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Bermuda Triangle

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Author Topic: Bermuda Triangle  (Read 1174 times)
Jill Elvgren
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« on: March 11, 2007, 08:39:51 pm »

List of Bermuda Triangle incidents

Aircraft Incidents



TBF Avenger 1942
PBY Catalina 1942
TBF Avenger 1943
Lockheed PV-1 Ventura x4 1943
PB4Y Privateer 1943
PBY Catalina 1944
PB4Y Privateer 1944
SBD-5 Dauntless 1944
PBY-5A Catalina 1944
B-24 Liberator 1945
PB4Y Privateer 1945
Flight 19, lost on December 5, 1945
Martin Mariner, lost on December 5, 1945
C-54 1947
1947: Army C-45 Superfort lost 100 miles off Bermuda
31 January 1948: Four-engined Tudor IV Star Tiger, lost with 31 lives
27 December 1948: Douglas DC-3 NC16002 lost with 28 passengers and crew
Avro Tudor Star Ariel, lost on January 17, 1949


Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat 1950
Grumman F9F-2 Panther 1950
1950: Giant US Air Force Globemaster lost
C-46 British York transport, lost on February 2, 1952 with 33 aboard
TV-2 Texan 1953
USN Super Constellation, lost on October 30, 1954
30 October 1954: US Navy Lockheed Constellation or Super Constellation Flight 441 vanishes with 42 aboard.
9 November 1956: US Navy seaplane, Martin P5M, disappears with crew of ten.


Super Sabre, lost on March 18, 1960
14 or 15 October 1961: US Air Force SAC B-52 bomber Pogo 22 lost.
USAF KB-50 Aerial Tanker, lost on January 8, 1962
USAF C-133 Cargomaster, lost on May 27, 1962
USAF KC-135 Stratotankers, lost on August 28, 1963
USAF C-133 Cargomaster, lost on September 22, 1963
USAF C-119 Flying Boxcar, lost on June 5, 1965
Boeing 707 N7642 Jet, exploded in flames, with mysterious light sighting. 1967
1967: Military YC-122, converted to cargo plane, lost
Cessna 172, lost on June 6, 1969


F-4 Phantom II "Sting 27", lost on October 10, 1971
Fighting Tiger 524, lost on February 22, 1978
1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, registration N407D, lost with four passengers and crew; vanished off radar scope while beginning approach for landing.
Caribbean Flight 912, lost November 3, 1978


Beechcraft N9027Q, lost on February 11, 1980
Ercoupe N3808H, lost on June 28, 1980
Beech Bonanza, lost on January 6, 1981
Piper Cherokee N3527E, lost on March 26, 1986


Grumman Cougar Jet, lost on October 31, 1991

Ship/Boat Incidents
Selected casualty reports from the United States Coast Guard can be seen here:[1]

Prior to 1850

1780 General Gates; no British warship claimed her sinking, but she had been declared unseaworthy in 1779 and sold.
August 8, 1800, USS Insurgent, frigate, went missing during cruise to West Indies in search of enemy ships during Quasi-War with France. Insurgent was former French frigate L'Insurgente, captured the year before by USS Constellation.
August 20, 1800, USS Pickering; went missing on voyage to West Indies. Both Pickering and Insurgent may have been lost in a severe storm that hit West Indies on September 20, 1800.
December 30, 1812 Patriot, American privateer. Carried as a passenger Theodosia Burr Alston, daughter of former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr.
October 1814, USS Wasp; sloop-of-war that severely harassed British shipping in the War of 1812, went missing on Caribbean cruise, October 1814.
January/February 1815, USS Epervier, while carrying original peace proposals for War of 1812; left Algiers for Norfolk, and went missing, 1815, delaying the ending of hostilities (rare instance of maritime disappearance directly connected to international politics).
October 1824, USS Wildcat, crew of 31; went missing after leaving Cuba (Navy records indicate she was a storm victim).
1824, Lynx, schooner, crew of 40; went missing in far western Atlantic.
1824, USS Hornet, brig, victor over HMS Peacock in 1812; went missing in far western Atlantic.
1840, Rosalie; went missing in Sargasso Sea.
March 1843, USS Grampus; schooner, went missing sailing south of the Carolinas, presumably due to a gale.


