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An Inconvenient Truth

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Author Topic: An Inconvenient Truth  (Read 4255 times)
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« Reply #195 on: May 16, 2007, 12:56:13 pm »

The topic has become a touchstone for all sorts of input from various individuals around the world it seems.  In the 1970s it was predicted that by all studies we were definitely headed for another worldwide glacial era.  We know the earth has gone through many upheavals and climate changes quite severe throughout its history with no input from humans.  The only reason people are adjatated about all the hoopla is simply because we are here.  If humankind had not arisen on this planet the changes would occur nonetheless as they always have.  It's only because we have a vested interest in survival that we revel in this foreboding.

It is quite likely that a space object will collide with the planet before it becomes hot in 2080 yet there is no global alarm and less than a dozen individuals scan the heavens seeking earthbound trajectory objects.  It simply is not a cause celeb yet would have far more serious consequences.

Perhaps there is some racial imprint sparking this alarm due to past catastrophies in the human record that "feels right" to many people who jump on the warming bandwagon.  The truth is that there is no consences on the current debate any more than there was as to what the expected rainfall was going to be by Great Plains farmers in 1947.

It's quite easy to accept and inch of substance and quite another to accept a mile of innuendo.  Until very recently, historicly, we didn't even have a global network of technically modern instruments to record weather-related events.  Global "weather stations" had mercury bulb thermometers and rain gauges and were manned by lonely individuals stuck in far flung outposts.  What was the lowest temperature in Siberia in 1919?  What was the highest in the Gobi in 1310?  How many hurricanes occurred of the eastern North American coast in 26 BC?  Exactly how much rainfall was there in the Amazon area 260,120 years ago?  What was the cause and reason for the demise of the 500-year mini ice age in Europe that ended with the Rennaissance?

Each generation with their accumulated technology thinks they are THE hottest thing going. That's true for today or 1899, 1620 and so on.  Then the next generation comes along and buries much of the previous human misconcepcions that seemed so valid they couldn't be false.  After all, science speculated such so they must be true!  Scientists once agreed that traveling in a railroad coach at 30 MPH would result in all air being sucked out causing a vacuum and the death of riders.  More recently scientists theorized that the 1st nuclear explosion might incinerate the entire world's atmosphere killing everyone!

And regardless of whether the warming concept is fact or supposition just who is going to do what to completely modify every nation on the planet's way of living?  The United Nations has little influence on world governing affairs for the most part, so how is anyone to expect a yet to exist global governing entity to make inroads in unagreed upon measures to reduce warming with no prioritization universally agreed upon?

Do we all move close to work so we drive less.  Do we devise catalyic attachments for both ends of bovines that belch and fart objectionable gasses?  Do we stop purchasing $650 million in Christmas decorations annually from China who pollutes greviously in their and other manufacture?  Just who is going to influence them to stop using coal for fuel?  Do we put India on notice that they have far too many human beings exhaling noxious gasses? Do we allow diseased and starving people's lives in underdeveloped nations to be extinguished for some fuzyy but lofty goal? Do we cap of the world's volcanoes which have wrought more atmospheric pollution than probably any other source in historic or prehistoric times. 

Who is to have the power to decide what the priorities are and how to impliment and enforce them?  This is where it begins to smell like 3 day old fish.  It goes back to money and power as it always has.  There is money to be made and power to be built by the whole scenario.  Moreover, how much is the average citizen expected to bear in wallet?

Each generation has stepped forth eager and motivated, ready to take on the inventive challenges of human development with an eye to the past and some trebidation of the unknown future.  But with this in mind we are now being conditioned to fear the future as though we are positively in for a bleak and devestating Mad Max existence based on a bunch of squints running climatic scenarios on Windows yet.

In the 1950s and 60 we were conditioned to fear the BOMB and the inevitable nuclear conflagration that was bound to unfold.  Now we are giving creedance to every founded or unfounded theory projecting 75 years ahead reagrding temperature fluctuations.

Where ever you are your local meteroligists fail to accurately predict the high and low temperature within 5 degrees for 10 days running with all of todays technology and you are in good conscience attempting to make me believe that the can predict what is surely going to occur at the end of this century on a global basis.
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