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Indus Valley script Seals

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Author Topic: Indus Valley script Seals  (Read 811 times)
senator Bam
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« on: August 30, 2015, 02:48:26 am »

Can anyone please tell me if there is any webpage that has as many as possible Indus seals pictures/photos in/on it? I tried search engine a year or two ago and couldn't find any one page/site with lots of seals pictures. I think i have solved some of the seals/script but i can't post my info until i have pictures for people to view with my decipherments.

May as well also include here just for your interest that we only last week made another possible discovery that the 4 cities of "Asshur" in Genesis 10 seemingly may match 4  Indus Valley cities (for more info on that see ).
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4th Horseman of the Apocalypse
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« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2015, 04:13:00 am »

Are these what you are looking for?

indus valley script symbols
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The Lamb of God, or Lion of Judah, opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses:  Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.
senator Bam
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« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2015, 04:57:56 am »

Thankyou Horseman,
but i mean that i need pictures of the seals inscriptions, like in this attached picture if it posts, but as many different ones as possible because some in the book i have i don't have e-pictures of and is not easy to find individual seals without specific time/place/label info.

edit post: wow, i just had an idea, i can copy/cut and past those symobls you posted in my "paint" picture drawer. Thankyou heaps!
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senator Bam
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« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2015, 12:43:45 am »

Just before the main post below: I realised this morning that i didn't think of using my web-cam to take pictures of the seals in my book!

There are a number of people who have given different decipherments of the seals (and a number of languages the seals have been thought to be written/read in). Ones i have seen/heard are LA Waddell (Indo-Sumerian/Aryan kings names), B Hrozny (Mesopotamian/proto-Aryan god names like Naveya, Kueya, Aya, Nataraja), Kak/Frawley/Feuerstein (Brahmi?), B Fell/Epigraphic Soc (Indian words like Ganesha), Parpola ((Elamo-)Dravidian/Tamil), ... (Chinese), ... (Munda/Kolarian), Diwiyana (comparisons with ancient scripts of many cultures around the worls), Rao (Indian numbers, Semitic alphabet, like Sumerian). (Easter Island script is also similar to Indus script.)
[A recent possible discovery of ours was that the 4 cities of "Asshur" in Genesis 10 may be 4 Indus cities. Sendge also thought Asuras connected with Assyrians.]

Fish in different languages is pisces/fish (Indoeuropean), min (Dravidian), nun (Semitic), (k)ha(n) (Sumer-Akkadian) / ika (Maori) / ikhthys (Greek), laksi/lachs (Tochar/German), dag (Semitic), loo (Amerind).
(Or fish could be for swim/navy, or for water which in different languages can be su, mu/mem, a, etc.)

Our tentaive/provisional theory was that the seals may say Indian/Hindu deity names, though i knew this may be flawed. Some supporting possible evidences for this included:
- some of Waddell's readings were similar to Indian deity names (eg siba, agdu, barama).
- Fell's/Epigraphic's Ganesha.
- the seals have animal, and the "Yogi" seal has the animals around the lord of animals, and in Indian myth some deities have animals (elephant = Ganesha or Gajalakshmi, etc).
- the vessel under the animals heads is like a sacrificial/dedicatory (Agni?)
- a previous discovery of ours is that the Indian seem to be the oldest Indo-European deity names cognates (eg Sumerian Papsim-nunbada ~ Indian Apam-napat ~ (Indo-)European Neptune, Sumerian Ziusudra ~ Indian Dyaus-pitar ~ (Indo-)European Zeus/Jove/Tiwaz).
- claims that there was no Aryan invasion (Kak/Frawley/Feuerstein, Jantsang), or that there was an earlier smaller Aryan wave (Myatt).

A previous casual idea of ours was that the 2 "Yogi" "Shiva"/"Pasupati" seals (man sitting cross legged surrounded by some animals similar to "Cernunnos" on cauldron) might say either "Pasu-pati" or "Praja-pati". The antlers sign is similar to Runic fehu (f), and there is Indian word pas(h)u "cattle/kine/herd". But we were unable to decipher anyother seals with the same signs.

One seal we saw seems to say Dyaus (see top left in picture). There was just also one other seal that might also/alternatively say Dyauspitar. When we were checking for other deites (Varuna, Surya, etc) we seemed to see that many seals "all just seem to say the same thing [as the Dyaus one] (in slightly different ways)!". We have analysed 20 such similar/slightly-different seals and it does seem like they do all say Dyaus or Dyauspitar?

