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Time Dilation

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Author Topic: Time Dilation  (Read 530 times)
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« Reply #30 on: May 14, 2007, 10:05:35 pm »

What are truly fundamental objects?

Is this a game of Jeapordy?  If so - you are answering the question, "What makes up all that we perceive in 3-dimensions of a universe consisting of N-dimensions where 'N' is greater than 10 and < infinity?"  Sorry - I was just having a little fun with you.  Seriously now, "Truly Fundamental objects" are inexplicable with a 3-D perception.  At the very best, we can describe the shadows that would be cast by such objects, but without a holistic view of their entire domain, it is impossible to describe them.  Mathematically, however, we can do just that - and leave the *shadows* in the to themselves.  Let's get to more about it a little later.

Do you truly then believe that there is no Unifying Field Force?

I think it's (grand unification) a paper tiger.  I think there is an explanation for why the forces arise, but I don't see "it" as a grand unifying force - more like a "Grand Unification" or "Origin" for what we perceive.  But only for what we perceive.

What about David Bohm and his Implicate Order?

Hmmm....   Bohm was fascinating, and had a tremendous mind.  Moreover, he had a mind that required too much input in order to keep it lucid.  As his theoretically active years began to wane, the conceptual mind began to take over.  Now, believe it or not, I do not disagree with his thinking.  In fact - I had the pleasure of meeting him (with my mentor who was an old friend of his) in 1987, where we talked about his hidden variables theory and again in 1989 where we spent time discussing the very same topic in light of his theory of emerging consciousness.  He was fabulously insightful, but by 1989 I could sense a serious decrease in capacity from 1987.  All-in-all, I think he was grasping at a way to describe why we are unable grasp the nature of the universe.  In a sense, he was trying to deify the nature of things.  Sadly, I think he was caught up in "names" as are so many scientists today.  It's a curse to witness the shadows cast by mysteries while having an inquisitive & theoretical mind that insists on being able to describe what you've almost seen - even if only the tip of a scale poised on the end of a snake's tail was the culprit casting the offending shadow.  So many are too quick to proclaim, "Thar be a dragon's den nearby".

Also, if Quantum Non-locality is true, does this not mean that superluminal velocity is unnecessary? 

I don't know that I would say "unnecessary", but it does lend itself to certain implications.  One of the most obvious ones is that light speed is not as much a "limit" as it is a "ceiling" for the EM spectrum.  What we cannot say for certain is that the other three forces obey the speed limit in any fundamental way.  Quantum tunnelling is another way around Einstein's self-imposed chastity.

Another implication is that we still do not understand the basic concept of what a wave really is, or what occurs at a truly relativistic level.  It kind of hearkens me back to the discussion I had the other day with my physics teaching assistant.  She was teaching a 212 class that I am responsible for, and she was at a loss to explain the implications of time dilation when calculating the effect of relativistic particles during non-accelerating collision upon the age of the universe and the creation of exotic matter.  The question is loaded (significantly) right from the beginning, and I recognized it when she relayed it to me as a theoretical question I had posed at LHC conferences 2 years earlier.   There are only three possible answers to the question, two violate established physical principles and the third is to ignore it or invalidate it by claiming that it is an invalid question.  Any answer you choose will make 2/3 of the scientific world angry.
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