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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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Author Topic: ARTICLES FROM CURRENT ASTROLOGERS  (Read 1614 times)
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« Reply #135 on: March 04, 2009, 09:40:54 am »

                                                   Reading Between the Lines

They say that the Pisces Moon is a sucker for a sad story, and right now, I'm pretty sure about the sucker part. The only difference is that the president's large convoluted speech to the world, under the New Moon in Pisces, refused to tell the sad part of the story -- more extortion, more war, more torture, more secrecy, more restriction of constitutional rights, and many other hard realities. It's not the time for grand visions of a green, prosperous, all-loving future, nor voyages back in history and forgotten eras. It's not the time for talk of America's returned greatness and magnificent leadership on the planet. We don't need window dressing and flowery speeches promising something that doesn't exist. We need truth and practical ways to cope with the economic disaster that has arrived. Truth about the continuing wars. Truth about what to expect.

Like caged birds, the people are hoping for this man to spring them from their trap while their life's savings disintegrate to nothing and the secure bottoms of their worlds disappear. I hope they're released before they forget how to fly.

The chart of the speech is interesting. You can see the Sun, Neptune, and the Pisces Moon in the theatrical 5th house indicating the American Idol combination religious tone of the evening while the crowd worshipped in waves as if in a sort of lost sea-faring vessel tossing about while the camera panned the crowd, tipping and tilting with the vagaries. The pasted on smiles and the strange manic "happiness" suggested the undercurrent of Piscean tragedy. The pleasurable talk about togetherness is most likely a concentrated effort by all the politicians to mask the degree of sickness, disorientation, and disintegration in the federal government as a whole. The show must go on.

All the planets are clustered in the second quadrant except Saturn, adding great weight to its importance and looking a lot like the box the people are trapped in, with this sole planet offering the way out. Reality is trying to surface but submergence in the 12th house makes it impossible just yet. The way out itself is trapped in the house of confinement. Quite a configuration, all leading magically to the next Saturn-Uranus opposition.

The stellium in the 4th house and the Cancer-Capricorn meridian speak of some temporary comfort, but also the parental problems the nation is experiencing now as she grasps the lifeline in the form of this man pleading for him to save them from the inevitable sinking failure. He doesn't have the power to accomplish that, being just one part of a complex, entrenched system. The obsessive behavior of the Pluto opposition to USA Venus is repeated here as the country struggles with dependency. The Aquarian factor with the North Node says that maybe some much-needed independence will come eventually as the Uranus cycle of oppositions concludes.

The South Node in Leo in the 10th indicates that the pop star approach to governance will not be successful. Something false is sensed and the predominate position of Saturn shows that unadorned reality and genuine sorrow need to be experienced, and will be in due time. Pluto in the 3rd shows the mental manipulation this man is so good at with his Moon in Gemini square Pluto, but also the possibility with the country's transits to Mars in Gemini, that the people can read through the lines, even if by means of Braille at this point.

But here's the really interesting part. With transiting Uranus square US Mars in Gemini, some cutting awareness is present, whether acknowledged or not, beyond the sentimental need of Cancer and Pisces for sugar-coating and fairy tale expectations. Uranus will soon oppose US Neptune and the fantasy world will continue to unravel with transiting Saturn looming in the shadows and headed back to US Neptune and Mars. The ruler of the 4th house, Saturn, is in the Neptunian 12th house of the speech chart, repeating the pattern, getting ready to receive the full moon in two weeks. Very interesting. Reality certainly does lurk. Of course, it could mean that we actually get some details about the plans for our country in exchange for platitudes. Dramatic speeches and public adoration are not going to be adequate to lead the country at this time.

Soon Jupiter will join Neptune for a climax of illusion, but here again, another interesting event occurs. The zenith of delusion could come with this conjunction but within the event, Saturn will turn around and go direct stepping up the reality factor all the way to US Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune will then both turn retrograde, leaving Saturn to lead the way to the next Saturn-Uranus opposition, and the next break from the government. If it goes well, the unhealthy adulation of the man and the way too high expectations will diminish to a more reasonable level, and the people would benefit greatly from that development, although it will probably take until Uranus leaves Pisces for the process to be completed. Releasing the exhausting pretense will free up energy. The realities are going to be recognized one way or another, and ideally a more mature relationship with the person will result.

In the meantime, the people are gradually awakening to an understanding of their plight and are preparing to endure in their own ways whatever difficulties are ahead. And they will, as always, regardless of the leadership.
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