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August 18, 2022, 11:29:27 pm
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Possibly Haunted

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Author Topic: Possibly Haunted  (Read 48 times)
Kendall Conway
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« on: April 09, 2017, 06:54:01 pm »

 Possibly Haunted

I believe my house may be Haunted but I'm unsure.

Started by ConnorB,


I'm not sure of what to make of all this. I've never been a believer in anything like this but recently I've began to at least consider the possibility that ghosts are real.

My parents and I just moved into our new house. The house used to be a hotel but we have remodeled half of the building into a home for us to live in and we have kept the other half of the house as a bed and breakfast. For the first couple of days I felt completely at ease and comfortable there but about a week after moving in I began to experience strange occurrences. It was the first day we were having guests staying with us and an hour or so before they arrived I went to double check all the rooms were up to scratch. I heard a man speaking inside one of the rooms and thought my Dad was in there so I opened the door and nothing. None of the rooms on that side of the house have radios and at the time they didn't have TV's so I was a little confused as to what I'd heard but at the time I certainly didn't think it was a ghost.

I began to feel watched whenever I was in the house. Sometimes I'll be sat on my bed or in the living room and I could swear that someone had just walked into the room. My parents went out for the night and I'd just checked out the last of our guests so I was alone in the house. I soaked in the bath for a while and then went to the kitchen to make some dinner. It wasn't a shadow or something out the corner of my eye but I saw a guy walk past the kitchen door. I thought it was someone who had walked in off the street wanting a room and that he had walked into the wrong side of the house but when I went to search for him he wasn't there and when I checked the security tapes no one had come in or out of the building since my parents left. I called my parents and they told me to call the police. The police came, searched the house and couldn't find anyone or any signs of a break in.

One night I fell asleep in the living room and woke up to hear someone crying. I thought it was my parents but they were both fast asleep and no one was staying with us at the time. I went to bed and had a dream about a guy who was drenched in blood introducing himself to me. For narrative purposes I'll call him Tom. The next day nothing happened to me but my Dad said that he'd seen a man with one leg sitting on one of the chairs in the garden. When he went to investigate there was nobody there. The attic is huge and my Parents wanted to clean it up and use it as another room for the B&B so we had to clear out the things the previous owner had left there. Most of it was broken furniture but we found a box of old school reports from the local school along with school awards and certificates for a boy called Tom. I told my parents about the dream I'd had previous to this but being a skeptical bunch we put it down to coincidence. We didn't want to throw that kind of stuff away and we had the previous owners number so we called her telling her what we had found and we also had a bunch of mail that had been sent for her so she agreed to come over to get them. When she came over she told us that Tom was her son and that he had committed suicide in the house and that is why she wanted to move. This was the first moment I considered the possibility of a ghost but tried to put it out of my mind.

In school they asked us to do a history presentation on a local landmark and the teacher suggested I do mine on the hotel. So I researched the property and found out that during the war it had been used as a military hospital for wounded soldiers and the one legged man in the garden came to mind. Things are forever moving around the house like we will put down a book in one place and turn around to find it back on the shelf or in another room entirely. Now none of us can shake the feeling of being watched. I don't feel threatened or scared at all and if they are ghosts I don't think any of them mean us any harm but it would be interesting to know if there are any "tests" or ways to safely reach out to them. Thanks for reading so far and I look forward to your comments.

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