What time frame did it exist in?

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Quote from: Mark Ponta on February 23, 2007, 09:37:24 am

hmmm  ,I still don't see a connection between Atlantis and the origin of agriculture  ,nevermind .


As I was saying earlier 1075-855 bc  but this was not in the Polls( So nobody bothered!) :'( - :'( - :'( .

Pete V:
Need a "dont know" option for the honest among us. :)  Otherwise, Plato's imagination it is.

Quote from: Mark Ponta on February 23, 2007, 09:37:24 am

hmmm  ,i still don't see a connection between Atlantis and the origin of agriculture 

SORRY for answering to several Posts simultaneously:

POSEIDON was the God of Agriculture but was originally a thermal Spring in ADEN(=EDEN=Paradise)

The  :)  18th Dyn.PHARAOH  AHMOSE,  occupied Aden and restyled himself Poseidon god of Agricultrure because of that Thermal Spring and Löss soil in the Mudvolcano Caldeira!

His Brother Kamose became restless and jeallous because Thot had given him only desert( Melam-Kemt.)and chased Ahmose from his little Paradise

the FOUR Pillars of Chronos were then changed into just TWO pillars of Hercules

Pillars is Pylons thus Egyptian Temples by extention, the TWO secondary volcanoes of Aden were renamed BO-ACHS and JACH-SIN and the greeks living in ADEN were renamed IO-Dans and IO-Mans or Javans from Io-Nia( Samaria/Jemen.)

The Misconception of Atlantis as an Island came from the Roman mistranslation for a greek promotory: ACH-ile-EOS which means washed by the World-Ocean(= Oikumene) only from TWO sides! thus a Promotory!

By extention: Atlantis was an island within an island thus an Atoll, by an istmus connected to the Mainland of South-Arabia this Istmus would be that rectangular Plain where the ( extinct-arabian-)Elephants roamed.

Any washed-up ( Coastal/Sea-)Plain is called in Technical terms or topographical Jargon a TOMBOLA or SEFELAH!  e.g. the whole Coast of west Somalia!

The Thebes that Cadmus (= Pharaoh Kamose( 1085-1050 bc.)revised Chronology!)founded was initially in Upper Egypt, it( Sheba!) was the OLD name for MEROWË which was renamed in 525 bc. by persian King Cambysos after his early death of his crownprince- son Meroë(or:Merv!)

Later on Cadmus went to Boetia in Greece( Then called Achaia-nea)and there founded another Thebes(= Sheba!)

The "Queen-of-Sheba" came from Ethiopia/Napata/Nubia  because Kamose was her great grandfather.
She on her turn founded 2 other Thebes or "Shebas": Shabwa  & Shebam in Hadramaut
History erroneously claims that she came from these Hadramaut"Thebeses" whilst she only colonized there.( 1003-950 bc.)

Myrina is an Amazone Queen, the grandmother of queen Hatsepsut.) from Libia but she was also the daughter of Great-King(= megassar:) Megareus who violated her , that's why she went away on a conquest spree, and founded Smyrna in Turkey where she introduced Frankincense trees from Hyria/Hesperia( from:Hadramaut.)

They came not from the roman LYBIA -INTERIOR but from the greek Lybia-sub-sive AEGYPTO in Erytraea or French Somalia.

The Amazones from Themskrian Scythia,  were in the Service of the Assyrians when they attaqued Troy in 861-860 bc( Revised-Chronology)in the last year of King Assurnasirpal-2( 878-859 bc.)

The original egyptian Amazones were conscripted men who wore Nubian or Kushite stuffed Wigs as helmets and Battledresses of stuffed linnen as the Greeks of Alexander's time later did, from a distance they resemble(d) women.

As for the precise location of Atlantis: Read my Subscript!

Sincerely: " BlueHue "  :'( -  :'( -  :'(

I have edited the poll, offering the choices that Majesyon. Essan and Bluehue suggested. In addition to that, I have also allowed people to change their vote should they wish to vote for a choice more suitable.  Hope that helps.

Mark of Australia:
!!!!!  What have u done to the poll ?!!!   it's been massacred .!     Geez ,,

We had a neat little contest going between  the 10000 - 9000  and the 2999 - 1000  groups.

*sigh*  oh well ,nothing lasts forever .


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