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NGS TV - Atlantis & the Maya

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Author Topic: NGS TV - Atlantis & the Maya  (Read 2907 times)
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #30 on: April 03, 2007, 09:02:24 am »

Hi Majeston ,
                     wow ,I am really interested that you seem to believe that Sarmast did find something. Eden ?  ,Atlantis?

It's just that I havent seen any reason to take him seriously yet and his site doesn't have much either. Is it just me? or is there something I'm missing ?


Since  Smiley " GEORGEOS " , to establish his MUD-Sheol , off Gibraltar  as the Sunken Atlantis-Acropolis, ( which his cronie Marc Gutscher thinks is bogus.) has aroused intrest in ANOTHER way to translate MESO-"(= bigger than.)into "Mightier-than. Another diverse meaning has crept up"MEZO=in-between. 

Thus if MEZO=in-between was Plato's original quote THEN the site of Cyprus In-Between Asia( Minor ?) and Lybia seem plausible.  And thus SARMAST theory is plausible.

ALAS in Plato's time the GEO-names ASIA & Lybia pertained to OTHER Coasts not in North but in EAST-Africa. Thus if taken as meaning the Asia (=Majorem.) and Lybia=East-Africa)meaning, "Atlantis" should be in the AFAR-Triangle,  near or IN ADEN.

The biblical name "ASHCALON"/Ashkalon /Askalon, would than correspond to: "OKELIS" ( OUCHALIA ) which is today in "Arabic" : MUKALA.

Ofcourse, off-hand, MUKALA seems vastly un-connected to: ASKALON, but etymologically, it is,  however seemingly; "remote" yet  still  the same word.!

Thus OIKUMENES or "the KNOWN-WORLD" seems quite remote from: ORCHOMENES but I think that it is the same "object". the Cretan City of  Orchomenes is known from the THESEUS-Myth, because the son of the King was killed in Athens during the NEMEAN Games, they had to pay each 7th-year with, 10 slaves: 5 boys & 5 Girls for "The Labyrinth"

In that:"Labyrinth" the Mino-Taurus was a man with a Bull's head ( or rather an Elephant-bull's head.)he was hidden and  it was a man-eater.   This paralells with the man -son-of-Parvati": with a bull's head in Hindu-Myth: "God-of-Luck King-of-Canaan": Ganeesha. Thus GANEESHA "King-of-Cannaan" was an Elephant -God-King, also: a "King-of-Punt/Punicia ! ( in Archonaut's voyage and Odyssee, this"Faeakes"of King AEOLUS WAS in ADEN.


THIS means that the Famous Labyrinth was NOT in present day CRETE, but in ADEN !  CRETE means: Holi-Land ADEN, also means "Holi-Land, and the Hindu Term SRI-LANKA also means "Holi-Land" infact the Term:"ATLANTIS" also means:"Holi-Land" and the Holi-Land of-the-Bible is written as: KADESH   and this KADESH. Kadesch (= Car-Chemish )or KUDUS, is also the name for JERUSALEM: "Holi-City-/Land" and finally Hiro-s-alym just means Holi-Land, and the Temple-Precinct of-Poseidon was Mound SION. Ras-Aden,is the original name for the word-corruption: POSiDON/Sion.

And again Sion/Jerusalem and ADEN(=later in MECCA>) held the geometrical-PIVOT of the World, or Earth's -Axel/ Achsis/ Axis.!  The hebrew Paradise: ACH-AD=ADEN.( or for the English it is EDEN.)

BOTH the Theseus-Myth; the Danaos-Myth and the quite probably but ironically the "Princess-Europa-Myth(= the egyptian/hindu: Sita-KaMose Myth)took place in Another country than traditional history wants us to believe !!!

sincerely    Cry  "BlueHueCry     April- 3,  2007


in reply to: "DESIREE & dr.GREG  LITTLE", I say that vthe above explenation for Atlantis postularted as: ras-ADEN,  Cry this only shows that the fabled ATLANTIS was NOT in America and as you indeed mentioned Dr GREG LITTLE  was looking for other"under-Sea"cities.     But as I explained earlier Atlantis Isle dis not sink under water. and America is off because Colombo held his arabic AtlantisMap upside -Down !   So. if people are looking for Atlantis in America than this is under false pretences, but it is now part of Usage to say that one is looking for Atlantis there. Cry
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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