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Trump has left, but some of his supporters still think he's about to declare mar

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Author Topic: Trump has left, but some of his supporters still think he's about to declare mar  (Read 315 times)
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« on: August 27, 2023, 07:00:58 am »

Predictions for the next 15 months.
August 19, 2023

Iknow it's been awhile, but I've been busy helping identify and compile information on members of the "Cult of Insanity" here in the US.

 By now nearly everyone in the world has likely heard of the many charges that CAPTAIN SPRAYTAN is facing.

 Don't start cheering just yet however. Just because he has been CHARGED doesn't mean he will actually be held accountable for the damage he has done. I have countless records from past court cases and reports which indicate this country's legal system is anything but just and fair. So without further thoughts, here is what I predict will happen based on those records and reports:

 1: Despite the evidence, trump will walk out of the courtroom scott free, either due to secret supporters embedded in the jury or through the jury being terrorized by members of his cult of FAKEriots.

2: Trump will continue to run for president, likely even winning due to a combination of tens of millions of idiots in our country believing his lies and through massive voter fraud (which they constantly accuse the DEMOCRATS of doing).

3: regardless of whether he wins, he will succeed this time in seizing power with the help of his gullible and violent followers, becoming dictator for life of the USA and turning our country into nazi germany on steroids. And this won't just affect the USA. Imagine if back in World War 2 Hitler had enough nuclear weapons to wipe out all life on earth? Even putin has shown that (so far) he's not THAT **** crazy to actually start lobbing nukes! Though that could change.

 4: trump will attempt to create an alliance with russia, china, and north korea while declaring countries like england, france, germany, (in short, ALL our current allies) to be the enemy! And none of them will dare to oppose us for fear that we will nuke them. It's like a statement I made on social media years ago - "I didn't think ANYONE could be as insane as bush jr.... then trump got elected and HOLY CRAP was I wrong!"

 And why do I see these things happening? For the simple reason that even among those who see him for what he really is, most cannot be bothered to stand up and fight back. They still think peaceful protests and petitions work to change things. Anyone who has seen footage from the republican convention of 2004 in NYC (Search "Guantanamo on the hudson") and both the democrat and republican conventions of 2008 will realize that peaceful protest is no match for violent heavily armed thugs - either in or out of uniform. It has since been further proven in attacks by trump supporters against all others who disagree with their batshit insane beliefs.

I know from first hand experience that you CANNOT reason with or ignore such thugs! Reason doesn't work because they are too far gone mentally to ever come back, and ignoring such violent thugs/bullies only emboldens them and makes them more willing to progress to ever more violent acts! Would you ignore or try to reason with flesh eating zombies shown in many american movies and tv shows?Huh If so then let's face it - you would be too stupid to live.

Are we headed for civil war - 08/15/2023

 And then there are real wacky people like "Casi Rumore" and "NAZ" on twitter. Despite swearing up and down that he's not, "Casi" ticks most of the boxes for at least trying to join the cult, as if he's desperate to be noticed by who he thinks are the 'cool kids', defending the people involved with the January 6 2021 attack and the MAGA in arizona who threatened to kill biden, as well as condemning those who help others keep their freedom and supporting the terrorist bombing of the georgia guidestones - which actually coincide with many of his own publicly claimed principals. He also associates with a woman pushing to repeal the 19th amendment, which gives women the right to vote - WHAT THE ****?

Then there's "NAZ", whose kneejerk reaction is aggressively antiwar PERIOD for any reason (including those fighting to keep their freedom), yet promotes that blacks should take up arms and fight for their rights. TALK ABOUT CONFLICTED AND CONFUSED! 

Of course, most people in this country don't bother to research things to find out if they're true, or even READ THIS BLOG! The vast majority of readers of this blog are in various european countries - I can count on one hand the number of americans who bother with it. Sad Personally, I hope like hell that my above predictions are so far wrong as to be pure fiction. But from all the things I know about our system (which I will cover in my next post - especially the so-called JUSTICE SYSTEM), I am sad to say that they are almost a certainty.

"Were on the HIGHWAY TO HELL!"
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