What time frame did it exist in?

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Tom Hebert:
Quote from: Chronos on March 06, 2007, 01:22:09 pm

Sorry, Mark, I find the new results a bit puzzling, too.  And then, it occurs to me that most people place Atlantis at a more distant time, even though the more recent time would appear to be more practical.

The new results actually result from people being able to change their vote to a choice more to their liking.

Hi Chronos,

Whoever said Atlantis enthusiasts were interested in being practical?  ;D

You know, if we really wanted to be practical we would dismiss the story of Atlantis as a product of one philosopher's vivid imagination.  I'm sure this is what most of the world's population believes.  And yet that answer got zero votes here.  ???

As of today 20 people have voted, and 13 believe that Atlantis existed 9000 BC or earlier.  This means that the majority of our posters go with Plato's traditional dates.

Mark of Australia:
Yes it is interesting , it seems most of the voters think that the 9000 years of Plato actually uses the year as we define it,365 days.  I myself voted for a bronze age Atlantis. a 'lunar year' was used .28 days.

Naturally if someone thinks the story was an invention by Plato ,they wouldn't even want to discuss it.They wouldn't even frequent this forum.

Also the poll for the Diaz-Montexano theory being scientific is curious..  it is overwhelmingly voted to not be scientific ,which I think is due to everyones dislike of the man,not necessarily the science. Science at some levels seems to be affected by popularity contests.



"Also the poll for the Diaz-Montexano theory being scientific is curious..It is over-
whelmingly voted to not be scientific, which I think is due to everyones dislike of the man, not necessarily the science.  Science at some level seems to be affected by
popularity contests."


I think, in this case (Georgeos), science is like certain religious beliefs:

When something is REPEATEDLY and FORCEFULLY thrust down the

listeners' throat,

a 'knee-jerk" reaction follows, as strongly NEGATIVE.

DEAR, BIANCA 2001, and "Georgeos"( If he read this, )

"GEORGEOS", started the mythical-Atlantis Hype, with an obviously  false Premise back in 2003, deeming it a MUDSHOAL-island in CAPE-SPARTEL/ sandband in the Bay of Tanger, in a dynamic,  fast streaming Tide-zone outlett of the Mediaterranean into the "Spanish-Sea".

This is a false pretense because,as it turns out( analysed by himself!) that AtlantisKOUM Pellagious means a SEA-ARM; thus NOT a BAY, nor a SEA-STRAIT, but the back-end of a GULF !( which he carefully avoided to mention, in distracting us, letting us think in freedom, for ourselve,  he keeps everyone groping in the dark.         " Que Linda est la Maniana, quando sal est Sol."( Reqiem of Cowboys.)

He mentioned "Mighthier-Than" instead of the indeed GROSS:"as-big-as, but fails for obvious reasons to mention the find by Ganalopoulos and Marinatos back in 1935 about "MESO"(= bigger than.) actually beiing meant as:"MEZO"( in-between)

BECAUSE that actually means that Plato's original coordinate for the historical Atlantis is elsewhere from his appointed location!  Namely not bigger than Asia & Lybia", but simply deadright in-between Asia & Lybia

Which is naturally not in the( present modernly named-)Atlantic Ocean.

Still, I think that we shall Honour the man for his tenacious charater persueing a false lead and not getting tired of answering our ( most)Stupid questions, he has really the proper "Scientifico" education and a heart for the matter, that not every forumvisiter displays, as vividly & cordially as he does.!

We must keep in mind, that Without "GEORGEOS" Atlantis Hype -initialisation, in 2003, there would be 6 Atlantis-Forums less then now, and WE would not be : "Talking" to each other.!

The default fallacy of 'GEORGEOS"s find is so obvious that it is impossible to think that he was NOT in cahoots with Geological Professor Collina-Girard in Staging that little sherade about him beiing Plagiarized by a profesionalscientist, that should know better, A rollingstone gathers no moss!. . . the socalled Dammage of reputation is just a sub-terfuge detraction of the fact that a shifting mudshoal in the Atlantic is a Publicity-trap for ignorant Laymen.

"Georgeos" could easily have shouted: "APRIL- FOOL" , any time, 4 years ago, but his joke got out of hand !
on  the other hand, the Public is not yet used /accustomed to my discovery of ADEN/Eden as the original Historic "Holi-land-of-Atlantis".

I say and think that "Georgeos" has done the only right optiona desperate man could do, to attract attention to his Studies: make a wild statement about Atlantis and people come to your doorstep!   And he proofed himself right ! . .  He poses as a aimiably , as a gullible man, but he is a cool cunning classical language Scientist.    However if he has  ever studied Marine-Geology, he certainly knew to hide that knowledge!

With no offence to "Georgeos" antagonists, I think he is a swell guy and  I sincerely hope that he keeps us entertained despite that we have seen through his-clever-Hoax, he has fooled "The ( Scientific-)World" !   ( Only, they don't know it yet.! )

Sincerely   :'(  " BlueHue "   :'(

Atlantis was a leisurefull society because the harvests of fruittrees and ofcourse FRANKINCENSE were twice a year which makes Atlantis location in the Sub-Tropics. 

 :'(Mark Ponta is worried about the Connection of Atlantis with an agricultural society: ? the 10 Kings had drawn lots for the best soil to be develloped into  farming estates besides the tidal-Plain with Seaweeds provided problem-free food for the " 1.000 " white se4agoing Elephants that roamed the Metropolis, but of whom Plato only dedicated HALF a Line!

Atlantis meant Hatti-Land  and in Hindi:" Padala or Phulastia, which means ( White )Elephant Land, ADEN/ ADDE also means WHITE- Elephant and as if it is ordained to be so: Arabia Foelix also means " White-Elephant", PILLARS ( of Heracles.) also means " White-Elephant" Please read my Subscript ( in Blue, underneath.this TEXT.)

( In Proverb, a " White -Elephant" is a building that has been finished with too much overhead, a exorbitant costly building !) :'(   :'(

Sincerely " BlueHue" dd 11 Dec. 2007


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