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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 4747 times)
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« Reply #105 on: July 19, 2008, 09:44:43 am »

With Pluto at the end of a sign instead of the beginning, it means that most things end with a bang!

That’s because the final aspect the Moon makes now is to Pluto, so that’s how things turn out—transformationally.

This is the way it was for several years until it entered Capricorn in January.

Suddenly we had things starting off with change, and it was a shock.

Don’t get too used to the old familiar pattern though.

It will only last through November.

We’re just beginning to work with Uranus’s “redo” period, since its retrograde started only on June 26.

Retrogrades are what make Earth such a great school of the spirit:

Since the planet treads part of the sign three times, it’s like three cycles for the “price” of one.

Uranus awakens us to new realities—in Pisces, these are subtle or hidden.

However, with Saturn moving rapidly toward its opposition to Uranus now, these subtle factors are about to be revealed.

There will be grand drama (just watch the political campaigns this season if you want an example)
as people begin to articulate the divide between the status quo (Saturn) and the innovative (Uranus).

 Which energy do you think will win?

We’ve got until Thanksgiving time to work it all out.
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« Reply #106 on: July 22, 2008, 01:56:33 pm »

                                             R A Y M O N D   M E R R I M A N

Longer-Term Thoughts

JUNE 2, 2008

Pluto will soon retrograde back in to Sagittarius after spending the past five months tipping its toe into Capricorn.

We got a preview of what the next 15 years will be like, for Pluto will fully enter Capricorn in late November 2008, and remain there through 2023.

During this period we can anticipate major fundamental changes in government, central banks, and financial markets, as discussed in great detail in an article I have posted on my web site at

But we get break, a return to the issues of the prior 13 years, when Pluto retrogrades back to Sagittarius June 14-November 26. As Astrologer Michael Lutin portrayed in his play “Plutopia” and the UAC conference of May 15-20, Pluto in Capricorn has seemed like so much “bad, bad news.”

But Pluto going back to Sagittarius may find a change of tune, to “good, good news.” It may be just in time for the economic data to reflect the positive effects of the recent stimulus package. American tax payers were sent $168B in tax refunds, and they are spending it. It is very likely to show a rebound in spending, and hence economic activity.

But, as I stated before, this bump up in economic activity is smoke screen. Americans are likely to spend more than the tax rebates they just received – they always spend more than they have. And that too will show up, probably just about the time that Pluto returns to Capricorn in late November 2008.

Just in time for the holidays.

More Pluto, more debt… until we learn to save and stop being wasteful.

It is a message not just for American citizens, but also for American government leaders –Congress and the White House.

More “bad, bad news” usually means more debt.

But Pluto is in Capricorn. There will be a point during this transit when the lesson is learned, but probably the hard way.

Nothing comes easy in Capricorn.

But when lessons are learned, there is redemption.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #107 on: July 22, 2008, 02:15:18 pm »

June 16, 2008

I have referred to the importance of certain time bands this year in which faster moving planets make hard aspects to the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition.

My belief is that these periods, known as “translations” of the faster moving bodies to the longer-term aspect, will give us a glimpse of what to expect between November 4, 2008 and July 26, 2010, when the exact 45-year opposition of Saturn and Uranus take place in a five-passage series. The first four of those oppositions occur with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces.

Saturn in Virgo by itself represents a time when the working people of the planet become very dissatisfied with their working conditions – especially their pay scale, which they see as a sign of inequity in comparison to the affluence of the management, executive, or upper echelons of society. Typically the workers (laborers) demand intervention on the part of government to make changes that correct these inequities, or else they stop working. They go on strikes, demanding more money and better working conditions. Productivity goes down and distribution channels are interrupted.

 With Uranus in the equation, there can be an even more serious note of protest and rebellion. Again, the protests are aimed at the government or those in authority, which are represented by Saturn. Thus it can become a time of class warfare.

 We are currently in such a “translation” period, May 22-June 13, when both the Sun and Venus are transiting through Gemini, making first a square to Saturn, and then a square to Uranus. I am here in Tokyo this week, and it never fails to amaze me to see the difference in emphasis placed on various news items than we see in the United States. Here the front page headlines are all about protests taking place in Asian countries, such as India and South Korea.

The later instance is particularly interesting, where tens of thousands of South Koreans are staging such a massive protests that the cabinet of the 100-day old government “offered to resign, taking responsibility for a string of political miscalculations that have sent support for President Lee Myung-bak’s government tumbling,” according to an article in Wednesday’s Asian Financial Times newspaper The reason for the protests? Sharply rising oil prices and the government’s decision to ease restrictions of U.S. imports on meat from cows, in the midst of an economy that is falling faster than they expected or forecasted. The Korean populace resents that the new government is “kowtowing” to the American government by allowing American beef into their country. They fear the dreaded “mad cow disease” will strike. Judging by their intense overreaction to the problem, it appears it may be too late. 

