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Is my child predicting our death ?

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Author Topic: Is my child predicting our death ?  (Read 11 times)
Kendall Conway
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« on: July 01, 2017, 05:46:32 pm »

Is my child predicting our death ?
Posted on 6-27-2017 |
By: ConcernedMom2017 | Location: Lincoln Park, MI

Let me start off by saying that my 4 year old daughter is a happy, smart, and carefree child that has not experienced any tragedy, loss, or turbulence in her life. She has an older brother that is 10, and although we are Christian by denomination (Roman Catholic), we do not actively pray or go to Church. So religion, death, or spirits are not something she would ever encounter at home.

About 3 months ago, my daughter began talking to me about her "other mom". She refers to her as "Mama Shawn". She does not have a step mom, or any other woman in her life that could be spurring this idea. At first, I was almost upset that she would create this second mom as an imaginary being, thinking maybe I wasn't doing something right. But I didn't get mad and instead brushed it off thinking imaginary friends are normal. She would randomly say things about Mama Shawn intermittently throughout the week such as "Mama Shawn has a different cereal than you" or "Mama Shawn said she will take me to ride my bike tomorrow".

About a month passed by, and again I'm not concerned because it's sparingly brought up, but I awaken at 7am on a Saturday (I'm usually dead asleep at this hour on a weekend, as are the kids, so maybe mother intuition woke me up?) to find my 4 year old walking down the street of our neighborhood alone, in nothing but a pull up and a back pack. Obviously I panicked and went running down the street to get my child, heart racing. We get back to the house and I sit her down to talk to her about the dangers of walking alone, and she tells me that Mama Shawn told her to come visit. At this point I get frustrated, and firmly explain to her that there is no Mama Shawn, and that she listens to only one mom, ME.

About 2 weeks pass and there is no mention of Mama Shawn. I felt relief since I didn't have to worry about my beautiful 4 year old being abducted, but still a little regretful that I may have crushed her imagination. Then, without any prompting, on our drive home from school one day, my daughter tells me that Mama Shawn came to visit her at school that day and that she was getting things prepared for my daughter to come live with her. Now my panick and concern is aimed at the school...Who do you have working there named Shawn? What are people telling my daughter? What visitors are you allowing in? After an in-depth and rather emotional conversation with all of her teachers and directors, they knew nothing about where this could be coming from and guaranteed me that no one works there by that name or visits.

Now I started asking my daughter for more details... what does Mama Shawn do? Does she have other kids? What does she say to you? How often do you see her?

According to my daughter, Mama Shawn lives with a lot of other kids too, that are my daughters "brothers and sisters". They are various ages and like to play. Mama Shawn sees her everyday and they talk "a lot".

I decided to not push her anymore since she seemed to be getting embarrassed and figured I wouldn't bring it up again until she did. That was 3 weeks ago- which brings me to today.

Today we spent the beautiful afternoon riding bikes and going to lunch. No mention of Mama Shawn except for one sentence a week ago, but brushed off. We get home from our afternoon out, and I give her a shower, so she can get ready for bed. After her shower, I wrap her in the towel and take her to her room. As I'm drying her, she asks "Can I take this?" I ask her what she wants to take, and she tells me her towel. I asked where she wants to take it, and she says "to Mama Shawn's house". So I asked if Mama Shawn didn't have towels at her house, and she tells me that she wants to take it because it looks like the dress that Mama Shawn wears.

So, curiosity strikes again... As I brush her hair, I asked again, "Where does Mama Shawn live?" She tells me, "in the clouds". And I said, does she have other kids? (Trying to see if her original story would change), and she said "yes, lots of kids that are my new brothers and sisters". So I ask "Does Mama Shawn tell you anything or say anything to you?" And she said "She tells me that you love me very much and that daddy loves us very much". Feeling a little better about that answer, I asked her why she was going to go with Mama Shawn then (and put on the fake sad pout you do with kids), and she said "You're going too". I asked how we were going to get to her house if she was up in the clouds, and she responds with "we are going very soon. The car will drive down the road (motioning her hand forward), then it will do this (she flips her hand over like the car rolled), and then BOOM (makes her hand open like an explosion)! Then Mama Shawn will send her ladder down and we are getting on it. She will help us."

Now, I'm very concerned. As I start to ask more, her story never changes. It's always the same. Very firm, and unwavering.

Per my daughter, Mama Shawn doesn't have wings or anything abnormal but she is very tall and has reddish pink eyes. All of her "brothers and sisters" have white hair and black eyes.

What should I do? I've never experienced something like this before and not sure if I should be concerned. My daughter vividly describes our death via car accident (she has never been in one), and isn't scared since her Mama Shawn will help us.

Could she really be sent these messages? Is it just imagination? Is this "normal"? Can she possibly be talking to a spiritual being or someone that is really comforting her before a tragedy? I hate to think that way, but it's only getting more detailed and more concerning.

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