What time frame did it exist in?

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Sorry, Mark, I find the new results a bit puzzling, too.  And then, it occurs to me that most people place Atlantis at a more distant time, even though the more recent time would appear to be more practical.

The new results actually result from people being able to change their vote to a choice more to their liking.

OFCOURSE,. . . . ::)  these traditional-classical antiquity-voters are not aware that there are   other  Chronology systems currently.  with also very LATE dates! Which Plato did not invent.

for instance the present one for Atlantis comes from Plato AND the Belgian Egyptologist Dr Emile Brugsch who founded for the FIRST time in: 1850  the present established egyptian Chronology derived from "Manethoon( 285 bc.)from which by comparison and Synchronity ALL other chronologies were compiled be it Assyrian ; Babylonian or Sumerian/Hittite Dynasties reaching back for written records to: 3.000 bc

  ;D  However in : 1949 Dr Velikovsky at Princeton University in NewJersy, discovered single-handedly anomalies of dating: the socalled 500 years of Dark-ages occured in all Chronologies ( except the original Egyptian one!  So his simple conclusion was that 3 successive Egyptian Dynasties nrs 12; 18 and 22 must have bee, not successive, but concurrent; these THREE Dynasties were versions of ONE; nr 18, meaning that dynasties: nrs 12 & 22 never existed as separate, entities, making up an anomaly of exactly 500 years !. . .   Dr V. founded  the REVISED Chronology opposite the NEW-Chronology of Dr David Rohl and mr N.C.Pope.

This also meant that the "contemporary" Mesopothamian Dynasties of the 12-th and 22-th eg.Dynasty also never existed and were. likewise, different language-versions of the contemporary Eastern Dynasties of the egyptian 18-th Dynasty.

a true
follower of Dr V, Professor of Ecomomics, Gunnar Heinsohn went even further in discovering that the entire First babylonian Dynasty, was only the Babylonian-language  version or rendering of the entire Chaldean/Achemenid Persian Dynasty and must thus have been composed after the year 333 bc.   He published these amazing findings in 1989 in a book Called"The SARGON- MIRROR" Heinsohn's  dating of the oldest written History stops short in: 2.000 bc so the 3.000 and 4.000 limits for the earliest written tabletts are 2.000 years too long!   

 Ofcourse we have never seen written tabletts from Atlantis but they do exist: King Tudhallias-4, supposedly Hittitte from 1200 bc was in Velikovsky's REVISED-chronology King Nabonid from Babylon ( at Teima.)About 850 bc
He had the Wall tabletts from the Temple of Poseidon in ADEN(= AD-Lantis.) removed to: his mortuary temple in Yazzilikaja ( near Hattushas/Bogazkoi.) These Tablett look Sumerian in art but the later added Texts are in a form of Early 18-th dynasic Mittanic writing suggesting that the Kingdom of Mittani in NORTH Araby also extended to South-Araby,  and had occupied the site-of-Atlantis before the Neo-Babylonians did from: 610-539 bc when at last the Persians conquerred the denuded site of the Poseidon Temple at Aden.

The real discoverer of "Atlantis" (as the theocratic State of Israel".)is Dr.Velikovsky in 1949, but because he met only Prejuidice and Animosity amongst his Critics and intended publisher, he decided to hide this fact in his popular textbook: AGES-IN-CHAOS, which is still controversial and mistrusted, yet several other chronologists tried to Emulate him (Unsuccesfully) by inventing similar NEW-Chronologies, but on other bases.     

They discard Velikovsky's 500 non-existant years and reduced it to only 250 as Dr Dirkzwager from Holland; Aman Osman( Temple of humanity General Yuya as supposed Jacob the Patriarch(= Yakubher a Hyksos Ruler.)) N.C.Pope did in his website and Dr.David-Rohl, The dentist dr.Courville,( 1971) just followed Manethoons greek rendering of Egyptian names and found anomalies and doubletts too.  Since Dr Velikovsky is the most educated of these his 500 extra years stand out!

But 60 years ago the science-publishers were not apt to recall historybooks or to issue overleaves for the anomaly Dynasty-pages so their only response was to villify dr Velikovsky.  My first reading was in 1979 of Ages-in-Chaos, There yet existed no Email-internet, so I was unable to reach & converse with this remarkable clever man just before his untimely Death from grieve.   He had not left a detailled copy of his TIME-LINE  which left his own adherends too, "groping-in-the-Dark"! 