 But here is the thing that is pertinent to the United States. From a leadership point of view, could something like this happen in America soon?  The Times report goes on to state in that same article and another on the next day, “The scenes Tuesday illuminated the dramatic shift in President Lee’s political fortunes…. Mr. Lee’s government made grand pledges to overhaul the stagnant economy when it took office at the end of February… While championing a pragmatic leadership, Lee overlooked Koreans nationalistic pride. If what troubled Roh’s presidency (the prior President) was too much nationalism, Lee’s problem is a lack of it.” Hmmm, this sounds vaguely familiar.

 I have referred to the Saturn-Uranus opposition often in the context of the U.S. forthcoming election.

The aspect is highly unpredictable, except that it promises sudden and unexpected events into the election, and immediately afterwards. It clearly defines the stark difference between the candidates.

One is youthful, charismatic, and promises a great change, but cannot be accused of being overly nationalistic, which are characteristics of Uranus. The other is older, a national war hero, much more experienced, but represents the more conservative and nationalistic element, which is Saturn.

Does the U.S.A. go for the promise of bold new changes at a time that the current party in office is so unpopular and nationalistic, as did South Korea? If so, could it be a landslide victory for the Democrats, as many are predicting, with all of the nation’s hopes wrapped up in the belief that these bold new changes will indeed take place quickly? And what happens if in the critical first 100 days, the failing economy suffers further and the promised changes aren’t taking place? With Saturn in Virgo representing discontent, and Uranus in opposition representing the urge to rebel, could there be massive protests because things aren’t getting better, and the hopes of the populace are falling faster than George W. Bush’s approval ratings?

Yes, that is one possibility, and it is now a reality in South Korea, related to the translation of the Sun-Venus to the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition. It could portend a theme that we see next year in the U.S.A.

But it is Uranus to Saturn, and so there are several other possible themes related to the unexpected that are experienced as well. After all, the first passage of this Saturn-Uranus reality will take place right on Election Day, 2008. 

All we know is this: events will happen, and reactions to those events will be exaggerated, in ways
that we did not fully expect. We may not get what we wish for, or even expect, without solid planning and understanding of the dynamics that are present. And there are so many dynamics present.

Reality trumps hope, unless hope takes into account reality and consists of something more concrete than just wishful thinking and desire for change.
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« Reply #108 on: July 22, 2008, 02:20:28 pm »

June 23, 2008

The Uranus station of June 26 is also significant because it is one of the parts of the extremely important Saturn-Uranus opposition that starts later this year. In fact, as mentioned before, the first
of five passages of this 45-year opposition takes place right on the USA Election Day, 2008. By itself, this aspect signifies a fundamental change in direction over many areas of human activity, especially politically, but also including economics and investment opportunities (and risks). It lasts through much of 2010.

 If we apply this theme to the USA election, this aspect alone would seem to suggest that Barack Obama would win, for he indeed represents a very fundamental change in direction in the politics of the USA. He would probably be the first real true liberal USA president since the time of the last passage of this signature, which took place in 1965-66.

All the cards are in his favor, because the U.S. populace seems exhausted and tired of the policies in force over the past 8 years. Everyone wants a change, and very few people believe the country is headed in the right direction. This election belongs to the Democrats – it is theirs to lose.

 Which brings up the other side of Uranus. It rules upsets or surprises, as well as a major change of direction in leadership. Keep in mind also that the Saturn-Pluto cycle is in its waning phase (2001-2020), and this column has oftentimes referred to that period as one that will likely see increased federal deficits (they are at a record high again), rising taxes, rising interest rates, and sluggish economy and stock markets. The turning point may well be when Saturn reaches its half-way point in this waning phase, which occurs March –December 2009 when it squares Pluto.

 Many people are complaining that Obama has gotten a free ride by the press.

They haven’t really challenged him on issues very deeply. He is an inspiring and charismatic speaker (Uranus), and he promises swift and dramatic changes quickly if elected (all Uranus themes again).
And he has an ambitious agenda for transforming America, by major “investments into its future.”

This is really jargon for increased taxes, and according to my understanding, the people who will experience the greatest increase in taxes under his leadership will be the wealthiest, and the middle class may get tax breaks.

That all sounds good – except that study after study demonstrates that more taxes (Saturn and Pluto) do not result in better economic conditions down the road. It seems to me that if the press wanted to challenge him a little more carefully, they might ask what he intends to do with all the money he will save by pulling out of Iraq. It is understood that the cost of this war is astronomical, and Obama believes that money would be better spent on programs at home. With so much money being saved, would it really be necessary to raise taxes on anyone, and risk the economic results that so many studies show as a consequence of raising taxes?

After all, what is the real purpose of a tax on individual income, other than to take away the hard earned money of the people and put into the hands of a government to use as they see fit, to fund their pet projects? I think these are the kind of questions Americans will be asking themselves in the next year as Saturn comes to square Pluto. And when Uranus follows that with seven passages of a square to Pluto in 2012-2015, it would not be surprising to see a tax revolt erupting.

 You see the stage being set, with Saturn and Pluto in its waning phase now (increasing taxes, deficits). You see the candidate that the powers behind the scenes (Saturn-Pluto again) seem to be setting up to take over leadership of this country – at a time when the economy is starting to fall just before he assumes that position.

