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Atlantis Evidence

Question: What will serve to provide the best evidence for Atlantis?
Archaeological evidence that matches Plato's descriptions - 15 (75%)
New interpretations/Palaeographical investigations - 4 (20%)
Satellite images - 1 (5%)
Total Voters: 19

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Author Topic: Atlantis Evidence  (Read 2714 times)
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2009, 06:29:12 am »

That's correct,

But the half of a half dozen that do have laid no emphasis on the fact that Plato's Artlantis trillogy is corrupted in translation
SO THAT all ATLANTOLOGISTS( including me at first,jin 1999) HAD LAID THE FOUNDATION of their Mainstream theory on a falsh tradition
and are cross with me for pointing that out to them who are so versed in Greek and Latin as to forget that ancient "Textus- Receptus" are always coloured by wrong translations and wrong ( ancient Greek/latin slang/ english Idiom translations,
But who is without Sin in this matter may throw the Fist stone......................
Dr Velikovsky in FOUR Book about this subject matter
( with evidence required by your" rules opf engagement.")
has been villified for pointing out to professional egyprtologists that there has crept in 500 non-existing Years in the mainstream Egyptian Chronology and he has been demonized for that.

Non the less  another this time -real -Doctor of Egyptology dr David Rohl has tried to emulate Dr. Velikovsjy's findings by tampering with the Evidence and lowerring the 500 spookyears to only 250 non -existing years( OF THE GREEK "DARK"-=NON EXISTING- AGES dd 1050-750 bc.) and he has " forgotten" who prompted him to do so.

On the other hand
Dr GUNNAR  HEINSOHN from Bremen University economy faculty hasa taken the Discovery of dr Velikovsky as a life subject and has even gone beyond Dr V. by claiming that the babylonian 3rd Dynasty is actually a " Backwards-interpollated " Achaemean Dynasty.

This means that some ancient ( probably Seleucid-)scribe has found a pasttime in inserting a non existent 3-rd babylonian Dynasty with the translated reigns of the Entire Persian Dynasty of Cyrus-1 untill  Darius-3  back into time a 1.000 years based on Dr Velikovsky's findings.

Anyway my motto is that by ignoring the wrong translations as futilities in Plato's Atlantis Dialogues, all Atlantologists are hapilly continuing to bark up a wrong tree, simply basaing their " other theories on a wrong footing,
'GEORGEOS' does this too but at least he has tried to debuke his own " Other Theory" by translating Plato the right way and thus debuking his own mainstream theory.

Further more:

COLUMBUS(= meaning " Pillars"( of Hercules near Atlantis !)

Has sought Atlantis where it really was in ADEN/ ARABY or at least ASIA(= Major not Minor.)
and he was to reach ARABY in 1492 So he named the Carribeans shorelines after ( ancient-)Arabic Kingdoms.
it was only aftert 1500( when King FERDINANDO-1 temporarily proclaimed SPAIN as the" origional-ATLANTIS "
that Columnbus had to play or jump at the Political bandwagon and change his" Atlantis" search into a search for INDIA instead !

Now you are asking written proof of that Tall Story,
but for political reasons not to become an outcast, Columnbust had to pretend that he LOST his original ship's diarywith the ATLANTIC names for America on it and produced a new one proclaming America as INDIA - NOVA ( instead of :ARABY or Atlantido- Nova !)  SO YOU'D NEED THE lost COLUMBUS- DIARIES AS A WRITTEN EVIDENCE FOR MY CLAIM WHY COLUMBUS INITIALLY NAMED AMERICA AS ATLANTIS !

Well somebody must have coveted it
because the whole of South- America was re- named after the 10 kingdoms that PLATO mentioned in the Atlantis Saga I got that from a South-American Map dated 1702 that YOU once produced in one of your ancient Maps Topics two years ago.

Naturally, you don't have to believe me I just thought I would mention it to you that some "Disacoveries" cannot be coroberated easily because the written documents were lost !  And even when these documents still existed the I NTERPRETATIONS would be wrong.


While I am at it before I forget to mention this to you:
King RAMESES-2  ( = NECHO-2) the GREAT officially living from 1300-1200 bc but in fact from: 660 until 560 bc

Went to battle King MURSILLIS-3 =Nabonasser at Carchemish and lost the Battle in 610 bc
In a Treaty with Mursillis son Hattushillis-3 he actually sold off the Egyptian possesions in ARABY and married NEFERTETE
a daughter of Hattushillis-3 I don't know how much Hatushillish (= Nebukadnesar.)paid for this" SALE "
but Rammeses -2 started to build a lot of Amun-Temples to compensate the Amun Priests that now had lost their ancestral lands to the ( Neo-)Babylonians !

TRAITORS/ called: First-Prophets of Amun:' JESAJA & JEREMIAH ', Huh ?

So when the civilians in Carchemish revolted against new Rule Ramesses went again to Carhemish only 5 years later and again lost a Battle this time with Hattushillis-3 and the remaining Israelians were transported to Babylon as in the FIRST- HOLOCAUST.
HIGH- PRIEST op AMUN a certain JEREMIAH must have been instrumental in the establishing of the surrender-/Armistice treaty text.
wherin it says that former Egyptian Subjects(= israelians ) that had fled to Egypt were considdered now Babylonian Subjects and had to be returned to babylonian custody !

Thus the TRAITOR( or "great Statesman " Huh  ? )JEREMIAH was fooled by his own Treaty-Text and was forcibly returned to babylon protesting that initially he was involuntarily brought to Memphis by the revolutionaries that had killed Gov. Gedalja ! in 598 bc.

You don't serious expect that there be written proof of -Prophet- JEREMIAH's High treason against his LORD and his own people ?!
As much as you don't expect ADEN to be the origional Atlantis !(= Ad-Land in KORAN " Surat-89 Al Far " about HUD's tsunami warning to the people of Ad./Atlantis !)

Thanks for your comment dear BIANCA ! dd May 27--2009
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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