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Time Dilation

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Author Topic: Time Dilation  (Read 530 times)
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« Reply #30 on: April 29, 2007, 11:32:06 am »

Oi veh...  Of all of the topics you could have chosen - you went BIG, right out of the gate.

Alright then, Quantum non-locality - or as most scientists of the 30s and 40s understood it, "Einstein's Spooky action at a distance".  This concept was the basis for the EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) paradox.  What it essentially states is that:  In the quantum world, information is passed at speeds beyond the speed of light.  Here is a link that will help you understand that:

Now, I have gone on about the fact that all paradoxes are bunk - ad nauseum, so I won't go about it in here.  You'll have to take my work for it at this point given that I have supplied endless amounts of proof for my position.  In fact, in this case, the EPR paradox has been explained by a whole host of experiments.  The fact is, quantum non-locality exists.  The only question now is, "Does non-linearity in non-locality exist?"  If it does, as Steven Weinberg predicts, then the opportunity for superluminal communication exists.  Here is a link to explain what non-linearity means (go to the end of the paper):

What does Non-Locality mean?

It means that, no matter how much you alter the state of an entangled system of quantum objects, those objects "communicate" their state to one another instantaneously and all objects assume the same state.  Only one explanation of the process was ever offered and truly tested to refute this...  Bell's Theory.  An analogy:  Imagine that a chicken is a quantum creature and it is bound by the laws of Quantum Mechanics (QM).  For argument's sake, let's state that quantum chickens may only lay eggs in a precise ratio given to their color.  Brown and white chickens can only lay brown and white eggs, and that the differentiation is given by the 1:1 ration (5 brown - 5 white / 3 white - 3 brown) and there are never any odd numbers of eggs layed.  Got it?

So, since we cannot see the Quantum chicken lay it's eggs because it does so in a machine (quantum uncertainty), we have detectors along the path of the machine to track what's happening.  In order to save money, we only put detectors in that detect white eggs (if they aren't white - they must be brown).  Now, because the chicken is a quantum chicken, it lays a hell of a lot of eggs so we split the machine into multiple paths to handle the flow.  Outwardly this would appear to unnecessarily complicate the detection process - but it doesn't due to non-locality.  If an egg moving through path A is brown, then the ones moving through all other paths (at the same time) are also brown.  So, all we have to do is make sure that one of the eggs does not trigger the "white sensor", then we can open the "brown gates" for that time cycle.  Once a white one is detected, we can close the brown gates and open the white ones.  That's Bell's theory of hidden variables in a nutshell.  He surmised that there was some sort of "order" to the system that ensured everything was always equal and that we just did not understand it.  In that, he assumed that the system was local, but acting with a hidden order that made it look non-local.

Now, to continue the analogy with actual non-locality:  Assume the same system we have already discussed, but let's add the feature of "sex of the chicken within the egg".  The sex is solely dependent upon the temperature of the egg at a precise point in the machine.  Because we wish to maintain an equal number of roosters and hens - we manipulate that as we see fit, based upon the totals coming from all of the other egg laying quantum chickens.  Luckily for us - our Quantum chickens are laying quantum chickens as well, so they adhere to the principles of non-locality.  When we adjust the sex of one, we adjust the sex of the other entangled eggs simultaneously.  Having done this, we now need to separate the eggs based upon their sex & color...  QM makes this easy, and with only two sensors, we can effect an infinite stream of eggs! 

In reality, we have tested this theory with polarization of light, and in all cases - no matter which way we polarize the light, its entangled partner changes instantaneously - no matter how far apart they are.  So, if we take a pair of entangled particles that are one light year apart, we can flip their polarization by simply adjusting one of them and it happens immediately (faster than the SOL).

We can discuss this further if you think you have a grasp on the concept.  Otherwise, I will draw up some diagrams to make the point more clearly.  Let me know where we stand.
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