You see the candidate promising vast changes and great hopes, but who also is probably about to embark upon an economic policy that may be doomed to fail, especially given the American tendency
to be very impatient and want change yesterday, not ten years from now.

In short, you see the set up - and the candidate being set up, and the country being set up.

This isn’t the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

Not yet.

It is the dawn of the “Cardinal Climax” (2008-2015), when Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all moving into Cardinal signs, with Pluto in Capricorn at the midpoint of it all.

It makes you wonder what the world will look like in seven years, because it sure isn’t going to be the world we see today.

Of course, such a dramatic change as I am forecasting, also means there will be exceptional
investment opportunities.

Remember: follow the movements of the youth under the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

And watch for the opportunities in alternative energy fields (Uranus). Look for good products and a management that is committed to staying the course, and not just interested in creating a shell that “sounds good” to sell to someone else. 
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« Reply #109 on: July 22, 2008, 02:26:31 pm »

June 30, 2008

Last week I re-visited the relationship of the Saturn-Pluto cycle with regard to taxes, federal deficits, and general economic conditions. I attempted to relate this cycle in terms of the platform of one of the candidates for this year’s USA presidential election, Barack Obama.

 Basically, the Saturn-Pluto cycle goes like this: economic conditions are in their up cycle from the 18-year period of conjunction to opposition. Federal deficits go down, taxes go down interest rates go down, and the economy expands. People can invest monies into equities, for this is the period to encourage “capital appreciation.” This phase was last in force 1982-2001. But then the cycle reverses for the 18 years from the opposition to conjunction. Federal deficits increase, taxes go up, interest rates go up, prices (commodities) go up, and the economy starts to stagnate. This is the time to “preserve capital.” This phase is now in effect 2001-2020.

 So far, this down phase has only been partly realized. Federal deficits (in the USA) have gone up, but taxes and interest rates have not. They have remained low. In terms of Financial Astrology, this may be due to the fact that Saturn is still in its up cycle, approaching its 45-year opposition to Uranus. So even though Saturn-Pluto is in the downside of its cycle, Saturn-Uranus is still approaching its peak before beginning the downside of its cycle. And the fact that neither interest rates nor taxes have gone up may account for the long period of stock market and economic gains from October 2002 through October 2007.

But that very period of prosperity is now threatened as another part of the historical equation – commodity prices – have soared, causing inflation to also soar throughout the world. It is just a matter of time now before interest rates start rising. In fact, it has already started in many countries.

I also pointed out that of the two candidates running for U.S. president, Barack Obama could win because he fits the part of the cycle that correlates with rising taxes. His platform is to raise the income tax of the top 2% of tax payers.

I pointed out that there were many studies that show a correlation between rising taxes and a
faltering economy.

Space does not permit me to cover any of those studies this week, but I may in future columns, because they are plentiful. But let me give you just one simple example here in Michigan. Unfortunately, I did not save the source of my data. But here in Michigan both income and business taxes have increased substantially recently, all under the well-intentioned belief that if taxes increased, more monies would be available for a future that Michigan needed to “invest” in.

The result of these higher taxes?

Unemployment has jumped to 8.5%, from well below 6% just a few months ago.

330,000 people have moved out of the state, looking for new jobs, and the gross revenue intake from the higher taxes is now less than before. Fewer people paid these taxes, and of those who did, many paid from lower wages. This example represents a similar conclusion of the many studies I referred to previously.

Now, I like many aspects of both Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain’s platforms, and I am critical of aspects of each. I am neither Democrat nor Republican. But it is my duty, as a Financial and Mundane Astrologer, to show a connection to any candidate’s platform when it relates to a major astrological cycle.

The idea of raising taxes plays right into the waning phase of the Saturn-Pluto cycle.

And the relationship between raising taxes, followed by a weakening of the economy, can also be historically correlated with this Saturn-Pluto cycle.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to also understand that raising taxes in a recession has a heightened risk of disastrous consequences, and that too plays into the history of the forthcoming geocosmic signatures.

Within 18 months of August 1, 2010, there will be a very rare cardinal T-square formation between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto.

The last time it happened was in 1930-1931.

That was an economically disastrous time. I don’t think there is much doubt right now that a similar economic disaster is possible in the next 2-3 years. I was hopeful that the favorable lesser signatures
in effect prior to this November would kick in and push stock indices and economic data higher before these major signatures grab hold.

But after last week’s equity performance, it appears that I miscalculated the power of those lesser signatures. The heavier aspects coming up later this year are already having an influence on the economy and financial markets.

 In my way of looking at things, the only hope now to prevent these long-term cycles from unfolding
lies in the choices that world leaders make regarding the issues that are common in those cyclical downturns. That is, reduce the escalating federal deficits in order to keep interest rates low, fight inflation now rather than later, and by all means, do not raise taxes for anybody until we come out
of this downturn.

Transiting Saturn will soon move into its waning square aspect to Pluto (the halfway point of the opposition to conjunction phase). That would be the time taxes would most likely increase, unless leaders choose otherwise.

That aspect takes place three times from November 15, 2009 through August 21, 2010.

