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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 1498 times)
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« Reply #120 on: August 04, 2008, 08:15:04 pm »


                                               ELECTION COLUMN - continued

In the last several weeks, I have written about the correlation of planetary and rhythmic long-term cycles to the platforms of the two USA Presidential candidates.

As illustrated, there are valid studies to support the presidency of both candidates, from cycles related to the economy, value of the U.S. Dollar, interest rates, taxes, the stock market, and threat of war. Now I would like to analyze it from a purely classical astrological point of view.

First, I would once again like to point out the excellent book on “Political Astrology” by Michael O’Reilly (2005, WingSpan Press, Livermore, CA, USA), wherein he writes about the Mars Factor in U.S. Presidents. Ten of the 42 U.S. Presidents have had their natal Mars in Leo, far more than any other planet-sign combination. John McCain has this position, where as Barack Obama has Mars in Virgo, a placement that had had an “average” rate of frequency of five historical cases, including current President George W. Bush. One would have to give this advantage to John McCain.

The next consideration has to do with the chart of Election Day.

The election begins at 12:01 am, November 4, in Dixville, New Hampshire. At that moment, the Moon is in Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter. As written in the “Forecasts for 2008” book, written in November 2007, long before Obama was considered a serious contender.

To quote the book,

‘… the Moon/Jupiter conjunction trine/sextiles the Election Saturn/Uranus opposition, not the U.S. Saturn or Uranus. The people want somebody who is an outsider to the Washington political establishment, but they also wish a conservative element, someone who gives the appearance of being in control, an authority that can command the respect of others. It may indicate the older candidate wins, if there is a substantial age difference. They do not vote for a total banishment of the “old guard.”

They demand change, but they still vote conservatively on Election Day. That the nation is conflicted about the War in Iraq and the threat of other possible military campaigns is also shown by Mars in Scorpio (the “hawks”) in square aspect to Neptune (the “doves”).” The Moon in Capricorn not only represents the older candidate, but the one with more experience in the minds of voters, who tend to be in a more conservative mood than a risk-taking one. Once again, I would give the astrological edge here to McCain.

I also pointed out that the transits on the day of the New Hampshire primary in early February were very similar to those of Election Day. Most notably, the Moon and Jupiter were conjunct again in Capricorn, nearby to their positions on November 4, 2008. My comment at the time was that the one of the victors of this primary would also be the likely winner of the November 2008 election. Readers may remember that this primary was one week after the Iowa primary, which was won by Michael Huckabee and Barack Obama. They were favored to repeat in New Hampshire. However, to the surprise of many, neither won.

Then winners of New Hampshire were Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Only McCain is still standing.

Or is he the only one still standing?

There is now the matter of selecting a vice-president. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton could be Obama’s running mate and she too not only

1) won New Hampshire, but also is

2) perceived to be a candidate with experience, and hence indicative of Moon in Capricorn, and

3) she has natal Mars in Leo, the highest correlation of planetary studies to U.S. presidents.

Yes, I know this is only for the post of vice-president, but she is a Scorpio, and this is a two-year period when the powerful 45-year Saturn-Uranus opposition occurs, so unexpected things can happen.

Of course, this major geocosmic signature can affect John McCain and his running mate too.
Both Rudy Giulani and Mike Huckabee also have Mars in Leo. Mitt Romney has Mars in Pisces, a placement that no prior U.S. President has had.

According to these purely astrological studies, Obama’s best chance of winning the presidency may lie with the choice of Hillary Clinton as his running mate, assuming she would accept such an invitation.

As a result, we anxiously await the Democratic convention later this month to see if these astrological considerations, which I place great importance upon, will move from a strongly biased McCain election victory to one that will put the contest back into a more balanced astrological duel.

Raymond Merriman,

August 4, 2004
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