If our find is not wrong then this is not surprising because we had found that Ziusudra = Dyaus-pitar (= Japheth/Diphath?) It also seems possible that Dilmun (where Ziusudra was) may be Indus:
Ziusudra ~ Dyauspitar
Utnapishtim ~ Yudhishthir?
Suluhitu ~ Sarasvati?
Inzak ~ Indra?
Sabit/Siduri ~ Savtri/Savitar?
Meluhha ~ Baluchistan? Mleccha(s)?

One symbol for "D" seems to have about 8 different "evolved" variants. There is perhaps a possibility that Indus Valley was where the Indo-Germanic runes and Phoenician alphabet first was created/evolved. Japheth's name implies creative/inventive/discovery intellect/thought. Some of the Norse/Germanic runes are similar to the Indus script (fehu & antlers, dagaz & our "d"). (Some link the Panis and Phoenicians (who came from "Red Sea"). Some Phoenician deities are similar to Indoeuropean eg Taaut ~ Dyaus? The Egyptian Punt might also be connected with India (Punjab) and Pu-land (Dilmun)? (A number of sources have shown links between Dravidian and Egypt/Ethiopia.))

Our decipherment may well be wrong esp with different signs for same value, and/or if some same signs for different values? But perhaps the reason the seals have been unable to be deciphered is because of the clever variant ways of writing the same name?
It is also perhaps possible that the seals may also say something else too (i mean they may say two of more things as a clever combination)?

The (x) sign ~ D
The antlers sign ~ s(h).
The fish sign(s) ~ p, or a, or s(h)?
The stick-man sign ~ pitar?
The arrowhead sign ~ t(a(r))?

Just for interest here are lists of the similarities of Waddell's and/or others readings with Indian deities and/or other:
Ab ~ Apa/Apu?
Ab-lam ~ Brahm(a(n))? Abram/Abraham?
Ag(-)du(-as) ~ Agni(s)
A-kur ~ Asura?
Ama/A-am-ma/Am-ma ~ Yama?
As_bara ~ Is(h)vara/Is(h)wara? Asura?
Ash-in / As-gin ~ As(h)vins? Ganesha?
Barama ~ Brahm(a(n))?
Bag ~ Bhaga?
Bu-mau-ge ~ Bhu(mi)(devi)/BonaDea?
Dar-ru ~ Danu? Indra? Rudra?
Dax(a) ~ Daks(h)a?
dar-dar_ash-in ~ Indra?
dar_gu ~ dirg(h)a?
diu ~ Dyu? Dyaus?
dama ~ tamas? rama? dharma? danu?
Es-gan ~ Gans(h)a?
Gal_gut ~ Garuda/Garutman?
Gu-uri ~ Gauri? guru?
Ga+ni-eri / Gan(-eri) ~ Ganes(h)a/Ganapati?
har / harri ~ Hara? Hari? Kali?
Ha-men ~ Kama? Hanuman?
Ir-la-man ~ Aryaman?
"induru" ~ Indra?
ir-rud_dar ~ rudra?
Kan-we/Kan-ba ~ Ganga? Kali? Agni? Candra?
Kha-ma ~ Kama?
Kib-bara ~ Kubera?
lam ~ rama? yama?
Man / men / min-as ~ Manu?
Mar-ru-u(_tum) / Mar-ru(-u)_gut / Mar_udu ~ Maruta?
Naveya ~ Naglfar.
Ner(-a) ~ Nara?
Ner-es-gin / Ner-a-am-ma ~ Narayana?
Puru-ar-gan-a ~ Parjanya/Papnigingara?
Pi-is-a ~ Vishnu?
Rud-du / Rud-dar-dar ~ Rudra?
Sag-man/sha(b)-man ~ Brahman? Shaman?
S'abtar ~ Savitar/Savitri/Saturn?
Sagara ~ Sakra?
Sib(-a) / Sig ~ S(h)iva
s(h)a-gin / sa-gana / sha-ga -ni ~ ganes(h)a?
Su-(ha-)mar ~ Soma?
Uri(-du(-as)) / Uri-ki-ash ~ Vritra? Viraj?
umun(-ash) ~ vamana?
ussa / usu/uzu / usiz slave girl of the sun" ~ us(h)as?
uru_ra_du ~ rudra?
xu-ra ~ surya?
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