 Wouldn’t you think that after five years of war in Iraq, and a Presidential candidate who appeals to the hopes of people everywhere with a promise to bring the troops home and end that war – thus saving billions of dollars in spending – that we could have the benefit of “peace dividend” instead of a “peace tax?” And thereby counteract the forces of these long-term cycles that are on the verge of unfolding?   

Astrology offers one the ability to plan wisely, and the ability to plan is a gift from God.
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« Reply #110 on: July 22, 2008, 02:30:01 pm »

July 7, 2008

We will continue with our thoughts on long-term planetary cycles, and how their themes tie into the two U.S.A. presidential candidates.

 This week I would like to address the subject of Pluto moving into early Capricorn, and the relationship of that event to the chart of the Federal Reserve Board chart. Pluto’s orbit the Sun is 248 years. The Federal Reserve Board was officially created on December 23, 1913, when the Sun was at 1 degree of Capricorn, and Pluto was at 0 degree of Cancer, an opposition. This will be the first time that transiting Pluto has entered into conjunction to the natal Sun of the FRB, and opposition to its natal Pluto.

 As a transit, Pluto represents the urge to terminate or drastically change the entity whose Sun it conjuncts. The Sun in a chart also represents its leader, or in this case, the chair of the FRB. Pluto will be transiting the natal Sun-Pluto opposition of the FRB chart for about one year almost immediately following the election. If the force of Pluto signifies the possibility to terminate the position of the current FRB chair, or the entity of the FRB itself, then we can ask ourselves: which President would be most likely to do that? The Democrat, Barack Obama, or the Republican, John McCain? Since the Republican President George W. Bush appointed the current head of the FRB, I think it is not so likely that another Republican would dismiss him. By logical deduction, a decision to not re-appoint the current FRB chair, or even the urge to ask him to resign, is more likely to happen if a Democrat is elected as the next USA President. Thus, this signature seems to also suggest Barack Obama would be the next USA president.

 But wait a minute. John McCain is on record for wanting to radically change the individual income tax structure, and maybe even do away with it altogether. This too could greatly alter the structure of the Federal Reserve Board.

 However, I wonder: which candidate would be most likely to take away the power of the FRB to create the actual USA currency? And perhaps give that power back to Congress, which had that power prior to 1913? If one candidate holds that position, that might be the candidate who plays most closely to the theme of transiting Pluto over the FRB natal Sun opposite Pluto signature.
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« Reply #111 on: July 22, 2008, 02:37:05 pm »

July 14, 2008

We will continue with our series of discussions on the astrological correlations to USA 2008
Presidential election.

In prior columns, I have given two long-term geocosmic cycles whose historical themes support the election of Barack Obama.

The first was the 19-year waning phase of the Saturn-Pluto cycle, 2001-2020, whose historical themes correlate to greater federal spending (i.e. larger government), increased federal deficits, and increased taxes. The platform of the probable Democrat nominee supports this probability more than that of the Republican nominee.

The second geocosmic factor in effect is the 248-year Pluto cycle, which will be moving into Capricorn (2008-2023), and has already begun its conjunction to natal Sun-Pluto opposition in early Capricorn-Cancer (2008-2010) of the Federal Reserve Board chart (December 23, 1913). The astrological theme of this signature pertains to the dismissal or resignation of the FRB Chairman, and/or a major restructuring of the Federal Reserve Board itself.

Since the current chair was appointed by Republican George W. Bush, it is more likely that a dismissal
or resignation would occur under a Democrat president. Perhaps in anticipation of such a change or restructuring, it is interesting to note that at this time, the FRB chair and U.S. Treasury Secretary are seeking to expand – not lessen - the powers of the Federal Reserve Board.

Now let’s consider the case for the election of the presumed Republican candidate John McCain. Under the leadership of the past three Republican presidents (Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush Sr, and George W. Bush Jr), the U.S. Dollar has fallen sharply. It is now at historic lows, and is perhaps the single-most cause of the record-breaking levels of many commodities, such as Gold, Crude Oil, and grains (Corn, Wheat, Soybeans). The only break in the 23-year fall in Dollar came under the leadership of Democrat President Bill Clinton.

During his two terms (1993-2001), the value of the U.S. Dollar rose steadily. For further discussion and charts to illustrate this effect, please go to a special article on “Pluto in Capricorn: The Good, The Bad, Even Worse, and Redemption,” written for my web site at

An election of John McCain could very well continue this trend of the falling U.S. Dollar for one very important reason: the War in Iraq.

The U.S. Dollar is not likely to rise long-term, nor is the price of Crude Oil likely to come down as quickly as otherwise expected via other geocosmic signatures (Uranus in Pisces), as long as the U.S. military remains in combat in Iraq. The U.S. Dollar will change its trend only when the war is over and the U.S. troops are no longer required (or desired by the U.S. administration) to be there.

The transiting Pluto is in opposition to the U.S.A. Venus-Pluto conjunction in the first five degrees of Cancer from 2008 through 2011. Venus represents the currency of a country. Pluto in hard aspect to one’s Venus or Jupiter is one of the classical bankruptcy aspects in Financial Astrology (Neptune and Uranus can do the same, and Uranus will be there as well 2010-2012 as part of the forthcoming Cardinal Climax, when Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all in T-square in early cardinal signs).

