -unofficial- Abbrevation of ACHI-LEOS of-ADen.

!05 Atlantologists in Melos in 2005 all have missed-out on reading that Part of CRITIAS,where it clearly said that Atlantis was NOT washed by the OCEAN, but by the SEA-of Atlas, thus NOT by the ATLANTIC as in OCEAN.)

' GEORGEOS ' spotted this as first, in 2006,  but after he published his ' MUD-SHOAL- ' Theory, so as a clever man who is not dumb or dense, he must have known- in- Advance that this theory was bogus and he might have done this publication of the socalled THERORY PLAGIARISM in cahoots with Collina Girard,

only to fool the " scientifico- establishment "( of which, as an upstart,  he is so fond to belong to.)On internet I only came across ;' GEORGEOS 'comment, and no written Defence by Collina Girard,  If not for GEORGEOS little Publicity stunt, we may never have known Prof. Collina Girard as an french Oceanographist

Conclusion is :
that at At " MELOS-2 "in 2008,  I will have to let the Atlantologists of year 2005 speak, first,  out-of-respect- of their 105 location-Theories, and than cruelly desillusion them by proving that by ignoring the parameters in CRITIAS they -knowingly-or in feigned ignorance, promoted falsh theories.  I will make myself a hated criminal to the hopefull-futurists  and humanity, by doing that.  But why should I keep silent ?? if I can promote worldpeace by clearing ancient History of false, harmfull- traditions.?!

My Critics all said, that my discovery of these translation Faults is Garbage( Miss VERHOEF Zeist Holland , she even burned 1000 of my collective-item-sourcebooks, when I was on hollyday on July-7-2006.) others were satisfied by calling my discovery of Atlantis-in ADEN,  Crap ( by Miss BIANCA in AO last month.)

I feel slighted, like ' GEORGEOS ' but on a different level maybe I should merge with his panache-press-promotion, but even Discovery-Channel, SCI-FI, nor National-Geographic TV-Channel were intrested in a feature of the  Discovery of " BlueHue's " ATLANTIS- in -ADEN.( with ' GEORGEOS ' as an ankerman.)

We can't all be Superman, Georgeos Diaz-Montexano is trying to look like one and I want him to promote my Theory-further in accompagny with my fosterfather Basil-VanBemmelen.

I offer my sincere appologies to any Section of Society or individual who feels offended by my discovery of Atlantis.

Sincerely " BlueHue " dd -July-3- 2007    Cry   - Cry  -  Cry
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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