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lor Bock

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Author Topic: lor Bock  (Read 2675 times)
Veronica Poe
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« on: January 25, 2007, 12:55:43 am »

Ior Bock, born Bror Holger Svedlin (born January 17, 1942), claims that his family line (Boxström) has been keepers of an ancient folklore tradition passed down through the generations, that provides insight into the pagan culture of Finland and its history.


According to Bock's autobiographical Saga of Bock, he was born as the result of an incestuous relationship between captain Knut Victor Boxström (1860-1942), who would have been 81 years old at the time, and his own daughter Rhea. Knut's only son had been killed in the Finnish Civil War in 1918, and this was a desperate measure to continue the male line.

The Finnish free-lance journalist Magnus Londen would rather Bock be born to a gardener from Porvoo and adopted by Bertel and Rhea Boxstrom-Svedlin. In his investigative article Londen stresses that Ior Bock seem to have had a somewhat troublesome childhood. At the age of nine he was supposedly sent off to an institution in 1951. He finished school at age 15 and got a training practice as a lighting-technician at Svenska Teatern, The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki, where he complied his basic education to become a professional actor at the same theatre already by the age of 21.

In May 1962, Ior's brother Erik (also adopted) died of a gunshot wound under unclear circumstances. In the police report, Ior originally stated that he had thrown a loaded pistol to Erik, which accidentally went off, shooting him through the heart and killing him; however, he later claimed (or admitted) that his brother had committed suicide. In closing the case Ior was eventually given a four-month suspended sentence for involuntary manslaughter.

Due to his family's specific interest and knowledge of Finnish history he became privately engaged with the history of Sveaborg, the largest and most central monument of modern Finland. By 1973 he was employed as a tourist guide at the famous island fortress of Suomenlinna until 1985, as his fabulous saga became known.

On June 3, 1999, Ior Bock was attacked in Helsinki and stabbed in the back with a knife several times. The attack left him a quadriplegic. He continues to promote his ideas.


After the funeral of his mother (June 23rd, 1984) Ior (Boxström-Svedlin) claimed that his mother Rhea (Boxstrom-Svedlin) had left him a will that contained a very specific duty, which was to bring their "very family-saga" to the attention of professional historians as well as the public. The first recordings where done in Swedish, already 1984 and 1985, at The Archeive of Folklore in Helsinki. Later he gave further outlines and specifics in numerous tapes - and 1996 the Finnish writer Juha Javanainen collected some basic extracts in the book "Bockin Perheen Saga" (Helsinki, 1996).

In his saga Mr. Bock uses a distinct and specific etymology, based on the letters of the Scandinavian alphabets (Swedish and Finnish). To support his alleged "historical saga" he relates it to the old folklore of Scandinavia, supposedly describing what formed the nucleus of the ancient Finnish and Scandinavian cultures.

One of the more surprising lessons to be learned from his stories is that the ancient culture had different ideals from our modern ones, such as the common tradition of sperm-drinking. The reason is seemingly to "save their semen" - by practising autofellatio, which this family-saga names sauna-solmu - in order to drink the Viisauden Vesi (water of wisdom), also referred to as "The Water of Life" and "The Seeds of Life" (spermia). Women would ingest their mahla (sap), (nowadays erroneusly? called;) "female ejaculation" accordingly. Moreover they would drink their vaginal liquid with a straw. Further they would also insert the straw into another woman's ****, in what today would be viewed as a "lesbian act". According to the Bock-Saga this used to be collective tradition amongst men and women, where "hart-friends" (of the same sex) would share a special favour and sacrament to each other, enhancing their respective fertility and vital energy.

Besides yoga exercises to keep limber, he and his followers began fundraising in order to finance the excavation of an ancient treasure chamber, the legendary Temple of Lemminkäinen. According to his family's stories, a large stone slab covered the entrance to one of the temple's hallways - on the side of a mountain. In the years between 1987 and 1990, a stone slab was found and so was a hallway - going 70 metres inside the Sibbo mountain, 35 km east of Helsinki. Allegedly, the ancient royal family of Finland used this temple for storage for many generations. This area was the ancient seat of the Boxström family.