Although it is true that the platform of Barack Obama could also lead to potential bankruptcy (higher taxes, higher deficits, greater spending required to enlarge the federal government), it is also true that the military platform of John McCain could do the same by the simple fact that he is committed to staying the course in Iraq. Under McCain’s leadership, there would still be no end in sight to the U.S. military involvement in Iraq, and that would continue to plummet the Dollar and thus continue the inflationary rise in commodities like Crude Oil, precious metals, and grains. This is consistent with the Pluto transit in opposition to the USA Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

Could these cyclical trends be changed? Of course.

That is the value of astrology to society and culture. It shows the historical themes and likely consequences of policies that play into those themes. But the ultimate outcome of anything depends
as much on individual or collective choices.

One has the ability to plan.

One has the ability to make choices that lead to a different outcome than that indicated by these historical cycles and geocosmic signatures.

If you see that raising taxes and increased Federal spending and deficits can lead to economic turmoil (under the waning phase of Saturn and Pluto), then you wait for – or try to first create - a more prosperous environment to enact that kind of economic policy. You don’t spend more money and make greater investments in a falling economy which is already in great debt. You get the economy back on track first, and then you start to spend your surpluses – not add onto your debts while the economy is falling. If you see that your military involvement in a critical part of the world is leading to a collapse of your currency (and increase in your federal debt), then you do your utmost to bring that conflict to an end quickly and stop the root cause of the deflation of your currency.

Unfortunately, these positions will not win elections, let alone nominations, from the current two-party system, and the polarizing effect it has had on the populace. You are either on one side or the other, and in this case, the current platforms of both sides are fraught with economic and financial dangers. And those dangers are consistent with the long-term historical cycles and long-term planetary cycles.

The last time Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto came into a cardinal T-square was…. 1930-1931.

It is in effect again 2008-2011.

We don’t have to repeat it.

But, unless something changes fairly soon in these platforms, it looks to me like we will repeat it.

And that is what these equity markets are suggesting too as they fail to reverse (rally) under the usually reliable geocosmic signatures for market reversals.
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« Reply #112 on: July 22, 2008, 02:42:54 pm »

July 21, 208

In the past three weeks I have given two arguments why Barack Obama could be the next president
of the United States, and one why John McCain could be, according to the relationship of long-term geocosmic cycles to the themes of their platforms and/or the likely outcome of their expected policies.

This week I would like to present another reason why John McCain might be the next president, based on this same method of astrological and geopolitical analysis.

 My argument begins with an understanding of the birth chart of the United States of America.

It doesn’t matter whether you use the conventional birth date of July 4, 1776, when the Revolutionary War officially began, or the one I prefer, which acknowledges the vote to declare Independence and commence the War. That vote culminated late on the afternoon of July 2.

In either chart, one will note a square between Mars and Neptune at approximately 20-22 degrees of Gemini and Virgo respectively. In the study of astrology, this is known as a square aspect, a quarter distance of the circle away from one another. A square is considered one of the “hard aspects” in astrology. The opposition, like the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus relationship November 2008 through July 2010, is also considered a “hard aspect.”

In Mundane Astrology, Mars is the known as the planet of combat and wars. If a President’s own birth chart has planets in hard aspect to the USA Mars-Neptune square, it is assumed (usually correctly) that this President will lead the country into war and combat. If major transits of Saturn and planets beyond its orbit make a hard aspect to the USA Mars-Neptune square, it points to period of time when the threat – or actuality – of war is heightened.

The 45-year Saturn-Uranus opposition will cross 20-22 degrees of Virgo and Pisces respectively over the next two years, in exact hard aspect to the USA Mars-Neptune square. This implies an increase in military combat, and an escalation of war-like tensions for the United States. If we look at the charts of the two candidates, we will see that each has aspects to this critical square in the USA chart. In fact, Obama has Mars at 22 Virgo, exactly on the USA Neptune and square its Mars (his birth certificate, on his website, shows he is born Aug 4, 1961, at 7:24 PM, in Honolulu, Hi). The Mars-Mars contact suggests conflict, but his natal Mars on USA Neptune is worrisome as a Commander-in-Chief, for Neptune suggests passivity in the relationship and/or the effort for peace.

I believe Senator Obama’s platform is built more upon the idea of engaged dialogue with the goal of achieving world peace. But as suggested by his critics, and I think indicated by this synastry between his and the USA’s chart, this approach could be seen as a sign of weakness for other nations to exploit. And if that is the case, he may feel compelled to act tough, and/or overreact with aggression himself
to prove he is not weak.

Senator McCain’s chart has a whole different dynamic to this Mars-Neptune square in the USA chart. Born Aug 29, 1936 in Panama City, Panama (time unknown, but believed to be between 9:00-11:00 AM), we see his natal Venus and Neptune conjunct at 16-22 Virgo, opposite Saturn at 20 Pisces, and in a T-square with Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius.

