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Author Topic: THE GREAT ATEN  (Read 11991 times)
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« on: November 09, 2007, 03:20:37 pm »

The chief source of our knowledge of the attributes ascribed to Aten is obtained from the hymns to this god which Amen-hetep IV caused to be inscribed on his monuments, and from one of them which has twice been published in recent years we obtain the following extracts. The hymn is prefaced by these words :

1. A hymn of praise to Heru-khuti Harmachis},

who springeth up joyfully in the horizon in his name of 'Shu who is in the Disk,' and who liveth for ever and for ever, Aten the Living One, the Great One, he who is {celebrated} in the thirty year festival, the lord of the orbit of the sun, the lord of the sun, the lord of the heaven, the lord of the earth, the lord of the House of Aten in the city of Khut-Aten,

2. by the king of the South and of the North, who liveth by Maat, the Lord of the Two Lands, {Nefer-kheperu-Ra-ua-en-Ra}, the son of the Sun, who liveth by Maat, the lord of crowns, {Khu-en-Aten}, who is great in the duration of his life,

3. and by his great royal wife, his darling, the Lady of the Two Lands, {Nefert-iti-Nefer-neferu-Aten}, the living one , the strong one for ever. The hymn proper begins with the words, He {i.e.,, the king}saith,

4. Thy rising is beautiful in the horizon of heaven,

5. O thou Aten, who hadst thine existence in primevel time.

6. When thou risest in the eastern horizon thou fillest every land with thy beauties,

7. thou art beautiful to see, and great, and like crystal, and art high above the earth.

8. Thy beams of light embrace the lands, even every land which thou hast made.

9. Thou art as Ra, and thou bringest {thyself} unto each of them,

10. and thou bindest them with thy love.

11. Thou art remote, but thy beams are upon the earth.

12. When thou settest in the western horizon the earth is in darkness, and is like a being that is dead.

14. They lie down and sleep in their habitations,

15. their heads are covered up, and their nostrils are stopped, and no man can see his neighbour,

16. and all gods and possessions may be carried away from under their heads without their knowing it.

17. Every lion cometh forth from his den,

18. and serpents of every kind bite ;

19. the night becometh blacker and blacker,

20. and thee art his solent because he who hath made them hath sunk to rest in his horixon.

21. When thou riseth in the horizon the earth lightens, and when thy beams shine forth it is day.

22. Darkness taketh to flight as soon as thy light bursteth out, and the Two Lands keep festival daily.

23. Then {men} wake up and stand upon their feet because thou hast raised them up,

24. they wash themselves, and they array themselves in their apparel,

25. and they lift up to thee their hands with hymns of praise because thou hast risen.

26. {Over} all the earth they perform their work.

27. All beasts and cattle repose in their pastures,

28. and the trees and the green herb put forth their leaves and flowers.

29. The birds fly out of their nests, and their wings praise thy Ka as they fly forth.

30.The sheep and goats of every kind skip about on their legs,

31. and feathered fowl and the birds of the air also love {because} thou hast risen for them.

32. The boats float down and sail up the river likewise,

33. for thy path is opened when thou risest.

34. The fish in the stream leap towards thy face,

35. and thy beams shine through the waters of the great sea.

36. Thou makest male seed to enter into women, and thou causest the liquid seed to become a human being.

37. Thou makest the man child to live in the body of his mother.

38. Thou makest him to keep silent so that he cry not,

39. and thou art a nurse to him in the womb.

40. Thou givest breath that it may vivify every part of his being.

41. When he goeth forth from the belly, on the day wherein he is born,

42. thou openest his mouth that he may speak,

43. and thou providest him whatsoever is necessary.

44. When the chick is in the egg, and is making a sound within the shell,

45. thou givest it air inside it so that it may keep alive.

46. Thou bringest it to perfection so that it may split the eggshell,

47. and it cometh forth from the egg to proclaim that it is a perfect chick,

48. and as soon as it hath come forth there from it runneth about on its feet.

49. How many are the things which thou hast created!

50. There were.............. in the face of the One God, and his ........... had rest.

51. Thou didst create the earth at thy will when thou didst exist by thyself,

52. and men and women, and beast and cattle, and flocks of animals of every kind,

53. and every thing which is upon earth and which goeth about on its feet,

54. and everything which is in the air above and which flieth about with wings,

55. and the land of Syria and Nubia, and Egypt.

56. Thou settest every man in his place,

57. and thou makest for them whatsoever they need.

58. Thou providest for every man that which he should have in the storehouse, and thou computest the measure of his life. 59. They speak in tongues which are different {from each other},

60. and their dispitions {or characteristics} are according to their skins.

61. Thou who canst discern hast made the difference between the dwellers in the desert to be discerned.

62. Thou hast made {i.e., the Nile } in the Tuat,

63 and thou bringest him according to thy will to make rational beings to live,

64. inasmuch as thou hast made them for thyself,

65. O thou who art the lord of all of them, and who dost remain with them.

66. Thou art the lord of every {?} land , and thou shinest upon them,

67. thou art Aten of the day, and art revered in every foreign land {?},

68. and thou makest their lives.

69. Thou makest Hapi in heaven to come down on them,

70. and he maketh his rushing waters to flow over the hills like the great green sea.

71. and they spread themselves abroad and water the fields of the people in their villages.

72. Thy plans {or, counsels} are doubly beneficent.

73. Thou art the Lord of eternity, and thou thyself art the Nile in heaven, and all foreign peoples an all the beasts on all the hills

74. go about on their feet {through thee}.

75. Hapi {i.e.,, the Nile} cometh from the Tuat to Egypt,

76. and thou givest substenance to its people and to every garden, and

77. {when} thou hast risen they live for thee.

78. Thou hast made the seasons of the year so that they may cause the things which thou hast made to bring forth,

79. the winter season bringeth them cold, and the summer season fiery heat.

80. Thou hast created the heavens which are far extending that thou mayest rise therein and mayest be able to look upon all which thou didst create when thou didst exist by thyself,

81. and thou dost rise in thy creations as the living Aten,

82. and thou dost rise , and dost shine, and dost depart on thy path, and dost return.

83. Thou didst create {the forms} of created things in thyself when thou didst exist alone.

84. Cities, towns, villages and hamlets, roads and river{s},

85. from these every eye looketh upon thee,

86. for thou art the Aten of the day and art above the earth.

87. Thou journeyest through that which existeth in thine Eye.

88. .............................

89. Thou art in my heart,

90. and none knoweth thee except thy son {Nefer-kheperu-Ra-ua-en-Ra,}

91. and thou makest him to be wise and understanding through thy councils and through thy strength.

92. The earth is in thy hand, inasmuch as thou hast made them {i.e., those in it}

93. When thou risest mankind live; and when thou settest they die.

94. As long as thou art in the sky they live in thee,

95. and the eyes are all upon thy beauties until thou settest,

96. and they set aside their work of every kind when thou settest in the west.

97. Thou risest and thou makest to grow............... for the king.

98. ................ from the time when thou didst lay the foundations of the earth,

99. and thou didst raise them up for thy son who proceeded from thy members. {Here follow two lines wherein the names and titles of the king are repeated.}
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