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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 1614 times)
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« Reply #135 on: March 04, 2009, 09:48:48 am »

                                                   When Is It Going To Get Better?

 Michael Lutin
Vanity Fair
Feb. 2009

Just one dollar. That's all I would need. Just one dollar for every time I've been asked that question lately and I could probably provide the stimulus package myself. How long, how many bumps and crashes and scrapes and whacks will it take before we actually see that the change that is actually happening, is not the change Barack Obama was promising everybody or even expecting himself during the campaign?

There are cynics who say that the new American President is merely one more puppet whose strings are yanked by power mongers who are amassing money so they can maintain control over the restless masses. There are some nut cases who swear Obama belongs to a race of reptilian space aliens infiltrating humanity in a clandestine takeover. Silly, of course. As he has always done, he is relying on other people. As noble as his aspirations may well be, at the moment he is the lead singer of the band, like Jim Morrison of The Doors. He is a symbol for everyone to project their fantasies on.

Astrologers see the whole thing differently. Whether you're an astrology fiend or a staunch non-believer, the fact is that astrology can provide a valid perspective concerning the current global economic and political situation.

No matter where you are coming from you have to wonder if the so-called stimulus package recently signed by President Obama is a positive step toward recovery or just a band-aid slapped on a mortal wound. From an astrological view, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, indicate that the life we have all been leading in the United States is over. It is not the end of the world. And there is nothing to be gained by running through the streets screaming or heading for the nearest window.

If the "stimulus package" is designed to bring back the old days, it ain't gonna happen. The old days are gone. This measure is in fact a positive action, and taking some action is vastly preferable to standing in the middle of the road while a huge truck is barreling toward you.

The real deal is something different. In this environment everybody has an angle. Everybody has an agenda. Everybody wants to beat out the competition. Everybody pitching an idea, a project or proposal, has something to gain from it, and motives are not completely humanitarian. The products and services that will make it through will be those that are the most useful, of high quality and durable so they survive the test of time. Any real solution to the crisis will be found in the fact that as Americans we change our life style and our orientation to the whole world.

What is going on in government now is an attempt to hook up to life support a system that has become utterly corrupt and perverted. The current planetary transits are witnesses to transformation, not renovation. We're not being asked to redecorate our culture. We're being told to overhaul it. We either develop a world consciousness and grow gracefully into a new role, or in the eyes of the rest of the world, we end up looking as preposterous and irrelevant as an aging Hollywood actor shot up with botox.

This is an inexorable process of evolution, one we've never seen in modern times, so naturally it's scary. The reason so many solutions seem not to be working, however, is that we are still at the end of major planetary cycles. Such a period can be agonizing, mainly because even if you do everything possible to stay stable, keep things as they are and try not to be swept away in chaos, attachment to what was turns out to be folly. It can be agonizing and frustrating because everything you try works for a little while than you're back where you were, hoping for a miracle.

Despite the claims of the new administration and the efforts on their part to put a rapid end to a crisis that has been long in coming, we are at the threshold of a volatile period in our history. Some people are going to get impatient, angry and desperate, and when that happens governments take stern measures to maintain order. The resulting open conflict is as inevitable at this time as it is frightening to contemplate, but it needs to be seen as a necessary part of the evolutionary process taking place.

It's ridiculous, therefore, to ask when things are going to get better. Things are already getting better. Awareness of a problem is the first step toward solving it, but we need to have a lot of faith now, not in the politicians, of course, but in the process of social evolution. It's easy to have faith when you don't need it, but over the next few years we will need to have faith even if there won't always seem to be a reason to have any. American resources are being stretched to the max and are going to be stretched much further, and more than they have never been challenged, but in reality, we have barely begun to tap into them.
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