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News: Hunt for Lost City of Atlantis
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Plato's Atlantis My Theory

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Author Topic: Plato's Atlantis My Theory  (Read 61403 times)
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« Reply #165 on: June 19, 2007, 07:43:19 pm »

Between the Everburning Lamps that seemed to be powered by Mercury and the Vimanas that also used mercury, I think there is some element of mercury that we haven't tapped into. I had a lot more information on the Vimanas when I was posting in Robert Sarmast's site, but have lost it now. I did save some of my posts at one time so will check and see if I have still them.

After reading the Vedas , or what there is in English, and reading Sitchin's works, and checking out a number of things, I had started to think that the City of Atlantis was NOT a "city" at all. I was thinking that it was a rather large flying craft, that was either put down at a certain location for reasons of communications - like in a grid pattern - one to the other, then the next, etc. Or, it was a craft that had to leave it's origins and find a new home. Maybe that nuclear war ended most of the flying craft, and this one found it's way to the western side of the land mass, and set down there. Able to support life for a time until a real city was established, they circled it with water rings to keep out the humans and animals. These craft were built in copy of the gound-mount buildings, so it would look just like a temple. They definitely had the technology to bring up springs from the earth, and flying over the land would certainly give them a birdseye view of the best place to land and start a new life. I don't suppose there was all that many on board, so if there was no one on board who knew how to build water going craft, that would explain why it took so long to develop that invention. Evenutally, when they realized that their part of the world was breaking up, Thoth, or whoever - flew the thing to Egypt where he then buried it under the Sphinx.
(What ancient writer said that the temples of the Atlanteans were "barbarous looking? I'm sure I read that somewhere)
Was it not the innermost wall of the rings that had orichlcum? How do we know this actually came from the ground here on earth? The people who made these craft, if they came from another planet, would tell you this ore was mined, but if they didn't tell you it was mined on another planet, how would you know? Plato said it once existed, but now it's only a name. Perhaps because it didn't originate here on earth. The innermost wall would be the wall of the ship.

In Sitchin's works, the Anunnaki developed rice and grains worthy of eating from cross breeding the wild varieties they found here. Wheat is a manipulated grain. I don't know about rice. The Amazons did not eat grains because they hadn't been "discovered" yet by them.

Ahenaten had a wierd face. Very long, narrow, sunken and with strange long slanted eyes. It would not surprise me if he really was a direct decendant of these people with the flying craft - using a non-scientific term - a throw-back to what his ancestors could have looked like. He was highly entellectual and according to history was a spiritual person.

I always wondered why the Egyptians and no one else depict their gods with animal heads. Perhaps their heads looked different or something, and they wore "masks" for some reason. Maybe at first they wore breathing apparatus and this was designed and fashioned in the shape of something else. The Egyptians did that with everything. They couldn't just build a pillar - it had to look like something - mainly lotus flowers or whatever.
So - I figure Atlantis could have been the name of this flying craft - altho who knows what language it was in originally. We always name ships don't we?

The Vedas really confirm for me that there was still at least one flying craft around to lead Moses out of Egypt.
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