In other words, four of the ten planets on the day of his birth were making a hard aspect to the USA Mars-Neptune square. The Venus-Neptune on the USA Neptune is a signature of playing nice, trying to be gentle and compassionate. But the Saturn in opposition, and square to the USA Mars, is not usually indicative of one who bends or moves away from his stance.

He takes a stand, and holds it.

He may try to gently convince others that he is listening and open to their views, but it is for the purpose of getting others to see – and agree to - things his way. He probably has little interest in veering off his course or goals at all. And with Jupiter in the mix, if things aren’t going the way he wants, he may be more inclined to overwhelm. This is the signature indicating his support for – and willingness to continue – the “troop surge.” He believes that “more force” is the way to win, and perhaps the only way to win.

Obama’s platform is to bring the troops home and strive for peace through open dialogue with potential antagonists.

McCain’s position is more of a “shock and awe,” and “troop surge” to win the war, first and foremost.

Because the USA is about to go through the transit of both Saturn and Uranus in hard aspect to its Mars-Neptune hard aspect, it implies a time of increased war threats, military tensions, and a heightened probability of greater combat, late 2008 through 2010.

The transit of Uranus falls right on Senator McCain’s natal Saturn, and opposite Senator Obama’s natal Mars. As a conjunction in the case of Mr. McCain, it shows him the likely initiator of military actions. As an opposition in the case Mr. Obama, it shows him the likely object of other’s aggressions, and then being reactive to these forces.

Both could fit with the next president.

But because of the pre-dominance of natal planets (4) in McCain’s chart in aspect to the USA’s Mars-Neptune square, it seems that this issue would be an edge towards him as the next USA president.
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by Terry Lamb

[We welcome astrologer, coach and energy healer Terry Lamb to Daykeeper this month and we're delighted to share with you her illuminating article on July's many quincunxes and their meaning in the longer term. ("Quincunx" is an astrological term for the relationship between two bodies separated by five signs, or 150º, also sometimes called "inconjunct.")—Ed.]

After a sleepy, recuperative month in June related to the high number of planets in retrograde motion, July’s planets give us more room to move—but not a lot. We are likely to remember July as a time of waiting and adjustment. The month is characterized by quincunxes—no fewer than 15 of significance this month! They arbitrate our way of connecting Pluto and Neptune, which have become temporarily separated in consciousness in recent months. These quincunxes will generally be felt for about three days each, with many overlapping each other. However, because they all play a part in a bigger drama as part of a cyclic process, they will cast a long shadow into the future.

Quincunxes have to do with timing. We want something before it is ripe, or we miss the “best timing” window and are trying to play catch-up. I call the quincunx the “hungry aspect”. We hunger for something that we (feel we) don’t have. We look for ways to create it or recover it. If there is a sextile involved, either in the heavens or in your chart, a yod is created. We have such a yod pattern assembling itself using the wide sextile between Chiron-North Node-Neptune and Pluto. Venus, the Sun, and Mercury will each quincunx these points during July, with periodic assistance from the Moon.
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Quincunxes are difficult in the sense that we are attempting to combine energies in signs that don’t naturally combine well. Here, we’re blending Cancer with Aquarius, and with Sagittarius. Cancer-Aquarius could be the Ultimate Complainer, because we combine Cancer’s emotion with Aquarius’s skepticism. However, Cancer’s urge to nurture can be blended with Aquarius’s desire to enhance group dynamics to produce the Social Reformer. Cancer-Sagittarius can be the Grumpy Preacher or the Healing Humanitarian. To use this pattern to its utmost, we need to find a way to express our highest ideals (Sagittarius) as social principles (Aquarius), then apply them in our personal lives (Cancer)—a tall order! But every time we give money to a food bank, donate clothes to those in need, or tell our congressperson that we support policies that help people in poverty (for instance)—we are blending these signs harmoniously and beneficially.

All the planets beyond Mars retrograde yearly and become a part of life’s annual rhythm, with impact in our lives depending on natal contacts. We’ve just passed the culmination point in the Sun-Pluto cycle, so now our efforts to transform our lives, begun in late December, are bearing fruits. We will continue to work actively on this process for two more months. Now that Saturn is past its trine to Pluto, it is now collecting energy toward its last two trines with Jupiter in an unusual series of five, even as it moves towards its triune opposition to Uranus.

Neptune has temporarily separated from its dancing partner Chiron. However, the Lunar North Node (aka the transiting eclipse point) has been reconnecting them and diverting our focus toward a deep healing process that will not be complete until next year. We’ll make it through, but how?—It’s a mystery! We’re still struggling some with the awareness that Chiron-Neptune is bringing us; the yearly cycles of these planets will not culminate, bringing that great “aha!”, until mid-August.

Pluto is now back in Sagittarius, and it shifts our consciousness into a realm that has been familiar to us since 1995, giving us breathing room. Pluto in Capricorn (and its standard-bearer Jupiter) had us gasping for air with all the new and jarring realities we’ve had to face in terms of economic, ecological, and possibly personal crises. Pluto in Sagittarius reminds us of the bad ol’ days before we knew what was really going on and started doing something about it all. We can never go back, but we can tap the optimism of that period and use it to move forward into the reshaped world we now find ourselves in.

