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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 1498 times)
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« Reply #120 on: July 29, 2008, 05:22:28 pm »

A Solar Eclipse in Leo is defined by Nostradamus and refers to it as a great astrological event that warns of violence and brutality before and after the eclipse in the “sign of Kings.” Leo is the Kingly Lion! These events bring resignations, deaths of persons, place or things, Stock Market woes, wars and scandal. Eclipses, because of their sudden eruptions and spectacular events that take place, and especially during a Solar Eclipse, this particular signpost is the most singularly striking alignment between then and the Inaugural. Inauguration Day, January 20. 2009, will be 6 days before the next (Aquarius) Solar Eclipse and Election Day ’08, November 4, 2008 has no eclipses near to it. Two other quick observations are that Election Day’s Sun will be in H. Clinton’s natal Scorpio Sun and her Scorpio Mercury. But however, Obama’s natal Aquarius Jupiter will begin transiting a few days after the Inauguration.

Will Obama finally shed Sen. Hillary Clinton as his opponent or will she eclipse him as the nominee? This Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008, is the total blockage of the Leo Sun by the Leo New Moon. The full Leo New Moon will come exactly in-between the Earth and the Leo Sun and darken the Leo light’s presence. Like the window shade being pulled down over the once, brilliantly over powering light and preventing that Sun from shining on us. But it seems too, that it could resemble a halo effect with streams of light, circumferences a black hole, omen of despair. The dark Sun seemingly squirts out from behind the shadowed Lunar disk, like a silver lining on a dark cloud. On the flip side, this may also mean a “Black King, “ the Black President or it just may mean as eclipses usually do a good ol’ fashioned American sex scandal. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, both Leos, may have something else in common besides politics and birth signs? But whatever the case, the Eclipse will bring drama and definite “Change!” A Solar Eclipse in Leo is the worst defeats the Sun can suffer, what are the circumstances in which this outcome renders with in this defeat or “death?” Sen. Clinton also has a stellium of natal Leo planets too, but not the Sun! Another possible defeat for Obama could be that near the August 1 Eclipse, Republican Sen. John McCain could chooses Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as his Vice Presidential running mate, although she doesn’t want to consider it now, but it could happen. This would change the whole dynamic of the Presidential race if there were a McCain/Rice ticket, and causality as it may, move the Democrats to switch their strategy and replace Obama as the possible nominee. Replacing him with Sen. Clinton. Obama can be eclipsed if Condi enters “stage left.” Condoleezza could very well be the shadowed Lunar influence of the August 1, Solar Eclipse. Women naturally, are representative of the Moon’s astrological and female influence. Hillary too, her three Leo natal planets, Saturn, Pluto and Mars, combined with the female eclipsing Lunar force, may block Obama’s path. Obama’s over confidence may turn out to be his down fall as we have witnessed the chipping away with his pastor, Rev. Wright and a former political financer, the indicted Antonin “Tony the slumlord” Rezko. But according to "Chicago lawyers," Barack Obama could very well have to testify, as a defense witness in Rezko’s trial. Boy would that feed the eclipse. Interestingly enough, also, FOX has just reported that Rev. Wright is building a ten million dollar mansion with church funds; I thought he denounced greed, one of the seven deadly sins! Ah yes, religious hypocrisy. - Stay Tuned!
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