In the summer of 1990, marijuana smoking was observed on Ior Bock's premises, which led to police charges and a social scandal. Consequently, sponsorship of the excavation drastically diminished. The last excavations stopped in 1991 - far from being completed. Ior Bock has been trying to raise funds to continue the excavation, but without success. Yet, he still contends that there were many encouraging features discovered during the former excavations. In particular, he emphasizes that his mother's story of a hallway hidden under Sibbo mountain proved to be true.

Bock in modern culture

In 1994, Kingston Wall, a Finnish progressive rock group included the core of Bock's teachings on their last album, Tri-Logy. The saga was described in the CD booklet and some of the song lyrics featured themes from it.
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Veronica Poe
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Posts: 2645

« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2007, 12:58:55 am »
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« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2007, 11:41:20 pm »

I found the Bock story to be fascinating when I read about it awhile back.  However, the Puritan stain in my American upbringing makes me balk over the sexual tidbits - I find such deviation from current norms and my own upbringing hard to get past. Wink  I wonder how people of intellect who are not weighed down by such baggage feel about his story?  Certainly if I set aside my knee-jerk reactions, the implications of the Boch saga are staggering!  I'm glad to see some objective discussion on the subject.
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Gwen Parker
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« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2007, 12:06:05 am »

Hi Blackstone & welcome to the forum,

The sexual stuff in the story is a bit weirder than we are used to hearing, isn't it?  I would also add that the cross-breeding of goat and ape to form human beings also strains credibility. Each time I come across Bock material, I have to ask myself, how accurately can these stories be if they were transferred by oral tradition for tens of thousands of years?

And yet, I think it's important to be open to new interpretatons of history, and there is some evidence of an ancient civilization that we didn't know of in the north.  The Oera Linda Book (which Luke printed, in it's entirety, at the bottom of the forum) seems to describe the same civilization.

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« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2007, 11:28:17 am »

I found the Bock story to be fascinating when I read about it awhile back.  However, the Puritan stain in my American upbringing makes me balk over the sexual tidbits - I find such deviation from current norms and my own upbringing hard to get past. Wink  I wonder how people of intellect who are not weighed down by such baggage feel about his story?  Certainly if I set aside my knee-jerk reactions, the implications of the Boch saga are staggering!  I'm glad to see some objective discussion on the subject.

Very well said. We're all children of our own place and time...!

The sexual practices of the old world - as recorded by the saga - were slightly different from the norms of today. The most important difference between the pagan and the present comprehension of sexuality seem to be the open-ness towards it. In between the pagan and the present freedom of sexual expression lies more than a millennia of dogmatic surpression,that arrived to Europe with the warlords and their so-called "christendom". Duely we have to realize that we actually have lost contact with the old experiences, since this culture was out-rooted and completely banned. Consequently we have - most probably - also lost touch with the ability to practice this part of our own nature with a completely relaxed, open and elevated pleasure - whether this or that way - without any kind of shame, concern or regret...!

Thanks God that things aren't all that bad - anymore. Not after Elvis started swinging his hip and the flower-power hippies came out with the slogan of the 60's - openly calling us to "make love - not war". Finally - after tons of books and magazines on "human sexuality", along with therapy and **** - we can eventually discuss, express and enjoy our sexuality again. The need for sexual expression is still a basic drive within our very nature.

In the ancient cultures - they seem to have practised sex on an everyday basis, it played an important role as a daily stimuli to individual happiness and creativity. Constitutionally the old civilisation were   based on the laws of nature, where the movements of the sun and moon were observed as the determining forces of our earth - and all her winds and waves, it was primary to both observe, respect, understand and nourish ("worship") these elements. As they all experienced and enjoyed the wonders of nature they would hardly repress an active sexuality.


"As outside - so within"

Worshipping the basic forces of nature - with the Sun as OUR centre, it was nothing but consequent to nourish the natural needs and drives within OUR own nature. Thus the individual should be free to express his and her sexuality, within a safe and decent context. The general practice of sharing these expressions would create social bonds and produce experiences of individual satisfaction and social content.

The communion still practised in the traditions (churches) of Christ became - at some point - only symbolical. Though, a closer look into the "pre-religious" societies clearly tells of a variety of sexual expressions hardly known to the modern scholars. A growing number of recovered pictures from India, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Spain all bear clear witness to "a whole lot" of "in-decent" behaviour.

