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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 1614 times)
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« Reply #135 on: March 04, 2009, 10:12:47 am »

                                                                        POWER AND WEALTH

                                                                         A Metaphysical View

Some folks say that "the people" are angels of a sort that are going to save humanity from the darkness. I don't know why, since half of each day proceeds in darkness with great success. The center of the eye is dark.

This is incorrect. We are all people. We create our societies and governments together to fit the requirements of the time.
All of them are right. The commoners want to eat, have sex, make more people, watch TV, and die undisturbed. They didn't want the responsibility so they created the ruling class to get them their goods. Railroads, shipping companies, oil wells, manufacturers, etc., were built to help them live the lives they desired, and the suppliers became exorbitantly wealthy as pushers often do. Never mind as long as the common folk could continue unencumbered. Both sides take advantage of the other and together they make up the collective. Neither side is a victim.

"The people" are very similar in behavior to the rulers. Both sides have the same number of criminals. The same murderers, thieves, liars, cheats, and practitioners of cruelty. So overall, no one group is more deserving than the other.
Wealth is constantly in flux and moves in a rhythm of perfect maintenance. When too much moves in one direction, it eventually shifts to the other. At present, the elite have an excess as we know and the process of change is underway but
it will take time and struggle. And there is no guarantee that life will be better. No class has done well yet. Humans have
been remiss in creating good economic and political systems so far.

The problem in America now is Pluto in Capricorn and an unawareness in the leadership. Capricorn is constriction, so government spending with stimuli and big budgets won't work. Smaller government is the solution, and no amount of spending will make the wealth shift faster. It will gradually find its way to equity, maybe when Pluto crosses Aquarius, or when the time is right. Eventually the need for restriction will have to be recognized. There could be experimentation and failures along the way, but it will work out in time.

As ghastly as it might seem to some, part of the success will rest on the Republicans getting themselves together and being involved in the decision making process. That's what Pluto in Capricorn suggests. Their philosophy is also needed.
Let's take look at the current president's alignment with the status quo, and why it's the right thing for now and nothing to
be afraid of. First of all, the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn on election day says that the establishment won, as it should have with Pluto at 0. It's not time yet for change and progressive transformation has to have an order to work against. The president's Saturn in Capricorn is a rise within the system, learning its rules, playing its game, and finding recognition, acceptance, and status. Status quo. Capricorn. Simple. His South Node in Aquarius is leading him away from the commoners and that's why he was raised by a Moon-Mars in Capricorn woman who was a bank executive, rising slowly all her life in the established business world. He then married a Capricorn, a corporate lawyer. Are you seeing a pattern? It's his destiny which will work out when Pluto gets to his Saturn and it's good to understand this. What he does or does not do will have no effect on the outcome. We have a long list of leaders to go through before wealth distribution is changed, and the movement is determined by all of us, including the establishment.

There's no such thing as victory over evil dark forces. They remain as part of the whole. We work with, around, and next to them. People align where they will and everybody has both within. The danger of those who deny their own shadows and accuse others is equal to that of the shadow figures in the open. Life is both. Shadow and light. Positive and negative are
the two mighty forces that move energy in the universe.

So I suspect that there is not going to be any magic change. That comes over years and years as the earth transforms and she and her inhabitants adjust accordingly. The source of change is not human. We're part of a vast system that shifts with need, perhaps guided by cosmic forces, perhaps not. Power is probably evenly distributed throughout the entire system. The change being promised now is merely an advertising gimmick in view of the next election. The word is losing its meaning in the process. It's being mass produced and sold to all. Product on the shelf. At what price? Pretty high.
It all comes from the same source. The rulers come from us and reflect where we are now. We put them there. "The people." They won't change until you change, if that's what you desire. And still, wealth is in constant flux. No one keeps it.

Pueblo of Taos:

Victor Higgins
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