With Pluto at the end of a sign instead of the beginning, it means that most things end with a bang! That’s because the final aspect the Moon makes now is to Pluto, so that’s how things turn out—transformationally. This is the way it was for several years until it entered Capricorn in January. Suddenly we had things starting off with change, and it was a shock. Don’t get too used to the old familiar pattern though. It will only last through November.

We’re just beginning to work with Uranus’s “redo” period, since its retrograde started only on June 26. Retrogrades are what make Earth such a great school of the spirit: Since the planet treads part of the sign three times, it’s like three cycles for the “price” of one. Uranus awakens us to new realities—in Pisces, these are subtle or hidden. However, with Saturn moving rapidly toward its opposition to Uranus now, these subtle factors are about to be revealed. There will be grand drama (just watch the political campaigns this season if you want an example) as people begin to articulate the divide between the status quo (Saturn) and the innovative (Uranus). Which energy do you think will win? We’ve got until Thanksgiving time to work it all out.
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                                                  The Age of Aquarius, PART 1,

July 2008
by Boots Hart

[This is the first in a 6-part series by noted astrologer Boots Hart on the transition into the Age of Aquarius and what it will mean for each generation undergoing these vast changes.—Ed.]

Does being an individual require you to stand alone? No, but this is a seemingly contradictory concept which is going to pervade challenges throughout the Age of Aquarius.

But wait—what IS an astrological age? How is one determined? Ages are defined by a subtle "wobble" planet Earth does on its perpendicular axis. Imagine our world with a stick through its poles—then remember when a top spins, how its upper point describes a slow circle which (vis-à-vis the top's spin) moves in a "backwards" direction. This cycle is called "precession," and Earth's precessional cycle (the "Grand Cycle") lasts 25,920 years—a figure often rounded to 26,000 in texts. By taking this 25,920-year Grand Cycle and dividing it by 12 (signs of the zodiac), we find that each segment—or Astrological Age—lasts 2,160 years. While there are respected astrologers who hold that ages should be measured by Earth's relationship to shifting constellations, most who hold that astrology is a mathematically governed geocosmic (Earth-centered) science believe we are entering the Age of Aquarius even as you read these words. And societal and world events seem to be on our side.

But why care? What does an Astrological Age mean to you? Many things, all of which begin with answering that "what is an Astrological Age?" question. The wheel of a given Age puts the sign of that age on the Ascendant (nine o"clock, if you will), rotating the rest of the signs  counter-clockwise, from there. And this combination of sign and house functionally colors the whole of the Age within which your individual horoscope operates. In other words, because the world is as it is, you (as portrayed through your horoscope) are challenged in particular ways.

And those ways are now changing because we're moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. So because the "rules" are changing, the whole world (natural and societal) is going through a period which is extraordinarily exciting (if confused), and highly enlightening (if discordant). And yes, it's particularly disorienting for those born in one age living on into the next. After all, having the entire basis for one's understanding of life change half way through the game can be terribly disconcerting, right?

So who's being affected—and to what degree? How will parents born in one age relate to children born in the next? Plainly the more we know, the better equipped we'll be to make the transition, capitalizing on possibilities, potentials—and relationships—within families and when interfacing with the world.   

An interesting and important note to consider here is that ages take their "nicknames" not from the sign on the Ascendant, but that on the 12th house cusp, the house which in any chart represents universal values as well as the various forms of tension which are either worked through on faith or which manifest as limits and restrictions. In the Age of Pisces, Aquarius was on the 12th house, giving rise to the notion that the Piscean Age has been the Age of Information. In fact, for thousands of years humankind has quested for ever more understanding and knowledge. That a conscious "Information Age" arose just as the Piscean Age has been coming to its end is entirely proper: every form of metaphysical energy intensifies and reaches "critical mass" just before completing its work. 
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Yet for all this push for knowledge, the basic nature of the Piscean Age has played out through the Pisces dynamic at every level of life, and Pisces is all about the ability to face strength versus weakness, fear versus trust and one's willingness to try, versus abandoning all hope with perspective and acceptance. Thus the Age has manifested concretely in such issues as questions of "faith versus science" (or one faith versus another faith). Or through the establishment and elimination of class or caste systems, systems of gender bias (or discrimination) and that infamous separation commonly defined as the "haves versus have nots"—which is not only a matter of societal polarization but also a matter of having enough faith in self to be who you really are, freely and openly, finding your place in the world on that basis.

Bottom line, All Things Piscean boil down to dominance/submission —or freedom versus limitation (individually and collectively), qualities which have been determined by and perpetuated by one party (or group) having all the knowledge and the other party (or group) being made to ask, beg, or live in ignorance. From boardroom to politics to the pulpit to marketing to education itself…and on into our bedrooms and sexual lives—the Piscean Age has declared that for there to be a winner, there must be a loser. The whole Age has been something of a pyramid scheme, whether the issue was faith, money, power, gender, access to medicine or food, human rights—or anything else.

