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THOMAS PAINE, The Forgotten Founding Father-THE AGE OF REASON

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Author Topic: THOMAS PAINE, The Forgotten Founding Father-THE AGE OF REASON  (Read 2598 times)
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« Reply #45 on: July 04, 2007, 06:05:29 am »


There was a purpose for my picking this particular topic for this day.    If we all were still at our
"former home", it would have been unthinkable to even breach this subject, they would have
banned me after the title.  Happily, here I was able to get almost through without any interruption.

Then, there is the matter of the rise of FUNDAMENTALISM in this country's politics.  It is appalling.
There are at least three Supreme Court Justices whom I strongly suspect of being COURPUS DEI

Between money and fanaticism, I think you young ones have a tough road to travel.  That's a
very bad mix.  Living in Florida, I see the ill effects of it on a daily basis.

Thomas Paine and the rest of the Founding Fathers must indeed  be "rolling in their graves".
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #46 on: July 04, 2007, 04:44:31 pm »


by Chris in Paris - 7/4/2007 - 6:36am.ET   

There is a wonderful book available locally (and also online) called Paris: Birthplace of the USA which details American history in Paris. Despite what some like to think, France has been a good friend to the US. After all, it was Beaumarchais who was the financier of the American Revolution. It was Lafayette who came to America as a young officer to help the cause. And of course, the most critical naval battle in the war of independence, the Battle of the Chesapeake, was led by French Admiral de Grasse. That naval battle prevented the British navy from supplying Cornwallis with troops and supplies, forcing him to surrender at Yorktown.

Besides the extensive French links to America, many famous Americans who helped form the country lived in Paris such as Franklin, Jefferson, John Paul Jones and Thomas Paine. Recently I stumbled upon a plaque marking the location where Thomas Paine lived, just steps from the Odeon Theater and the Luxembourg Gardens. Besides writing in favor of the American Revolution, Paine was very anti-slavery and even fought with Washington over his ownership of slaves. Even today, the issue of Washington and slavery is in the news.

Paine was later invited to France during their revolution and participated in the National Convention before being sentenced to die for voting against the execution of King Louis XVI. Robespierre's terror claimed many who did not agree with his policies. Luck would have it that he managed to survive (he was held in the prison at the Senate, a stones throw from his house) but he later left France after concluding that Napoleon was leading France towards a dictatorship. Paine eventually moved back to the US where he died in 1809.

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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #47 on: July 04, 2007, 05:09:45 pm »

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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #48 on: July 04, 2007, 05:27:27 pm »

Self Evident Truths . . .

By Scarecrow on Wed Jul 4, 2007 at 05:15 am

In 1776, a group of well educated and propertied men from all the colonies got together to draft and sign a revolutionary document. As they did so, they pledged “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” to its ringing declaration of defiance against a lawless, power mad monarch who had usurped their liberties and trampled on the rule of law.

These were serious men, willing to risk everything to be free from tyranny and lawlessness. And the words they wrote would eventually transcend even their own enlightened but still limited understanding, extending its self evident truth to everyone — women, slaves, the poor, gays, immigrants from all lands — because this was a document whose principles logically applied to all humans, the whole species, not just privileged men. From the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. . . .

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #49 on: July 04, 2007, 06:07:25 pm »


Hundreds gathered this Fourth of July at Independence Hall to see what freedom meant then and what it means now. A ceremonial bell marked 231 years since our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence.


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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #50 on: July 06, 2007, 02:48:31 am »

I think you hit the nail on the head, Volitzer. Today, unfortunately, those who have the most money seems to equate "divine right." It's rather grim to realize that today, a man as great as Abraham Lincoln was, wouldn't even make it to the first draft in our electoral process, nor would most of our founding fathers. Our precious constitution is being chipped away with such vicious regularity now, it gives me nightmares. My family came to America in 1621, and I'm pretty sure every last one of them is rolling over in their graves at what is happening in the USA today.

Hopefully, via the Sinus-Medii necrotron, they are reincarnated to do something about it.  Wink
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« Reply #51 on: August 03, 2007, 05:08:13 pm »

Above, someone cited CHANNELED information to state his views, I therefore feel free to, myself, do the same.

What follows is a CHANNELED message from God by way of Matthew, through his mother:

GOD:  My dear Matthew, I too would like to think that I’m known well enough without any introduction, but certainly my thanks is in order for graciously letting me preempt your space, and to you, dear little Suzy, for your time in these busy days. 


