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News: USA showered by a watery comet ~11,000 years ago, ending the Golden Age of man in America
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The Maracot Deep (1929)

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Author Topic: The Maracot Deep (1929)  (Read 2061 times)
Kothar Bishop
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« Reply #30 on: October 28, 2007, 03:04:05 pm »

'You speak of secret knowledge. Shall I tell you that which is at the
very base of it? It is that on every plane the good of that plane can
be stronger than the evil. The angel will still beat the devil. For
the moment I am on the same plane on which you have so long been, and
I hold the power of the conqueror. It has been given to me. So again I
say: Down with you! Down to Hell to which you belong! Down, sir! Down,
I say! Down!'

And then the miracle occurred. For a minute or more--how can one
count time at such moments?--the two beings, the mortal and the
demon, faced each other as rigid as statues, glaring into each other's
eyes, with inexorable will upon the two faces, the dark one and the
fair. Then suddenly the great creature flinched. His face convulsed
with rage, he threw two clawing hands up into the air. 'It is you,
Warda, you cursed one! I recognize your handiwork. Oh, curse you,
Warda. Curse you! Curse you!' His voice died away, his long dark
figure became blurred in its outline, his head drooped upon his chest,
his knees sagged under him, down he sank and down, and as he sank he
changed his shape. At first it was a crouching human being, then it
was a dark formless mass, and then with sudden collapse it had become
a semi-liquid heap of black and horrible putrescence which stained the
dais and poisoned the air. At the same time Scanlan and I dashed
forward on to the platform, for Dr. Maracot, with a deep groan, his
powers exhausted, had fallen forward in helpless collapse. 'We have
won! We have won!' he muttered, and an instant later his senses had
left him and he lay half dead upon the floor.


Thus it was that the Atlantean colony was saved from the most horrible
danger that could threaten it, and that an evil presence was banished
for ever from the world. It was not for some days that Dr. Maracot
could tell his story, and when he did it was of such a character that
if we had not seen the results we should have put it down as the
delirium of his illness. I may say that his power had left him with
the occasion which had called it forth, and that he was now the same
quiet, gentle man of science whom we had known.

'That it should have happened to me!' he cried. 'To me, a materialist,
a man so immersed in matter that the invisible did not exist in my
philosophy. The theories of a whole lifetime have crumbled about my

'I guess we have all been to school again,' said Scanlan, 'If ever I
get back to the little home town, I shall have something to tell the

'The less you tell them the better, unless you want to get the name of
being the greatest liar that ever came out of America,' said I. 'Would
you or I have believed it all if someone else had told us?'

'Maybe not. But say, Doc, you had the dope right enough. That great
black stiff got his ten and out as neat as ever I saw. There was no
come-back there. You clean pushed him off the map. I don't know on
what other map he has found his location, but it is no place for Bill
Scanlan anyhow.'

'I will tell you exactly what occurred,' said the Doctor. 'You will
remember that I left you and retired into my study. I had little hope
in my heart, but I had read a good deal at different times about black
magic and occult arts. I was aware that white can always dominate
black if it can but reach the same plane. He was on a much stronger--
I will not say higher--plane than we. That was the fatal fact.

'I saw no way of getting over it. I flung myself down on the settee
and I prayed--yes, I, the hardened materialist, prayed--for help.
When one is at the very end of all human power, what can one do save
to stretch appealing hands into the mists which gird us round? I
prayed--and my prayer was most wonderfully answered.

'I was suddenly aware of the fact that I was not alone in the room.
There stood before me a tall figure, as swarthy as the evil presence
whom we fought, but with a kindly, bearded face which shone with
benevolence and love. The sense of power which he conveyed was not
less than the other, but it was the power of good, the power within
the influence of which evil would shred away as the mists do before
the sun. He looked at me with kindly eyes, and I sat, too amazed to
speak, staring up at him. Something within me, some inspiration or
intuition, told me that this was the spirit of that great and wise
Atlantean who had fought the evil while he lived, and who, when he
could not prevent the destruction of his country, took such steps as
would ensure that the more worthy should survive even though they
should be sunk to the depths of the Ocean. This wondrous being was now
interposing to prevent the ruin of his work and the destruction of his
children. With a sudden gush of hope I realized all this as clearly as
if he had said it. Then, still smiling, he advanced, and he laid his
two hands upon my head. It was his own virtue and strength, no doubt,
which he was transferring to me. I felt it coursing like fire down my
veins. Nothing in the world seemed impossible at that moment. I had
the will and the might to do miracles. Then at that moment I heard the
bell clang out, which told me that the crisis had come. As I rose from
the couch the spirit, smiling his encouragement, vanished before me.
Then I joined you, and the rest you know.'

'Well, sir,' said I, 'I think you have made your reputation. If you
care to set up as a god down here, I expect you would find no

'You got away with it better than I did, Doc,' said Scanlan in a
rueful voice. 'How is it this guy didn't know what you were doing? He
was quick enough on to me when I laid hand on a gun. And yet you had
him guessing.'

'I suppose that you were on the plane of matter, and that, for the
moment, we were upon that of spirit,' said the Doctor thoughtfully.
'Such things teach one humility. It is only when you touch the higher
that you realize how low we may be among the possibilities of
creation. I have had my lesson. May my future life show that I have
learned it.'

So this was the end of our supreme experience. It was but a little
time later that we conceived the idea of sending news of ourselves to
the surface, and that later by means of vitrine balls filled with
levigen, we ascended ourselves to be met in the manner already
narrated. Dr. Maracot actually talks of going back. There is some
point of Ichthyology upon which he wants more precise information. But
Scanlan has, I hear, married his wren in Philadelphia, and has been
promoted as works manager of Merribanks, so he seeks no further
adventure, while I--well, the deep sea has given me a precious pearl,
and I ask for no more.

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