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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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Enoch in the New Testament

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Author Topic: Enoch in the New Testament  (Read 2712 times)
Norman Pounders
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« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2008, 09:31:49 pm »

Let me ask you this, sevens.  Don't you think that the best thing, all considered when it comes to this Eden business would be for us to take over and occupy Iran?  That way we could do some of these underwater excavations in the Gulf of Dalmatia and no one could bother us. We certainly couldn't do it otherwise, with folks like Ahmerdinijad watching us.
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« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2008, 04:38:58 pm »

Hi Norman, thanks for your question.

I feel an religious envoy should communicate with the leaders of Iran about the journey and the ancient places with a open transparent proposal.  Where the construct is presented and layed down on the table with a quest to verify the truth of Dalamatia City.  All should be layed on the table where the Government of Iran are able to be a participant in the quest of truth for the sake of realisation.

The beauty of Dalamatia City is that it is in International waters not in the Iranian economic zone so really speaking anyone by International law are able to go there and explore.  However the reality might be different.

I think for the US to go there and conquer Iran and occupy might be difficult and would result in further bloodshed.  To go there physically and occupy would make the situation worse and would add to the problems.  All must be revealed and opened so that it gives the government of Iran an opportunity to see for themselves without compulsion or through physical threat.

However, in saying this the most stupid thing to do for Iran is to bomb Jerusalem with nuclear holocaust.  That would be the most stupid to do as that would bring about the wrath of the USA upon Iran and Iran would receive nothing but destruction if it actually hurt Jerusalem and its people through a Hbomb.

Mind you the last rebel would love to do that, no doubt about that, the more confusion, the better for the last rebel but thank God the last rebel is restrained to some degree at this time.  So that this truth can appear and reveal itself in the timeline progression of realisation and truth in the oneness of discovery!

The real truth of the matter is that the leadership of Iran have to see the truth for themselves through realisation not war.  Its the only true way we can find the peace path through self-realization and truth in the demonstration.  That's why its important that this body of the Jesus must make a bridge in the quest of truth in joint proposal to the middle east countries and Iran has to be involved.

Only the Christians can do this as we are the only ones that understand the situation fully in this journey and what has been revealed.  The Urantia organizations cant, even though they are my brothers to, but they are to small and dont have much money to accomplish such a feat.

They dont have the size nor the international influence, we are only individuals in quest of truth in our personal progression we not a big body, just individuals really keen for all the truth of the whole matter.

Mind you what I do is a complete individual journey with a desire of unification of all the religion through what I believe is the greatest mystery on the planet by design built by circumstances in our ancient past and used for our benefit today NOW! whilst we have opportunity!

In relation to the ancient places I have written to the Supreme leader sometime ago revealing the ancient places in all locations and with my link.  I also have written to George Bush and revealed the truth of the places and suggested that he uses the US navy to verify the truth accompanied with representatives of each surrounding nation to witness the discovery.

I even suggested for the Navy to verify it now and then plan to show the evidence to the surrounding nations in a joint venture.  I thought this would be a beautiful project for the servicemen and women of the US navy presently in the Gulf.

I also believe that this project is a matter national security in a positive sense and should be supported by all levels of the US government in finance and equipment.  And should be transparent for all to see so that would it be a fine witness of the truth by the US government and its people.  It would also give the US government good direction for this time now.

I reckon I am right in this thought and I know Jesus and Melchizedek is right behind it with full support from the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I believe the Coastlands will stand in the End Times because they have faith in Jesus ultimately within ourselves personaly and Jesus will honour the coastlands.  This project provides the perfect opportunity to create bridges to Iran that can bring healing with a message of good and great tidings for its people in the discovery.

This maybe the only opportunity that we have to bring about an acceptable conclusion to all this death and destruction where symbol meets truth in the discovery.

I believe the prophecy of George Washington will come to pass and the US will stand united in truth and will be successful.  This I believe fervently and its truth, beauty and goodness will stand in truth.  The Father will truly bless the people and churches for there faith in truth.

There is no doubt about that and dont anyone worry about that!

The key is truth and sharing with the other brothers what we have and make a open presentation of truth through the physical journey to the places in its verification.

We are on the road and I strongly believe the Christian body will stand tall.  I believe that 100% and I have every faith in that.

Interestingly, if all is done as set out in task we will be very successfull and will be friends with the lovers of truth in Islam in its final outcome centered on the new independent book written by the Kingdom of Heaven for us now that brings in a unity in oneness of the witness, discovery and verification in the journey.

Praise the Lord for that, I really praise the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven for this fantastic opportunity.

And we all going by faith in Jesus, truly our friend and Saviour in this planetary mess we have before us

But everything has to be tested and that's exactly what we are doing right now and it will need activation of the churches, the body of Jesus which requires an almighty step in faith!

Praise the Lord for that one to.

The test of truth as in the books and I have no doubt all will be successful.

If this was done and we are completely successful in our quest for the verification of Dalamatia City and if the Iranian government was involved then that should open access to the other places for verification.  I believe this may be the progression where the truth and treasures of Khorason will be revealed in the physical verification of the places in Eastern Iran and sets up a fulfillment in the Islamic prophecies related to the end times.

I believe that this is the construct that will bring resolution and has full blessing by Paradise/Kingdom of Heaven and will be successfull in every detail. 

No worries about that mate!

Thanks Norman for your questions.  Praise the Lord eh!

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Hero Member
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« Reply #17 on: May 05, 2008, 05:19:21 pm »

The angels and the Universal Hierarchy of the Ancients of Days have invested heavily in this journey and now I believe man and the Body of Jesus must arise to the occasion with full backing.

Now is the time!  not later but NOW! if we are to put an end to this planetary disaster.

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« Reply #18 on: May 05, 2008, 05:32:37 pm »

Norman Pounders, Elmer, Calvin, 12 Apostles and others.

It is time to gather the spiritual leadership of Jesus within your body and speak to the Government using your current facility and investigate, research and lay a Jesus led consistent plan in the outworking of the proposal.

I strongly believe this is the path.

Even though the body of Jesus has varying ideas in doctrine but in this proposal we can all be unified and differences in personal doctrine and dogma should be left behind and a quest should be made.

The US navy can already verify the places in a discreet fashion, this alone should verify the path with a small investigation using all the resources currently available now.

After which we can a mass a very big proposal amongst the body if it proves to be successfull but there should be a witness from this office of the Messiah to witness the initial witness of the discovery and verification.

This witness could be anyone of you!

If Iran wants to know whats happening...Let them know the truth of the matter!  We can all be open in this as we are being led by the Messiahs Jesus and Melchizedek through the facility of the Office of the Messiahs.  Praise the Lord Father!!!!!

Right on Father in the Kingdom of Heaven!  We are the Kings men of heaven on earth.

I and the Office of the Messiah will be awaiting the answer of the Kings men and the plan of action and that can be privately relayed.  We are the Kings men and never forget that we are the men of Jesus and the Father including the Sevenfold Mission.

All of us, everyone who embraces the truth as we go in the revealing of the hidden heritages of the Ages will be very very happy!  Even unto translation!

I praise the Father for the great gift of faith in our time...thank you Jesus my friend and saviour!

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