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Haunted military house

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Author Topic: Haunted military house  (Read 84 times)
Elements of the Eternal Soul
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« on: October 29, 2017, 12:02:01 am »

Haunted military house
Posted on 10-23-2017 |

By: spoedboetie | Location: New Zealand

About 5 years ago I lived in a military house with my partner and our little boy who was about 1. We lived in Devonport, Auckland. I was a sailor in the NZ navy and I would often leave for patrols around our coast for weeks at a time.

The first couple of weeks were fine. Then after a week away I came back. My partner immediately told me she was so happy I was back and that she was having trouble sleeping at night because of weird noises in the house. She also felt like whenever she was in the kitchen she felt like she was being watched. She then said she thinks it could be haunted.

I thought it was strange. I've always believed in the paranormal but my partner was a massive sceptic so for her to be telling me this I had to hear her out. I personally had no problems with that house until this point. I told her that it could be a few things but I'm not sure if it was haunted just yet.

Fast forward to that night. At about 1am she wakes me. She tells me that somebody is in the kitchen.I sat up slightly and listened. our bedroom wall separates us from the kitchen so I put ear on the wall to hear what was going on. Sure enough it sounded like somebody was walking towards the back door, then back towards the dining area, almost in a repetitive way.

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Elements of the Eternal Soul
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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2017, 12:02:21 am »

We had a dog who slept inside but he usually slept in the lounge which was on the opposite side of the house. My thought was that it was him maybe just having a midnight wander. So I hopped up, turned on some lights and walked into the kitchen. I got chills. No dog. walked to the lounge, and there he was, fast asleep on the couch.

I went back to bed and told my partner. All I said was "cool, I see what you mean". I won't lie, I was scared. This happened at least a few times a week, sometimes at different parts of the house.

Things started to get a bit more creepy to. I was luckily for my partner posted off the ship I was on and worked on base during the day and got to go home every day. My partner did a bit of respite work. We looked after a boy over the school holidays. There was nothing wrong with him, just some behaviour issues but nothing major. Anyway he slept next to the lounge, of course we didn't tell him about what was going on in the house.

One afternoon, my partner, son and I were playing in the lounge. The medication this boy was on would often knock him out about lunch time. He'd just woken up and came into the lounge. As he walked in, he stopped and looked behind him. I asked him if he was OK and he said he thought something had just touched him. Me and my partner looked at each other then looked back at him. I laughed and said "haha those meds must be playing with you a bit". At that very moment, 'the boy clearly in the lounge by now' his bedroom light turns on. then off. then on again. worst part was, we heard the light switch flick on and off as well. The boy looked back and said "what the ****". I told him to watch his language and that it was probably the light playing up.

I went to show him and said "come look" it does that sometimes. Of Course I was lying but I didn't want to freak him out. Unfortunately as we walked into his room it happened again, this time in front of us and we both saw the bloody switch flick off, then on again.

He yelled and said "why it's doing that!!" I had no real answer for him but just said "I don't know". Well he called his mum that day and went home. Haven't seen him again.

Now a lot of other crazy things had happened in that house, but I'll tell you my personally scary experience. something that scared me so bad I honestly nearly cried.

My partner went away for the weekend. (girls weekend)

It was just me, my boy and our dog. I'd just settled my boy and put him to bed. It was about 9pm. My dog was sleeping in our bed with me, I wont lie it was because I was scared. So I was watching a movie on my laptop. My dog suddenly jumps off the bed and looks at the wall. The same wall that separates us from the kitchen. He's usually a quiet dog. never barks. he then does a big grrrrrrrr and starts barking like bloody mad at the wall. I immediately sat up just staring at him to see what was going on. He was going nuts. I yelled out, be quiet!! and he jumped back up on the bed but continued to stare at the wall.

I managed to calm him down, but at the same time my heart was pumping like mad wondering what the hell he could see. Then It was quiet. Suddenly right next to my bed, I will never forget this. I hear a slight hissing noise, followed by a little whisper, then another whisper... I swear to god for the next 30secs I heard a ghost conversation. two different voices talking to each other, so clearly that i could hear that they were talking in Maori.. Our native tongue. I don't speak it but I knew the language.

I sat there in shock!! my dog went off his nut again, this time my boy woke up. I said screw this, grabbed my son and the dog. hopped in the car and stayed at a friends house for the rest of the weekend.

We had our house blessed the next week. nothing changed and I informed the Navy housing people of the happenings. As I told the lady what was happening she said to me. " four families down your street have come to me this month". She then told me some of the things they were experiencing in the other houses and oh my god ours were minor compared to what others were going through.

Anyway we've been gone for a while now but i've heard people are still living in those houses and that a girl recently committed suicide in one of them. the girl was apparently seeing things which drove her crazy.

This story is 100% real

Thank you
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