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Auntie doppelganger

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Author Topic: Auntie doppelganger  (Read 67 times)
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« on: October 16, 2016, 04:55:14 pm »

Auntie doppelganger
Posted on 10-13-2016

By: Wandering Weirdo | Location: United States

The story begins one day in my childhood, in the late 90's. If I remember correctly I was eight years old, putting the date in '99, most likely summer as the weather outside was sunny and slightly more hot than normal.

Up until this point in my life, I had never experienced anything out of the ordinary until the one fateful day where my curiosity was forever piqued with the paranormal.

What makes this story the most interesting is the fact that it included multiple witnesses, there were three of us, in fact; myself, my cousin, whom is a few years older than I, and my brother who is about ten and a half months older. To this day, we occasionally bring this story up and discuss it, but none of us so far have given any reasonable explanation aside from the possibility of a doppelganger.

The day was a nice one, and my brother and I had been brought to my aunt's house to be watched over while my mother was out of town until later that night. Common of younger boys, and the boredom of my teenage cousin, we decided we wanted to go outside. For my brother and I, it was to play, and for my cousin, likely just to get out of the house under the guise of supervising us kids.

The house in which they lived at the time was a duplex, meaning one large house separated in the middle by a brick wall, splitting the confines in to two separate living areas. This made it into effectively a large apartment, or condo-like living space, complete with a small second floor where the bedrooms were located, with the living room and kitchen downstairs. We had been in the living room, trying to find something on TV for the past half hour before we decided we wanted to leave the house, which required my aunt's permission.

We had known she was in her bedroom, so we decided to collectively go upstairs and ask.

Heading out of the living room, just next to the front door was a narrow staircase no more than two feet wide which curved sharply up to the second floor hallway. There was a single bedroom to the right, my cousin's, a bathroom on the left, and my aunt's bedroom at the very end of the four-foot-wide hallway. So down the hallway we went, my brother and I barely fitting abreast and my cousin in the lead.

The three of us entered the bedroom of my aunt to see her lying in bed, blankets over her lower half, propped up on the headrest and reading a book. We inquired with her for a moment about leaving the house, she asked where we'd be going, and when we'd be back, before approving it and returning to her reading. Turning to leave, the three of us retraced our steps, back down the narrow hallway, down the narrow stairs, and toward the back door, on the other side of the living room from the staircase.

But the moment we entered the living room, we were all immediately shocked, my cousin to the point of gasping loudly.

Sitting on the couch was my aunt, in different clothes, casually watching TV, mere seconds from when we'd just seen her upstairs. She looked completely confused when she glanced over to see us all staring at her in wide-eyed fascination.

My cousin was the first to speak, perhaps being more mature of the mind to conclude this was not technically possible.

"How did you get here?" she asked inquisitively, which brought an even more confused expression unto my aunt's face.

"I walked?" she answered, and we three proceeded to ramble to her what had just happened. She claimed she had been upstairs, but that it hadn't been mere seconds ago like we had thought.

When we all finally got over it, we went outside to play, and talked about it for about an hour in various scattered questions. None of us could believe what we had seen, but all of us concluded we had the same experience.

Ever since then, I've enjoyed researching paranormal occurrences, as well as eventually coming to study physics and astronomy, and Carl Sagan's philosophy of Cosmology.

Still to this day, no explanation has arisen which can adequately explain how this happened, except for possibility of alternate dimensional or a tiny amount of time travel by way of simply walking through the Universe, or possibly an inconsistency with a collapsing wave function.

Either way it baffles the mind!
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