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Update Number 394

February 18, 2017




Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,


ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), provides the following news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."




SG sends heartfelt condolences to KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT (Maggie) and thanks her for sharing this information about the death of her first husband, BENJAMIN RUSH MARTIN. Together they founded their Pomegranate Press publishing company and he shared his expertise and vision in producing many of their early book publications. Ben was the DS Festival’s photographer for many years. His life, talents, experiences, and accomplishments are a tribute to the positive, warm-hearted, kind man he always was.


---- From Kathryn:

BEN MARTIN 1930 – 2017


“I have just returned from Salisbury, North Carolina, where Ben Martin, my dear friend and former husband, passed away at his home February 10th from a pulmonary embolism.


“Ben was one of the most genuinely happy people I’ve ever known, continuing to teach, mentor and work as a photographer despite advanced Pulmonary Fibrosis. Our family was Ben’s family and we treasured having him in our lives for some fifty years.


“Photography was Ben’s life. He was Time magazine’s first staff photographer (1957-1989), and photographed for all divisions of Time, including Life, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, Money, Entertainment Weekly, Architectural Forum, House and Home, Time-Life Books and HBO. He is the author of Marcel Marceau: Master of Mime and co-author of A Different World: The Great Hotels of the World. He was a founding partner in Pomegranate Press, a book publishing company.


“New York’s Gallery Center/Russek Galleries in Soho represents and exhibits his iconic photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Che Guevera, Malcom X and Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy, among many others. The most recent exhibit of his work was at the Waterworks Visual Art Center in his hometown of Salisbury.”




Ben Martin – Photojournalist


Benjamin Rush Martin III was born in Salisbury, North Carolina September 16, 1930 to Margaret Fulk Martin, a bank administrator, and Benjamin Rush Martin Jr., a newspaper man, later an attorney and circuit court judge.


Ben became fascinated by photography at the age of eight when his father gave him a bakelite “Univex 00” miniature box camera. At age fifteen he founded the first High School News Bureau in the nation, and became a staff photographer at the local newspaper, The Salisbury Post. At age seventeen he became the youngest member of the National Press Photographers Association.


He attended Ohio University, where he majored in journalism and photography, working his way through college cooking nights as a short-order “White Castle” hamburger chef, and as a stringer-photographer for UPI Newspictures. His photo essay published in the Columbus DISPATCH Sunday Magazine brought him to the attention of Wilson Hicks, executive picture editor of LIFE. Offered a position as a “photographic trainee/assistant photographer” on the LIFE staff after his graduation, he came to New York only to discover the magazine had eliminated the new position a week before his arrival. Not wanting to return to his hometown jobless, he accepted a position as a copyboy on TIME, coming to work every day with his Leica on his shoulder. Since TIME had no photographic staff at that time, Ben was called on to shoot last-minute assignments. After several months juggling his copyboy job with the ever increasing photographic assignments, Henry Luce hired him as TIME’s first staff photographer.


Ben covered wars and fashion, politics, arts, business and sports as TIME's Senior Photographer for thirty-three years, photographing world leaders and stories as diverse as the Japanese "Zero" pilot, who led the attack on Pearl Harbor, to major cover essays on African Safaris, an arctic expedition to the North Pole, the 25th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy and the 40th anniversaries of Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. His three-day non-stop coverage of President John F. Kennedy’s funeral led to a LIFE magazine cover, and his coverage of the first traveling pontiff, Pope Paul’s trip to the Holy Land was a cover feature in TIME. He walked backwards in front of Martin Luther King for most of the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights March, causing Chief U.S. Marshall, John Doar, to comment that “Martin was the best shield Dr. King could have, because he was always in front of [the black leader] photographing his every move.”


One of his most memorable assignments during this era was as lead photographer on TIME’s now famous “Swinging London” cover story that Hugh Hefner, founder and editor of PLAYBOY, called “pivotal” in defining the sensual, sexy “swinging sixties.”