So then, good morning, all my beloved children!  Call me whatever name you wish—I answer to all.  Many of you have been wondering where I am while so much furor and ferocity is going on in your world.  I am here to tell you that I’m right where I’ve been since Day One of this universe—everywhere!—and I have quite a bit to say about this.


To start, however paradoxical it may seem, the only constant anywhere is change.  Your world is teeming with greater changes than ever before, and I assure you, you wouldn’t want it any other way!  Many who sensed a need to make changes are doing so confidently, but for some of you, moving out of the familiar space seems scary.  “Whatever will happen if I change my job or location or even my mate?  Oh NO, not my beliefs too?!”  You’ll get on with what you chose to experience, that’s what will happen.  Is that so bad, that you’ll get yourself out of a rut and get on with Life’s Adventure that you signed up for?


Of course not everyone needs to change jobs or mates or relocate, but many DO need to change beliefs, and here are the first two if you believe that (1) Your individuality means you’re separated from everyone else, and (2) I am the cosmic superpower that makes everything happen.  You’re definitely a unique individual, but also you’re an inseparable part of me and all others everywhere, and it’s ALL of us in this universe who make things happen.


Hmmmmm.  So you’re a bigger deal than you thought and maybe I’m not such a big deal after all.  Not exactly, my dear ones.  WE ARE, together, ONE amazing powerhouse with infinite and eternal potential—so yes, you better believe I AM powerful!  And it’s not because I control you—I don’t.  It’s because you and all other life in this universe are my BEing in all your experiencing forms—collectively WE ARE this universe!


I have more to say about beliefs, but let’s talk about why I don’t control you, which is much like your idea that I let bad things happen to good people.  This is how it goes: Creator, ruler of the cosmos—that’s all the universes—gave you free will to express whatever you want to and gave us universe rulers a law we have to obey: Stay out of your soul parts’ choices!  Eons later Creator made the one exception to that law: “No nuclear wars anywhere,” so now we rulers have the authority to stop all efforts to do that.


Otherwise, it’s your choices all the way, and actually, that’s an excellent basis for your multiple lifetimes around our universe. If you stray from the path you chose in your soul contracts—those pacts you make before you are born so you can grow beyond that stage of evolution—I can’t mess with that, and you wouldn’t want me to. If your birthright to make your own decisions suddenly went pooooof and I started mapping out every one of your lives, I believe I would hear howls of protest.


I do have a hand in this, though.  Creator thoughtfully put a loophole in that free will law that lets me put conscience as an ingredient of your souls, and that’s what can keep you on your straightaway path if you want it to.  Like everything else, it’s your choice to pay attention to it or ignore it.  Conscience should come with a warning: Ignore me and I’ll become extinct. Well, just as you don’t come with copies of your soul contracts, you don’t come with a warrantee on your conscience either.  You have instinct, intuition, inspiration and a sense of honor, too—those are other ingredients I put in souls that also help you know what’s right and what’s wrong for you. 


But—sometimes “but” is necessary, and this is a big one—what you may think is right may be wrong and vice versa.  You don’t consciously know what’s in your contract, and you sure don’t know what’s in anyone else’s.  Your contract is your part of the pre-birth agreement made by the souls who want to be in on the “give-and-take” lifetime of shared experiences.  The agreements provide growth opportunities for every soul, so you can see that they’re all-around win-win situations.   


So think about this: You (or they) chose to be on one end or the other of “bad” things and you (or they) did it for one of two reasons, both of which provide experiencing that balances other lifetimes, and balance is essential for soul growth. One, you (or they) needed to feel what it’s like to endure hardships and others volunteered to provide the circumstances that let you (or them) do that.  Or: “Been there, done that” and this time around you (or they) are the volunteer(s). You can call this karma if you like—just don’t interpret this opportunity to achieve balance as a reward or a punishment for yourself or anyone else. 


Something else you need to know about those agreements is that unconditional love is the basis on which ALL the souls fill their various roles.  Out of love, some agree to be the “heavies” for those who choose the “rough way to go”—I explained the reason for this see-saw experiencing.  The thing is, you’ve been stuck for only I know how long on this bumpy see-saw of third density, where deceit, tyranny, violence and corruption are part and parcel of everyday life.  You’re sick and tired of it, so this time around you chose—again!—to get out of it, and believe me, you wouldn’t want me sticking my finger in and doing anything that might keep you in it! You have no idea of the domino effect if I meddled in just a few lives, no matter how good my intention!  I’m not allowed to do that anyway.