That some cling to these "old ways" while debates rage….even while the onset of the Aquarian Age takes hold with so many barriers being broken and egalitarian concepts being explored around the world—that's the effect of the changing of the ages, a process which is more like the gradual colors shift within a rainbow than the black-and-white on/off of a light switch.


And with all the despotic regimes around the world—just the fact that there are concepts of world unity and the fact that we now speak in terms of a "world society" and a "family of man"—that tells us the Aquarian Age is upon us.

So what is Aquarius? What does it represent? First of all, it's an air sign. Air signs work in theories, ideas and concepts, telling us that the whole of the incoming age will function vastly through ideas and the value of the idea, the workability of the idea, an idea promoted by Aquarius as the worldly signature of societal function. Not governance; that's Capricorn. Rather, functionality. Aquarius is the functioning of the cogs which make things go, in every sense. And in that "machine," each cog, each wheel has its function, without which the whole doesn't work. The individual is thus important, as is the unique function each one brings to the whole. In the Age of Pisces, in contrast, the dominant/submissive, have/have not definition actually allowed many to opt out—the phrase few chiefs and many Indians comes to mind.

Now that idea changes. We each are responsible for being all that we are. Gender doesn't count. Age doesn't count. Wealth doesn't count—or at least wealth as it has counted doesn't count any more. With Capricorn on the 12th house of the Aquarian Age, the universal call is that of an Age of Commerce, but given Aquarius' universal equality concept, the "business of life" (i.e., achievement) will be everybody's option—an egalitarian ideal already flourishing, courtesy of that most quintessentially Aquarian thing, the Internet, a means by which anyone can be a star or build a company. No longer will big dogs and "old money" people be in anyone's way—which eliminates some excuses for lack of success many have found convenient. In the Aquarian Age, all that separates you from success (however you define it) will be your fears, your failure to trust yourself and a willingness to find in yourself that thing which is uniquely yours, yet common to many of your fellow humans. One idea and the willingness to work on it can totally change your life. Or even life itself.     

Turning to the discussion of parents and children, the first generation to really be affected by this change is Gen X. Born with Pluto (astrology's generational marker) in air sign Libra (Aquarius' liberating harmonic), Gen X is destined to lead the way into this new age. It's a job which puts Gen X in a position to be greatly conflicted. Their instinct is to individualized, but being born under (and parented by) the Piscean vibration, this is a truly distinct choice between being one's self and giving up that individuality in order to feel loved, accepted and protected. And their parents? As much as they love their kids, the parents of Gen X'ers don't get why their kids seem to cling yet want to get away.

In fact, to some extent or another, we're all undergoing this conflict. Those born prior to Gen X (Pluto in Cancer, the Baby Boomer Pluto-in-Leo generation, and the Pluto in Virgo Yuppie tribe) are having to make huge changes in a challenging search for understanding halfway through life. On the other hand, Pluto in Libra (Gen X), Pluto in Scorpio, the Pluto in Sagittarius teens and 20-somethings and the new babies being (and to be) born under Pluto in Capricorn are all going to be, to one degree or another, filled with the understanding of a new dynamic and confused by parents who "don't get it," conflicted by what they intrinsically know and alienated by a society undergoing being changed from its core. 

Over the next six months, we're going to discuss the six polarities described in the new wheel of the age. Beginning with the “I/You” of it all, we will then examine "security versus intimacy/power versus growth," the search for understanding versus application, questions of individual heritage and how that applies to world society, questions of personal pleasure options (including children) versus achievement, altruism and necessity and finally…faith versus obligation, otherwise known as willingness versus fear. And though these examinations will be necessarily curtailed by virtue of space and venue, just by opening your mind to these ideas you will become far better equipped to understand, weather and make the most of the days which lie ahead.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.
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                                           The Battle Finally Joined: Obama vs. McCain

Date Published:

Now that the players are chosen, it’s time for a look at this fall’s race, especially now there is another, supposedly definitive, birthtime available for Barack Obama. The time is from an allegedly real birth certificate published by and yields 21 Aquarius rising, exactly where Neptune will be on Election Day. If it’s true, those voting Democratic will certainly be voting for a perceived mystery (or personal projection), no matter how clear Obama tries to make his specific positions. Something you can believe in, indeed, will be the bottom line.

And, if you do a composite with the USA, its Ascendant is on the very degree Jupiter tenants on Election Day, which along with the other pluses we mentioned in our last article could make this a landslide, as McCain fights an uphill battle against Saturn (which compared with his party’s public perception may be the least of his problems). The Saturn-driven election paradigm may well have switched to the Jupiter model, from where the winner goes to the bloodies but unbowed to where the figure who inspires the most wins. Add to that the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition at the time and it really is new against old, change against the status quo, and a devil people know (and mostly dislike) against a pig in a poke (or pie in the sky?) that has great but undetermined potential.

Finally, as we have mentioned before, this is also a big sky pattern change that’s all about which side you are on, the long-awaited entry of Saturn inside a bowl with the outer planets, indicating the establishment beginning to help instead of hinder progress. So, all in all, an event worth waiting for.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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