Despite having taken the "infamous" sweaty upper lip and five-o'clock shadow photograph of Richard Nixon during the Kennedy-Nixon TV debates in 1960 (a photograph Nixon claimed cost him the election and led to Martin being ostracized by him), many year later, the then- former-President Nixon asked that, “we let bygones be bygones" and commissioned him to photograph his Official Presidential Portrait and book jacket photos.


Ben was also a pilot and air force veteran, who began flying single-engine aircraft in high school.




Kathryn was one of the first DS people I worked closely with and got to know personally. Our first meeting was around 1978. She came to my house with our co-friend Janet Meehan to watch Betamax videotapes of some of her early DS episodes. These tapes were from Kathy Resch; she’d received them from friends who recorded them in 1975-76 when some DS episodes aired in San Francisco.


Various early DS episodes were included, plus parts of the 1795-96 storyline such as Josette going off the cliff-edge at Widows’ Hill. Kathryn remarked she hadn’t seen any of these scenes since filming them.


I still vividly remember the odd sensation of sitting on the floor in front of my family’s big Dupont TV set so I could handle the manual pause/run/rewind functions on our early-model Betamax VCR. Kathryn wanted to refresh her memories of DS before she attended our ShadowCon, her first DS fan convention.


It was a definite “disconnect” for me to see Kathryn onscreen and realize she actually was sitting a few feet away in my living room. I recall when Josette appears as a vampire, I turned to look at Kathryn on the couch, then repeated the process when Josette vanishes off the cliff.  It created a distinct sense of “un” reality.


As a co-founder of ShadowCon in 1977, I worked with co--founders Kathy Resch and Jean Peacock Graham. I quickly got to better know Kathryn and her husband Ben as they guested at our conventions. He always was a delight, warm, friendly, at ease, and like a familiar uncle. He was a natural storyteller who had seen and done so much in the world in far-flung places with people of all backgrounds, stations, experiences, etc.


Around 1976 Ben and Kathryn founded Pomegranate Press to publish her first book – “My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows.” From the start, they asked me to help with publicity, communicating with fans, etc. We used my ShadowGram DS Newsletters to announce, publicize, and share media coverage of the book. I was very involved with it and subsequent projects.


Starting with “Scrapbook,” I assisted them in various ways, most notably handling all mail orders for the book, autographed photos, fan mail and correspondence, sharing publicity, inquiries, and so on, continuing with a number of subsequent publications they did together. I also edited and proofread manuscripts, plus worked with them at the DS and general fan conventions (including the Festivals when we began them in 1983), book signings, and other public appearances for a variety of Pomegranate Press books on various subjects.


I have very fond memories of casually being with both of them, such as watching the Academy Awards ceremony at their home, travelling with them to assist at personal appearances, and more. After an early Festival (I believe it was an early one in Newark, NJ), the 3 of us went to the Time-Life Building in Manhattan so Ben could take care of matters there and Kathryn could make phone calls, etc. It was fascinating to talk to Ben about the photos and other items in his office, including a range of distinctive mementos from his world travels. He was very casual and naturally informative about the many photo images, how he came to take them, etc. We then drove to a fan event in Pennsylvania. I enjoyed sharing the car ride and the event with them both. At the DS Festivals, I’d often sit with Ben at the sales tables, chatting with him, Kathryn, the fans, etc. when I wasn’t busy with my Festival staff responsibilities.


I don’t recall the year, but later Ben moved back to his family home in Salisbury, NC. We stayed in touch with emails, calls, and notes. He often came back here to Los Angeles. When schedules allowed, we’d talk on the phone or meet for dinner visits with Kathy, who’d been an assistant and researcher for Pomegranate. Our friend Jo Ann Christy Nolan joined us; she’d also assisted on Pomegranate projects and particularly worked very closely with Ben cataloguing his amazing wide-ranging photos and negatives.


I recall his worries when severe hurricanes or bitter winter weather threatened Salisbury. Yet I have an image in my mind of this established family home standing proudly against Mother Nature. It truly was his home and where he’d belonged before life took him to the far-flung corners of the globe. He returned there whenever he could.


It hurts to think he’s gone now. Yet his legacy stands in all the incredible, iconic and ordinary photos he took that captured life, people, animals, places, history, and more. And listening to the wonderful stories he told….  I still can hear his voice in my mind.