Now, some of my children aren’t on Earth to wind up their karma—or if you prefer, call this universal law Divine Grace—they’re there to HELP all the rest of you do it.  And you’d better be grateful that they are willing to temporarily leave their families and homelands in higher planes to help you fulfill your pre-birth choice to deal with third density and be done with it.     


Since doing that may require you to make some changes, maybe you’ll welcome more suggestions for going about that.  Pay attention to what Matthew said about DON’T GO INTO FEAR! I’ll add this: If you think you have any enemies, you’d better know that fear’s by far the worst.  From my point of view, it’s your ONLY one, and I strongly suggest you give my opinion of this careful thought. 


Then there’s what you could consider the other end of the spectrum from fear: pettiness, that clutter-clatter of attitudes, interests and activity that keep you preoccupied with trivialities that aren’t worth even one bean in the hill, yet have the power to prevent knowledgeable, sensible evaluations and decisions.  Of course I know what your petty stuff is—we are ONE, remember?—and I’m suggesting that you sort through that vast heap of mindless TV programs and gossip sessions; pointless tiffs and jealousies; nit-picking, nagging and griping; letting mere curiosity rather than core interests occupy your thoughts; and worries about “what if” and rumors of dire possibilities.


Now if those include your enjoyments, I’m not criticizing you—I’m simply giving you motherly-fatherly advice: Compare how much time and energy you spend in those pursuits with how much you devote to LIGHTening your mind, body and spirit.  Say, to conversations or correspondence with like-minded folks, or to the silence and solitude that ease the pressure of daily responsibilities.  Playing with your families and animals, smiling and laughing, listening to melodious music or reading something that expands your mind, or connecting with the beauty of Nature.  Seeing and feeling thankful for the blessings in your life and going within your deepest self and listening to the song of your soul. 


“But I’m already too busy!” won’t cut it, my dear children.  What I’ve just mentioned is restorative, rejuvenating, energizing and essential for balance in your days and within you.  When you oust pettiness in its many forms, and I may have forgotten some, there IS time for uplifting experiences. 


Another thing is, “Judge not…”—some things in the Bible are right.  You do know that I don’t ever judge you, don’t you?  “Judgment day”—I don’t care much for that term—is when you review your past lifetime in the context of ALL your lifetimes, see where you need to improve things, and based on that you choose what to put in your soul contract for the next time around.  Anyway, not judging is a key to helping self and each other evolve and so is gratitude.  Feeling thankful for the help is as important as not judging the helpers. That doesn’t ever mean approving of greed or viciousness or violence—you certainly don’t have to do that!  Gratitude is acknowledging and appreciating that some of you agreed to play the “heavies” because others need that to wrap up their last remnants of third density.  It would be good, too, if you also feel thankful that you wanted and were selected to participate in this magnificent time of Earth’s entry into the Golden Age.   


“Golden” because only light will prevail on Earth, and how she will rejoice!  She is a beloved part of me just as you are yourself, and what a price she paid to give her humankind many, many, MANY chances to get it right and “see the light”—it nearly cost her planetary life.  I’ll tell you more about that, but the point here is, she’s giving all of you this one last chance to wake up and wise up.  Part of that is, you have to stop confusing religion with spirituality, and that brings us back to beliefs. 


I’m not saying that all of you are clinging to beliefs that are based on false teachings, but if you believe that your religion is better than all the others, listen up. My messengers whom you attach to the various religions didn’t set those up. In a nutshell, the very concept of religion came from the thoughts of dark ones off-planet, and today’s religious teachings are based on what a few of my self-serving parts on the planet said a long time ago: If you don’t obey God—or some other name they gave me—you’re doomed, and they said that was “My Word.”  Those few folks wanted to control everyone else, so they wrote the rules of “obedience” that spell “doom” to falterers.  And I have to tell you, Christianity is THE major digresser from the truth that my messenger came to give.  Yes, the one you call Jesus, and oh my! how they changed his life from the actual to the fictional—it’s hard to know where to begin to set the story straight. 


