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BlueHue's solution to Atlantis-PUZZLE=HattiLand now HEDJAZ

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Author Topic: BlueHue's solution to Atlantis-PUZZLE=HattiLand now HEDJAZ  (Read 2884 times)
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Blue-Hue? is he Just Blind, or a One-eyed 'king' ?

« Reply #30 on: September 01, 2017, 10:44:09 am »

re: my screen name, atalante

When I first started posting on Atlantis bulletin boards (which was a long time ago), I chose my screen name atalante, to memorialize the 426 BC earthquake-and-tsunami disaster at Atalante island.

re:  the Atlantean kings list

Critias claimed that the king-name Gadeirus/Eumelus was derived as an "aetiology", to explain the place-name Gadeira that was known to classical Greeks.
Plato also says that Solon derived the king-name Atlas because the sea in that region had been called the "Atlas sea" by classical Greeks.  i.e. Critias used "aetiology" to explain the name Atlas, as an Atlantean king. 

re:  Georgeos's recent views about Atlantis

quote from:
According to all written primary sources that have been preserved, Atlantis was an island located right in front of Gibraltar, but on the Atlantic side, approximately in the area which extends from Iberia, Morocco, Madeira and the Canary Islands. It might have its start (that is, its Eastern border) somewhere near the coasts of Cadiz, Huelva and the Northwest of Morocco.

But its size would be –at least- similar to half Iberia, according to the dimensions specified by Plato in his narration about the Atlantic, following his penta-great uncle Solon, and according to the most ancient maps I have effectively discovered, where the island would be already depicted right in front of the strait. These maps are more than four thousand years old, they were created in Egypt (most of them) and in Carthage, but during the period of Late Antiquity, (one of them from the Bronze Age), engraved on stone and found in the Extremaduran Tartessus, North Andalusia.

Therefore, if it really existed – such as hundreds of circumstantial evidence show and also some specific evidence that I have been gathering for the last two decades – its remains should be under the sea, somewhere around that Atlantic area surrounding the coasts of Huelva, Cadiz, Madeira, Morocco and the Canary Islands. But the metropolis, that is, its concentric ring capital, with its main buildings and temples, could be somewhere closer the coasts of Huelva, Cadiz and Morocco. 

However, what is common sense (and besides it has been stated in Plato’s Timaeus and Critias) is: If Atlantis existed (as an advanced civilization or culture), it must have left important cities around, in nearby regions, that is, somewhere around Andalusia and Portugal, especially near the closer places to the Atlantic ocean, like Cadiz or Huelva, and most probably some places in the neighboring Morocco.

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Atlantis in,"historical-Perspective"

This Egyptian,INDIAN-Ocean trade-Empire was
ruled by-CEO-Queen Tiy

PLATO wrote (GREEK!)" ATHE " Now,Aden= Solomon's/OFIR, in Herodotus-Araby-Map

ATLANTIS-Dialogue=Satire,on Athens-Trade boycott(of Darius2,413bc)
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« Reply #31 on: September 06, 2017, 07:47:21 am »


From a standpoint of archaeological artifacts - a proto-sinaitic script was used very early (near the Aden region that you are nominating for an origin of Atlantis).

At a later date, the Greek poet Hesiod wrote about a mythical "island" Erythia, in the west, near sunset, and bordering approximately what we now call the "western half of Mediterranean Sea".  (i.e Heracles had to cross the so-called "Okean", in Hesiod's Theogony 287ff, to steal cattle from a place we (modern people) now call southern Spain -- a place that Hesiod had called Erythia.

A humanized biography for Hesiod's Erythia made her a Greek mythical "daughter of the titan Atlas".  And Hesiod also used the word "Atlantis" to mean "daughter of Atlas".

Thus, to be plain and simple, Hesiod's "Erythia island" seems to be the prototype for Critias's "Atlantis island".   

As far as I know, Georgeos does not agree that Erythia = Atlantis. 

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