To Re-produce his TIME-LINE that he never issued in details, was not my first intrest since I became the President of my own classic Fairytales-Children's Museum(" The-Elf ")  in Delft in 1979, in Holland.  Only after  (the intended audience; drugs-habited school bratts themselves, initiated  34 burglaries, after closing time) and amongst which ( 2 ) Incindairies by an office-block develloping-Compagny, . . . . . I realised that Children's Fairytales don't intrests the kids anymore, in a life Diorama Museum at least not by my effords, Home-Dvd-Fairytales are the craze

in 2005 on behest of my very patiŽnt Foster father Basil Van-Bemmelen who gained much insight from Velikovsky's TIME-LINE.  I started to haphazzerdly Fill-in items of Dr. V's TIME-LINE on an Microsoft XLS-Sheet, that I lost several times by accidental erasure, on Floppies before I bought my first  Flash-memory-Stick in 2006.

Thus in Dr Velikovsky's TIME-LINE the Dates of Atlantis are very un-conventional between: 1075-855 bc  Webmaster 'CHRONOS' has added these Dates as: between 1000-800 for clarity which is nearly correct. . . . We all know that Plato interntionally exaggerated ALL his Atlantis figures by a DECIMAL-zero extra to make the age of the Myth/Saga,  appear older!    Plato,  started with 10 Kings which seems probable Untill, One realizes, that in Plato's text they were born simultaniously from Poseidon & Cleito, while her Husband Evenor just stood by watching , very likely See?!

10 Isles are not improbable but what about 2 million inhabitants making 200.000 inhabitants  per island!. . . Than,  they had 20.000 golden chariots but on which island is not certain, at last there were 10 rivers on ONE island and another 10 artificial rivers in a circle on that same island, does this still seem normal ??

THAN there is the TIME-LINE issue: Atlantis drowned during a Tsunami in  approx.10.000 bc except for the DATE ,-which should be clear by now,- was more akin to: 1000 bc ! Atlantis could not have been sunken under water because it was only drowned at an extra-ordinary high-tide and it was on an extinct Volcano- caldeira & Cone.[/b

This extinct Volcano, as goes with the territory, may have had Termal-Springs that went up-in-the-air during an Earth-Quake, but Atlantis was afterwards rebuilt by the egyptians who re-named it the third-Egypt or "India-Media".     Later , Atlantis of Plato was named by the Greeks Oikumene'The "Known -World"   ( This was later re-named after the extinct white arabian Elephant: ARABIA-FoŽlix="Elephant-Country")

I just tell you all this so that you understand that the addition of the Lowest & latest dates for "Atlantis" is not a flight of Fancy, or a Leap-of-Faith  but a scientific fact.  On the other hand dear   GEORGEOS still thinks of " Atlantis- in- the-Atlantic " from: 9.000 bc, Peace be with the meek. ignorance is bliss!  I mean he just missed the point and although I have emailed him frequently reclined answering with a comment !  Maybe at the second "Melos"meeting in 2008, he will announce that his Spartel-theory was just a joke to test the creadibility and awareness of other Atlanteans who think of: SPAIN(=hIberia) Ice-land; Green-Land;(Hiperboria) or even Iere-land(Ibernia)( except Sarmast's Cyprus,)( All IN the 'midst' of the Atlantic.)

 ;D At Melos-2 in 2008,( or possibly in Delft-Polly- University auditorium ?if THEY stop snivveling & grinning! ) all the Gods will have a hearty Laugh over the really stupid mistakes made back in 2005!. . .  :D

Sincerely    :'(   "BlueHue"   :'(

I certainly don't place Atlantis as old as Plato suggests.  It makes no logical sense. The events could not have occurred in an era before the Greeks and Egyptians were themselves a people.

And so I selected between 5000 bc and 2000 bc, an era just out of recent memory, and yet old enough for the details to have been conceivably recorded somewhere. 


I think that was covered in my replies on page 1 of this thread...

Truth about Atlantis?   it was ruled by jealous TEAM Kings they started a civil War

 :'(Distant historical traditions are always flattered into situations that belie the ugly truth ! :'(

The real Atlantis story was culled by plato from The DANAOS-Myth, about 2 brothers that loved their beautiful sister and fought atlantis over her:"Danaos and Egyptos. ;D

Atlantis existed inbetween Two historical Floods inbetween 1075-855 bc, inbetween ASIA-Maiorem & LYBIA-Sub-Sive Aegypto(= East-Africa.)and the egyptian Pharaoh THOT had redistributed the derelict land after the first TSUNAMI, to DANAOS & EGYPTOS.


Sincerely    :'(  "BlueHue"   :'(


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