The FACT is that Jesus was never put on a cross, so there was no crucifixion or resurrection. That rather blows the whole foundation of Christian dogma, doesn’t it? For how, then, could it be that “he gave his life to save sinners”?  Sinners means the whole lot of you, according to those who came up with the idea that everyone is “born into sin.”  Oh dear me!  The only “sin,” if you will, is interfering with the growth of a soul, your own or anyone else’s, and the result is DEvolution with as many more chances as needed NOT to do that. 


Then there’s Mary Magdalene— how wretchedly the Bible portrays her!  She was Jesus’ wife and ultimate soulmate, and after the Sanhedrin flogged her husband and warned him to get out of their territory—they didn’t want to make him a martyr as that would give impetus to his teachings—they went to the East where Jesus had spent the “lost” years learning from the masters how to perform “miracles” and where he knew his family was safe.  He and Mary had a happy family there, and years later they all traveled to the West and settled in what now is France.  Eventually Jesus returned to the East and along the way continued teaching My REAL Word—the Bible includes some of that, but everything in the early records didn’t support the self-serving ones’ cause got left out—and he lived to a ripe old age.  Although in their later years he and his adored Mary were apart in body, they were so highly attuned spiritually that they were together then, as now and evermore, in spirit and celestial visitations. 


Later leaders of the Roman Catholic faith made up absurdities like “the only son of God,” “virgin birth” and “immaculate conception” and made layers of saints.  They did that to put still more distance between “my ONLY son” and all my other children—and ME, who is ALL of you!—as well as making themselves the gate-keepers to heaven.  Or hell.  Actually, neither exists as portrayed, but that’s another story.


Those leaders were greedy, too.  In the centuries during and after Jesus’ life, the same few people ran church and state, and along with unfair taxation of their poor countrymen, the church of Rome came up with a two-edged sword to cement their control: You can atone for your sins—they made those up too—if you confess and pay money, and a portion of everything you have must be given as well. That spread to other churches and you know it as tithing. Something else that church did now and again was demand of their priests sexual abstinence, as if denying that strong nature in humankind made them more “saintly,” and you know what that led to.  Then there were all those wars and inquisitions and brutal killings in my name! 


Later movers and shakers of the Roman Catholic religion decreed that birth control is a sin and more recently, so is abortion.  With the wanton killings they’ve caused or sanctioned throughout the ages, it’s hardly sanctity of life that interests them.  No, it’s to keep the population growing that financially supports them and bows to their authority.  From Day One of the papacy, the appointed one and his close circle have lived in opulence that has been paid for by the masses they brainwashed into believing that the church’s rules came from ME.


If it sounds like I’m picking on that religion, it’s because its headquarters, the Vatican, has been the biggest hotbed of darkness from its beginning.  No other religion has it all right or all wrong either—strands of truth are in the “holy books,” but the Bible is by far the most seriously distorted to keep unquestioning followers mesmerized.  And while the original basis of individuals’ faith may have been pure long ago, fanatical elements have defiled that purity to the extent that some of you think they represent the religion itself. 


Realizing that EVERY soul is a precious and EQUAL part of me and I love each and every one unconditionally, let’s look at the collective soul-selves “religiously.” Fundamentalist Protestants say that unless you accept Jesus as your “lord and savior,” you’ll burn in hell for eternity—I notice that they tend to leave me out of it.  Some congregations have split over accepting or scorning my beloved children who are homosexual by birth choice, and they choose it for good reason: It’s an advanced stage of balanced masculine and feminine energies, and all my children experience those lifetimes as they progress toward androgyny.  Islam is seen as rewarding its followers for “killing the infidels,” and my women children are deemed inferior to my men children.  Zionism, a political militant movement, hides behind the skirts of Judaism and cries “anti-Semitism”; and the pacifist Far Eastern religions, which have adhered most closely to my messengers’ teachings, are deemed by the others as out of touch with reality.  As if those painful departures from SPIRITUALITY aren’t enough, this whole situation has become so befouled that even Satanism with its diabolical tortures and human sacrifice is an established religion. 


It’s been like the plaintiff wail of a broken record but with far harsher, far sadder effects as generation after generation, my Earth soul-selves have been mind-controlled by religious “authorities.” Once the people were stuck in those clutches, governments and all other institutions that impact life on Earth easily became authority figures too.  Souls come in with amazing intuition and the capacity to use common sense and reason wisely, but the collective influence of “authorities” dulled those abilities.  My children bought into the rhetoric and obeyed the instructions, even when it meant being sent off to war after war, where billions have killed and been killed.


