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Time Dilation

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Author Topic: Time Dilation  (Read 530 times)
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« Reply #30 on: April 29, 2007, 02:02:19 pm »

As far as non-locality goes, what has to be considered is "why & how" such actions occur.  I do not want those of you who are reading this to think that I am trying to advertise a theory of mine, however, I have proffered one that does provide answers to the two questions.  At my website I discussed this and at several other forums across the WWW I have been assailed by some of the best...  For the time being, my theory - though well assaulted, goes unmoved from its position as one of [only] two posited mechanisms for non-locality that have not been vetted into the trash.

One of the most frequently offered theories for non-locality is quantum tunnelling.  This, in the most basic of terms, means that the fundamental exchange of data between entangled items occurs on a highway within subspace - not spacetime.  The theory is given credence by the advent of M-Theory and the rumored existence of n-Dimensions totalling 11.  At this point, any one of the other 7 dimensions may serve as a means for transmitting information from local events non-locally.  What this means is...  Well hell, look at the picture below:

To get from point Z to point X, given that we live in a speroidal buble of space-time, we travel along geodesics in straight lines, even though we think we are travelling in a perfectly straight line.  In quantum tunnelling, the shortest path is literally a straight line, straight through the spherical nature of S-T.  This theory has limitations though, and it is hardly intimating that superluminal velocities are achieved - it is merely cheating special relativity by travelling a shorter distance through subspace than normal energy could travel through real space.  It's a parlor trick.

Our theory, on the other hand, holds that truly fundamental objects do not adhere to special or general relativity.  In every way this explains why QM and GR (& SR) are not reconcileable and why the four forces or nature will never unite at energies below that of the creation of our universe.  This is an extension of the reality that the gravitational inverse square law (Newton) does not extend beyond the local neighborhood in the solar system (or any local system for that matter).  As scales grow, the laws that guide them must change.  This is also why theories such as M-Theory and Super Strings are so incredibly complex; we are trying to define them with the math of locality...  Side-effects of this malfunction occur and are seen in the creation of virtual particles and imaginary numbers and they are most obviously incorrect due to our inability to see the activities occur.  What I am trying to say is, "We create coefficients and constants to make our solutions make sense and it is the very creation of the numbers and principles that proves that our proofs are incorrect."

If multiple dimensions or alternate branes are correct, then the entirety of our mathematics needs to change in order to accomodate them.  2 + 2 will still equal four, but our understanding of the activities of the very - very small will alter drastically.  Extrapolated to the size of the universe, our understanding of the very massive (or energetic) will also be beset upon its heiney.  Items like dark matter and dark energy will give way to field theories that emanate from other branes (dimensions) and quarks, gluons and Higg's particles will no longer be but names given to forces unseen.  Since the speed of light is based upon momentum for massless particles and momentum is based upon energy, if we extrapolate the formula into a field theory where the EM force is indeterminable, speed becomes infinite (instantaneous).  Distance is of no consequence.
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