December 4, 1872. Mary Celeste, brig, Captain Benjamin Briggs, crew of 7, plus Briggs' wife and daughter; found abandoned at sea west of the Azores.
January 31, 1880. HMS Atalanta, 26-gun Royal Navy frigate, crew of 290; went missing after departing Bermuda for Falmouth, England.


November 14, 1909. Spray, ketch, piloted by renowned world-circumnavigator Joshua Slocum, went missing after departing Miami, Florida.


Mar 6-27, 1917. SSTimandra, 1,579-ton steam freighter, Captain Lee commanding; crew of 21; went missing while bound for Buenos Aires from Norfolk for cargo of coal.
Mar 6-10, 1918. USS Cyclops, collier, LTCDR George Worley; crew and passengers totaling 309; went missing after leaving Barbados for Baltimore, Maryland.


November or December, 1920, SS Hewitt, steam freighter. Disappeared.
January 31, 1921, Carroll A. Deering, five-masted schooner, Captain W.B. Wormell, crew of 11. Found aground and abandoned at Diamond Shoals, near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
November 29, 1925, SS Cotopaxi, tramp steamer, Captain Meyers, crew of 32; went missing after leaving Charleston, South Carolina for Havana, Cuba; reported caught in tropical storm.
March 14, 1926, SS Suduffco, freighter, Captain Thomas J. Turner, crew of 29; went missing while sailing from New York City to Los Angeles.


March 1938, Anglo Australian, freighter, Captain Parslow, crew of 38; went missing off Azores on voyage from Cardiff, Wales for British Columbia.


1942: Surcouf, submarine operated by Free French Navy, lost in Caribbean, apparently rammed by freighter Thompson Lykes near Panama Canal; both vessels travelling unlit due to threat of U-boats.
March 6, 1948 Evelyn K
1948: SS Samkey (year also given as 1943) last position 41o48' N 24o W (NE of Azores).


1950, SS Sandra, freighter, lost after passing St. Augustine, Florida for Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
January 13, 1955, Home Sweet Home, pleasure craft.
September 26, 1955, Connemara IV, found apparently abandoned; later proven to have been tied empty to a Bermuda pier, lost her moorings due to a nearby hurricane and swept out to sea.
January 1, 1958, Revonoc, pleasure craft, captained by business tycoon Harvey Conover.


February 3, 1963, SS Marine Sulphur Queen T-2 tanker, crew of 29, vanishes off Florida Keys; carrying molten sulphur. [2]
July 2, 1963, Sno' Boy, pleasure craft, converted ACR (similar to WWII PT boats).
January 13, 1965, Enchantress, pleasure craft.
October 28, 1965, El Gato, pleasure craft.
December 22, 1967, Witchcraft, cabin cruiser, 2 onboard, disappears one mile off Miami; had called Coast Guard requesting a tow, but on their arrival 19 minutes later no trace found; possibly pushed north by Gulf Stream; search involved 1,200 square miles. [3].


1970: French freighter Milton Latrides disappears; sailing from New Orleans to Cape Town; carrying vegetable oils and caustic soda
El Caribe; lost on September 10, 1971
1972: German freighter Anita (20,000 tons), lost with crew of 32; sister ship Norse Variant (both carrying coal) lost at same time; year sometimes given as 1973; survivor from latter found on raft described loss of ship in stormy weather - waves broke hatch cover and ship sank quickly.
Dawn; lost on April 22, 1975
1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa lost in heavy seas 140 miles west of Bermuda.
1978: SS Hawarden Bridge had previously been found with marijuana residue by USCG Cape Knox February '78 [4], found abandoned in West Indies a month later[5]; crime might be involved. scuttled November '78.


1980: SS Poet; carrying grain to Egypt, lost in storm but Marine Inquiry Board cannot state firm cause; no survivors


1995: Inter-island freighter Jamanic K (built 1943) reported lost after leaving Cap Haitien
1997: Passengers disappear from German yacht (name of yacht not stated, impossible to check either way)
1999: Freighter Genesis Lost after sailing from Port of Spain to St Vincent; cargo included 465 tons of water tanks, concrete slabs and bricks; reported problems with bilge pump before loss of contact. Search of 33,000 square miles of sea is fruitless.

Incidents on land

Chase Vault, island of Barbados; involving mysterious movement of coffins within sealed crypt, early 1800s.
Great Issac Lighthouse, part of Bimini (Bahamas) discovered abandoned; two keepers not seen again, August 4, 1969. [6]
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