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What we think we know

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Author Topic: What we think we know  (Read 3219 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2007, 11:34:36 pm »

OK, I calmly accept my defeat.  Now, tell me, when these light waves peaks are getting closer together due to deceleration, will amplitude increase?  (I'm thinking like tsunami wave coming ashore...wave slows, wave rises).

Maybe - maybe not.  Energy is not like a physical wave - therefore the same rules do not apply.

And, now that I'm thinking about it (stupid mathematics, anyway), what exactly does a "stopped" wave look like L = (0 m/s) / (4Hz) = 0 meters??

It looks like a Direct Current (DC) potential.  It has an amplitude fixed about 0, but not AT 0.

Does a stopped have a frequency?  Or, if it's stopped, it's not a wave, so wave-functions / terminology no longer apply?

No it does not have a freq.  It becomes a particle (atom or matter) or a field (depending upon the nature we're referring to).

That last one is probably it, since they say "effectively turning light into matter."  OK, then how much does it weigh? Cheesy

That's like asking, "How much does a pound of flesh cost?"  My answer is always the same, "How much you got?"  Anyway, we know how much an electron a proton and a neutron weighs so all we have to do is add up the numbers of constiutent objects and calculate the weight.  Interestingly enough, the amount of energy expended into the "stopping process" figures into the weight as well.  Potential energy adds heaft you know!

This whole thing is quite confusing.  I did not know that we did not know how much light weighs. I knew from the Urantia papers that light had weight and also if gravity bends light then it must have weight.  Why don't we know how much light weighs?

I am also confused by the statement that Merl makes that potential energy adds heat.  How can something that is potential add something that is not yet manifested?  This whole thing about slowing light down or even stopping it is very very puzzling.  It brings to mind  a few Urantia quotes but I don't know if or how they really have any bearing.  Merl of course will tell me I'm being bizarre again and there is no proof, Wink  but it appears that cold rather than heat is what brings matter into existence above the level of course of spirit(intelligent) initiation.  So.  let's just skip intelligence and deal with cold since we are talking about slowing down light by the use of cold.
Merl,  explain how these quotes apply or don't apply if you will to slowing down light and converting energy to matter.  Also I think ultimatons are what we have discovered and named neutrino's.

                                Some points to consider when we observe these light "waves" The waves apparently are an illusion.

P461:3, 41:5.7 Solar energy may seem to be propelled in waves, but that is due to the action of coexistent and diverse influences. A given form of organized energy does not proceed in waves but in direct lines. The presence of a second or a third form of force-energy may cause the stream under observation to appear to travel in wavy formation, just as, in a blinding rainstorm accompanied by a heavy wind, the water sometimes appears to fall in sheets or to descend in waves. The raindrops are coming down in a direct line of unbroken procession, but the action of the wind is such as to give the visible appearance of sheets of water and waves of raindrops.

P461:4, 41:5.8 The action of certain secondary and other undiscovered energies present in the space regions of your local universe is such that solar-light emanations appear to execute certain wavy phenomena as well as to be chopped up into infinitesimal portions of definite length and weight. And, practically considered, that is exactly what happens. You can hardly hope to arrive at a better understanding of the behavior of light until such a time as you acquire a clearer concept of the interaction and interrelationship of the various space-forces and solar energies operating in the space regions of Nebadon. Your present confusion is also due to your incomplete grasp of this problem as it involves the interassociated activities of the personal and nonpersonal control of the master universe -- the presences, the performances, and the co-ordination of the Conjoint Actor and the Unqualified Absolute.


P475:10, 42:5.1  4 The so-called ether is merely a collective name to designate a group of force and energy activities occurring in space. Ultimatons, electrons, and other mass aggregations of energy are uniform particles of matter, and in their transit through space they really proceed in direct lines. Light and all other forms of recognizable energy manifestations consist of a succession of definite energy particles which proceed in direct lines except as modified by gravity and other intervening forces. That these processions of energy particles appear as wave phenomena when subjected to certain observations is due to the resistance of the undifferentiated force blanket of all space, the hypothetical ether, and to the intergravity tension of the associated aggregations of matter. The spacing of the particle-intervals of matter, together with the initial velocity of the energy beams, establishes the undulatory appearance of many forms of energy-matter.

P476:1, 42:5.1  5 The excitation of the content of space produces a wavelike reaction to the passage of rapidly moving particles of matter, just as the passage of a ship through water initiates waves of varying amplitude and interval.

P476:2, 42:5.1  6 Primordial-force behavior does give rise to phenomena which are in many ways analogous to your postulated ether. Space is not empty; the spheres of all space whirl and plunge on through a vast ocean of outspread force-energy; neither is the space content of an atom empty. Nevertheless there is no ether, and the very absence of this hypothetical ether enables the inhabited planet to escape falling into the sun and the encircling electron to resist falling into the nucleus.

>>>>>>>>                      cold converting energy to matter

P473:5, 42:4.7 Temperature -- heat and cold -- is secondary only to gravity in the realms of energy and matter evolution. Ultimatons are humbly obedient to temperature extremes. Low temperatures favor certain forms of electronic construction and atomic assembly, while high temperatures facilitate all sorts of atomic breakup and material disintegration.

P473:6, 42:4.8 When subjected to the heat and pressure of certain internal solar states, all but the most primitive associations of matter may be broken up. Heat can thus largely overcome gravity stability. But no known solar heat or pressure can convert ultimatons back into puissant energy.

P473:7, 42:4.9 The blazing suns can transform matter into various forms of energy, but the dark worlds and all outer space can slow down electronic and ultimatonic activity to the point of converting these energies into the matter of the realms. Certain electronic associations of a close nature, as well as many of the basic associations of nuclear matter, are formed in the exceedingly low temperatures of open space, being later augmented by association with larger accretions of materializing energy.

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