I wish peace and fond memories to all those who knew him as well.


**** The ShadowGram Updates premiere-announce and report the latest confirmed DS information FIRST through the free ShadowGram Group List at


To be FIRST to directly receive each ShadowGram News Update in your inbox:


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Once you join the Group or accept the invitation, you will receive the breaking-news Updates via email as they are posted. You also can see past news developments as they happened by reading recent Updates at the ShadowGram Group page at


**** This - and every Update – is posted FIRST to the ShadowGram Group at, then to a number of DS Facebook groups, and dispersed by interested fans to various lists, boards, websites, groups, blogs, pages, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., in individual personal emails, and other online / print communications.


PLEASE always include ShadowGram's complete e- and postal- mail addresses and subscription information in all of your online sharing. Thank you.




--- Each complete SG print newsletter provides in-depth reports, confirmed and official details, photos, DS personnel’s own comments and messages for SG readers, publicity and media coverage, exclusive materials, official advance information, and more.


To subscribe / renew to the ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows Newsletters:


--- US & Canadian First Class subscriptions: $12.00 for 4 issues, $24.00 for 8 issues.

 ---Overseas subscriptions: US $20.00 for 4 issues, US $40.00 for 8 issues.


Please send subscription / renewal payment by check or money order, made payable to:


Marcy Robin

P.O. Box 1766

Temple City, CA 91780-7766



Subscription/renewal payments also can be made via PayPal to:


Each SG Published Newsletter features confirmed news and information direct from the DS cast / crew about their projects and activities, Dan Curtis Productions, the DS Festival, Big Finish Productions, MPI, and others involved in DS today. The print newsletters feature exclusive and behind-the-scenes photos, premiere announcements,  messages to the fans from the DS personnel, detailed reports, publicity materials, media coverage, updates for DS guest/fan gatherings, plus all the definite DS news and plans.


SHADOWGRAM welcomes and invites all fans who take the cruise, attend a DS person’s appearance/performance, and who join us at a DS Festival event, to please share their photos with ShadowGram, using the postal- or e- mail addresses above/below. Each experience and perspective is unique and help ShadowGram readers who can not attend “be there with you.”


Fans everywhere are encouraged to please share any DS-related materials you find at any time. These can be on-air, in print, and online, international, nationwide, or local, including media publicity and mentions, photos, articles, reviews, interviews, commentaries, etc. Fans attending personal appearances by the DS actors always are encouraged to please share with SG their reports, photos, video footage, program books, local publicity, media articles, interviews, reviews, etc.


All such items can be hard copies (photographs, newspapers, magazines, program books, flyers). You can email photos and articles at high resolution or send materials via postal-mail. Please always include your full name and the complete name and date of the source.


Please send all items to ShadowGram’s postal- and/or e- mail addresses below.


You will be named as a Contributor in the published SG newsletter. You also may receive a complementary Contributor's Copy for major donations of photos, video footage, information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for your support and sharing.


All information is important to ShadowGram. Subscribers of all ages are across the US and beyond. I directly send complimentary copies of every issue to many of the DS cast/crew, whom I’ve known and worked closely with for many years. They share with me their news, photos, and messages to the fans for SG’s readers. They also enjoy learning about their DS colleagues in SG's pages.


SHADOWGRAM (SG) is the recognized * Official * "Dark Shadows" Newsletter. Much of its news is provided directly to me by the show's cast, crew, and those involved in the 1966-71 TV series and the 1991 TV series. Established 37+ years ago in April, 1979, ShadowGram always works closely with the DS personnel, the DS Festival, and related individuals, companies, and others involved in DS' creation, distribution, promotion, merchandise, etc. The complete, detailed SG print issues usually are published 2-3 times during a year.


Please see complete subscription information above and contact addresses below. For more information or questions: Please email or send SAFSE (Self-Addressed Forever-Stamp Envelope) to the following e-mail or postal-mail addresses.


Thank you.


Marcy Robin


P.O. Box 1766

Temple City, CA 91780-7766




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