Some of the most common expressions of joy became ritualised and used in the constitutional life of all the cultures that evolved into the larger civilisations. Ensuring the individual right to express and experience their own existential core, within an intimate and heart-full setting - the sexual aspect was "formalized" as a part of annual festivals, celebrations and "holy days". 

Building their constitution on family-lines the various families of an ethnicity would always celebrate their "holy rites" at the same annual days - as they celebrate their ethnic pro-creators - such as Bacchus, Pan, Baal, Dionysios, Horus, Isis, Ashera, Astarte, Afrodite, Minerva...

"As above - so below"

2.500 years ago they were all in trouble, since all their descendants - and thus worshippers - were more or less corrupted, besieged or invaded - by foreign masters with new idols. Out of the turmoil, destruction  and degradation that flawed all the Mediterranean cultures came the new super-power, known as the one-and-only "Lord of Victory".

Finally these warlords created the ultimate force to back THEIR claims, known as "The Maximum Superior, Eternally Omnipotent and Invincible Lord". Claiming monopoly to "the eternal" and to "all kingdoms" this new lord became "the lord all beings". To stone-wall any doubt or argument they made an ingenious philosophical twist; not only was this new lord invincible, he was invisible as well... 

Since then millions upon millions of people have learnt how to stop masturbating and - not to even mention - the old Spartan custom of enjoying and sharing their (divine) essences. By and by the rash reality of deserted lands and cities made entire civilisations to fall - in fear and obeythe "Ultimate and Almighty", - whether his street-address is Sidon or Jerusalem, Medina or Rome.

The effect is still very strongly influencing our culture. We are all familiar with the strong connection often made between "civil decency", "correct behaviour" and "decent sex". Which the religious dogmas still define to be "Girl + Boy" - à la "Barbie and Ken"...

Cute, eyh?

The stigmatisation of nature as part of our being has had a row of consequences - such as deep personal frustrations. As Freud & Co have pointed out his leads no only to sexual and personal perversion, but also  to grave social tensions and an exhausting cultural poverty...

Understanding this cultural heritage, we may be able to effectively rid ourselves from these frustrations WITHOUT rolling over to the opposite end of the Church Alley, where the ****, the promiscuous and the phony sides of sex are on sale...

First when the US Academical Freedom Act allowed the Kinsey-report to be published we have finally been able to discuss the various sides of human sexuality - in a manner that are more and more scientific. Since the "sexual revolution" of the post-war "pop-culture" we have also seen all sorts of sexual practice being exposed, discussed and explored. 
When the public taboo and regulation against exposure of sexuality finally heeded there was an explosive growth in books, magazines and papers flooding the world. In the light of all the various forms of sex that are practized and published today the so-called "heathen practice" of "honouring one's sperm or sap" is rather appearing to be quite modest.

"Respecting sperm and sapp"

Compared to sodomy, bondage, sadism, masochism, fetishism - an simple act of **** seem to be rather innocent and non-pervasive. If then a natural affinity to a friend evolves - as it tend to do spontaniously among children - sharing the sexual excitement is nothing but a natural part of the "intimatisation" - or deepening - of a friendship between teen-agers. Or adults.

The Bible tells us that "Thou shalt not throw thy seed to the ground, than rather in the abdomen of a prostitute". The cultural background to that commandment is actually found in the pagan practice of antiquity - where the re-cycling of the highest cells of a human - his seeds - were a part of the common health-care. That time it was considered a "sin" (egotistical action) to waste "the seed of life", as well as women used to save all their "aqua vitae" - in France known as  the "eau de vie".

Today we again talk about the "i-mun-e-system" - in a purely medical context. During antiquity they cared for the exact same imune-system, to improve their vitality. Thus all individuals would learn to save and recycle their sexual fluids. Just check with the Spartans...

In the rites of Baccus- and Dionysios people gathered in festivals to create organised forms of sharing the biologic energy (power) of the respective sexes. Gathering and sharing it they created a relay where timbles became cups, cups became amphoras and - at the centre courts-  the amphoras became vessels, as the row of con-tributers were collected to nourish the markess, duchess or queen - as she would out the next bliss of the house, village, shire or kingdom - as a new child was to be born. 

