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November 27, 2022, 08:00:47 pm
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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 2284 times)
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« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2008, 07:43:41 am »

Finally, the only other major planetary configuration in the full moon figure comes from the
Sun/North Node/Neptune conjunction, to end things on a happier note. The Sun and Neptune
are in the two signs most associated with humanity, service and the work of salvation—
Aquarius and Pisces. The North Node tends to bring in new circumstances and the meeting
of new people. This is a highly spiritual and psychic combination and indicates care for the
needy and the sick. We should note, too, that Neptune is at the midpoint of Chiron and the
North Node and in wide conjunctions to both of them, also indicating the healing arts and the
resolution of emotional pains. In all, my sense is that the period from now—really until mid-June—
is going to be a period wherein some old hurts are going to come forward for resolution, but
there is plenty here to indicate some especially favorable outcomes can arise from what will
be presented to us, as indicated by the stellium of the Sun, North Node, Neptune and Chiron.
And, just so we keep a level head about it all, the idealistic pairing of Mercury and Venus by conjunction is in quincunx to Saturn—a ‘Saturn clash’ by Magi astrology rules. Although the
eclipse itself is classed as a minor one in terms of magnitude, its effects upon personal, and
maybe international, relations may be more telling than we might think at first glance. Look at
what is happening around us. In Australia, for instance, the government—at long last—has said
“Sorry” to the ‘stolen generation’ of aboriginals. Healing is happening all around us. (I put ‘stolen generation’ in quotes to indicate the term, not to cast aspersions on the meaning of it.
If you live outside Australia and do not know what it means, do a search on the term. It is well-
worth a look.)

“I am the Light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the
Light of Life.” (John 8:12) Pisces distributes this “Light of the World”—the energy of the Christ
Light. The preceding quote was made at the inception of the Age of Pisces. All true faiths show
the way to that Light. It is not a Light that is bound to religion, however, nor is it the sole demonstration of any single personage. It is that Light which reveals the Light of Life itself, as
that quote from one of Jesus’ sermons states. It is a Light which each one of us carries—and will
some day fully demonstrate—as our true Essence. It ends forever the darkness of material exist-
ence and reveals the glories of the heaven realms—the realms of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas
(Christs), devas, angels, dakas and dakinis, and hosts of deities of all description—including our-
selves. It is these realms to which Piscean experience leads us, and for which it prepares us,
for there is our true salvation. We lead others to those realms, too, by our own self-salvation
in the crucible of material life and in having to ‘live in the world, but be not of it’. Does it feel
as though a large white cross is somehow dominating your landscape? What will be presented
to us? What will our response be in the time of need? How will respond when our own needs
have to be addressed and the needs of others as well?
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