How did that whole sad state of affairs come about?  It was the work of the off-planet dark force that is without conscience, without light except the spark of viability. That force “captured” my weak-willed children of Earth who got caught up in the lure of power and money and, performing as the force’s puppets, they kept all the rest of my children in the bondage of fear, poverty and ignorance. The souls’ need for balanced experiencing kept it going until now—that ages-old merry-go-round is stopping.  There’s more to say about that, but I want to give you a good example of ignorance.


 “All life began in the sea and apes are humans’ ancestors.” OH?!  I’m not saying that primitive sea life and apes and their relatives aren’t parts of me, but can’t you see how DEMEANING the very idea is that that is how I started you, my HUMAN souls?!  You credit me—well, some of you do—with making you “in my own image,” and I assure you, my drawing board didn’t start with you as amoebas, some of which I “inspired” to move to dry land and grow into apes, and then I picked which ones of those I wanted to become humans.  Your ancestors are such highly spiritual and intelligent beings that you can’t even imagine it!  Yes, your “theory of evolution” was in there somewhere, but not as you understand it.  Nothing’s “black or white” the way you think.   


Now about the price Earth paid for enduring the darkness throughout the millennia of the insidious workings of religions and other sources of near equal dark persuasion. She kept giving her own light to sustain the lives of her humankind as they slaughtered each other and destroyed and polluted her Nature until all the bloodshed and devastation nearly claimed her own body, your planet home.  Her soul, which stayed in its high plane of origin as her body spiraled downward into low third density, was in deep sorrow and despair.  Her planetary self survived because she cried out for help and my children in civilizations far advanced from you spiritually, intellectually and technologically—yes, some are your ancestors!—rushed to infuse Earth’s body with their light so it could survive.  She wanted to give you this one last chance to open your minds, “light up” your consciousness and shake free from the shackles of that dark force.   


And this brings us to why that LONG merry-go-round ride that you’re sick and tired of is stopping.  So is my beloved Earth fed up with it! She’s on the fast track out of third density where, until recently, the darkness has been quite successful, but its time is up—the dark force “has left the building,” so to say.  Only the lingering effects of its influence on its Earth puppets remain and those are fading fast.  The truths “coming to light” are exposing once-hidden agenda, and by the impartial law of physics regarding form and frequencies, the puppet’s refusal to accept the light will cause their demise along Earth’s ascension path. Your dear planet is homeward bound to her soul’s blissful plane, and all who go with her will live in harmonious cooperation with your benevolent “space” family.  The trip ticket is free, but with strings: You need to know and live the TRUTH of who WE ARE.  This isn’t complex—it’s as simple as paying attention to what your soul is telling you! “Going within” automatically connects you consciously with soul-self—that’s you and me—and all the rest follows naturally.


I never take sides—how could I when I’m ALL of you!—but I do have my druthers, and I’d love to have all my children choose to live together peacefully.  So I hope you will believe what I’ve said and act on it, but I can’t make you—it’s always been your choice to believe what you want, do what you want.  All I can do is add my voice to the messengers who have told you the very same things through their Earth receivers.  What will happen if you don’t believe us?  What will happen to the souls who will never know about our messages?  They will go to a placement attuned to the energy they put forth in deeds and motives throughout the lifetime. 


Some will journey with Earth because they are living in “godly” ways simply by heeding their souls’ messages.  They live from their hearts, where unconditional love, kindness, honor, truth, compassion and desire to help others lie. 


Some will go through it again—the tyranny, violence, corruption, lies, the hold of religions—and they’ll come in with the brain power to question and reason, yet another chance to break free of dark control.  But not on Earth.  There are other third density places in our universe where rampant disrespect for life will go on until all my soul parts know the truth of their god- and goddess-selves. 


And some will DEvolve and start over from scratch.  They’re the ones who persist in choosing darkness over LOVE, the same Creator Source energy as light.  Constantly light will be beamed to those souls, who will start with only basic instinct, and when they accept the light, they’ll recall a smidgeon of intelligence.  As they accept more light, they will remember a modicum of reasoning ability, and so on and so on.  This isn’t punishment, it’s a chance for those parts of me to start over without even a hint of darkness.


It’s quite a lot to think about, isn’t it?  There is time, my beloveds, but frankly, not much, to decide what you want.  Whatever that is, I will honor it, and if it’s help, ask and it shall be given! 
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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