Thus we find the symbolism of the bees AND the "queen of the bees" - represented by the "golden bees" of the Minoan culture already. We still find the bees of gold used as a heraldic symbol by the catholic church.

"Thou shallst not doubt..."

As the bees appear in nature they keep collecting the "hon-i" ("in-her") to te queen in there.
We also associate the same bees to the "nec-tar" ("takes-neck") as the male drones need to feed. In the Dionysian festival the honey would imply the female cups, when nec-tar signifies the males that went "neck to neck" - closing their lips around the neck of the lower head as the nectar was contributed.

Weird? YES. But perhaps all of us good Christians would have to review a thing or two as well. Especially do we NEED to be uttermost careful in evaluating by reflexes only when presented to information we NEVER have heard of before. Especially when it contradicts some of the thoughest taboos we're brought up with. Recovering some essential part of the pagan culture we would have to except a controversy - within as well as around us - since we're all part of the opposite culture.

BUT - seen on the background of our sexually active nature - and compared to the really weird practices of the middle-ages as well as the present, the pagan practice starts to look rather simple and  - may I say - decent...!

Besides the act of exchange symbolized by the bees we may also find that the physical, social and cultural significance of the collection process - as symbolized by the pearls (shots) of the male and female serpents - respectively. 

Revelation and revitalisation

Thanks to the clearifying points of the saga we are now able to understand the ways reflected in the old rites described in old Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek texts - where the old Bal were addressed as the "Lord of the Bees". When these antique cultures were invaded and subdued the core of this culture he was antagonized, assassinated and stigmatized - and explained as a "sinful" and "disgraceful" perversion, when brute and scrupless conquerors needed to excuse their crimes by blame and ridicule. Thus the memory of the old Baal and the "Lord of the Bees" was disgraced and stigmatized, to become the murky "Lord of Flies", while the symbols of the "life-giving serpent" became a poisonous traitor - as the dark ages of Greek antiquity spread to engulf the entire Mediterranean world.

Given the impact of the last two millennia of monopolistic religions, we may find it difficult to accept that these old symbols actually represented a civilisation far more decent, elevated and cultivated than the brute and dogmatic regimes that came to follow - where the respect for nature of creation - within as around us - started to evolve downwards...

Thus we have a problem to solve, as individuals as well as communities and societies. Evidently, to use rather than misuse our present freedom of speech, science and sexuality - it takes both hard work and personal efforts to meet the challenge of our present state.

Regaining our nature - within as around...

Today the consequences of that spiral are at its end, since there is hardly anything left to explore and exploit. Thus it's time to have a real and good look on all and every deception we may have been subjected to - since also our western culture was forced to leave its true roots and adapt to the dogmatic superstitions of brute tyrants and greedy usurpers.

Retrieving the full nature of our senses to restore a more tranquil social climate for joy an pleasure - both inside and around us - will evidently take some time. The newly recovered principle of human rights - such as freedom of expression, belief and sexuality - will evidently need some time of trying and failing before it can result a natural revitalisation and balance - within as around each and everyone of us. Besides an open mind and the time to experience, we also need ALL the understanding that new and old sources alike may give us - about the time when social tranquility and individual happiness did exist - without the sickness of greed and exploitation that makes us subjugate our own natural joy, pleasure and satisfaction - until we envy all our neighbours that might have a pleasant time or - at least - a momentary rush...!


Feel the pulse of Your heart.
Feel Your pulse of the heart.

Let the moon rise when the sun shines.
Let the moon shine when the sun rises.

Express your voice of content.
Contain the voice you express.

The natural may not be the normal.
The normal may not be the natural.

Nothing is new under the sun.
The sun makes all things new.
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Gens Una Sumus
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Using rocks and minerals to heal the earth and us.

« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2007, 02:14:13 pm »

Bravo Boreas! Perhaps you can add to, and "correct" the Wiki listing...?
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Thus ye may find in thy mental and spiritual self, ye can make thyself just as happy or just as miserable as ye like. How miserable do ye want to be?......For you GROW to heaven, you don't GO to heaven. It is within thine own conscience that ye grow there.

Edgar Cayce
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