What time frame did it exist in?

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This seems to be our first attempt at a poll here.

What happened to the option of over 10,000.
That's where I am.......................................  12,000--- 38,000

Yes, probably should have been an option for 'other'.   

I think Plato made the story up, but I also think he may well have been inspired both by real historic events of his own time and by stories he'd heard which in turn may have been based on real prehistoric events dating back right to the end of the last ice age.   It's even possible (IMO) that Solon himself brought one of these ancients stories back with him from Egypt, though not in any way the detailed narrative that Plato relates.

So I would have to say that 'Atlantis' existed in various places at various times, but mainly around the 10,000BC time period and again around the 350-2,000BC time period.

Edit:  I voted 2,999-1,000BC because I think most of the places and events that inspired him occurred around then :) 

A nice moralistic story. that's what it boils down to for me.

Quote from: Chronos on January 25, 2007, 11:13:46 am

This be our first attempt


 :'(  I have located A. in Ras-ADEN-Crater.  My contention is that the timeframe should be extended to: 1000-800 bc. because none of the above timeframes apply to Plato's Atlantis demise.

ATLANTIS consisted only 250 years inbetween TWO "Tsunami-Floods". which were NOT climate-change related.  The only true dated are: 1075-855 bc . to avoid disgression in THIS Post, i will explain the why & wherefore in another Topic.( but which one is the most feasible?)

In my opinion Plato was member of an autoritarian State that wanted to impose it's form of Government upon others by indeed gradual immersion in its state organization as is always the case with conquerers

However Athens in 366 bc was recently defeated by Sparta /Persia and the Punicians and Plato's company-dinnerparty speech was to be held before crowned heads of Europe to incite a State-coup against his host the King/Tyrant of Syracuse Dionyssos-1 who's mysterious death during an attack of Tomain ceased the Project.  ( which is -traditionally- attributed to Plato's own death in 347 bc.)

Sincerely  :'( "BlueHue" :'(


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