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Men in Black encounters

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Author Topic: Men in Black encounters  (Read 106 times)
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« on: October 16, 2016, 04:29:23 pm »

Men in Black encounters
Posted on 10-13-2016

By: CTG | Location: Canada

Hey guys, first time typing on here. I want to share two stories, the first is from my father and the second is from my mother. I don't want too sound biased when I say that my parents don't lie; however I have never caught them so just assume that they were telling the truth.

Mother's Story; my mother told me a pretty creepy story when she was in grade school at a young age.

One day these men in black suits claiming to be government officials came to her school in order to test the students of her class and others. The teachers complied but no one had made any call to the parents to let them know... they had completely been left in the dark. After a series of strange tests, my mother said that students were somehow eliminated from the testing 1 by 1 until it was just her and another boy taking another test. My mother always assumed she failed because the next day the officials were gone, teachers didn't talk about it and none of the parents had a clue.

The real kicker about the story, is the very next day the boy and his family moved somewhere far away.

Dad's story; my dad also had his own men in black story. His is pretty creepy too.

When he was younger (about grade 7) his mother worked a lot and he was often home alone. One weekend he experienced what he would call the scariest moment of his life. He was sitting in the living room when a car suddenly parked outside of his house. It was an old Cadillac not very peculiar for the mid 80's. The mystery however was the driver. An older gentlemen about 40 years old wearing a plain black suit, black fedora and leather gloves drove the car. At first my dad thought nothing of it, but the man had been there for a while and it freaked my dad out. He called his mother from work: frantic, but when he looked out his window the car and man were gone.

A few days later the same car returned and this time the same man in the black suit began staring at my dad's house for nearly an hour. The same thing happened, my dad tried calling his mother but by the time he came back to the living room, the car had suddenly left. Now here's the kicker. The car came back a few days later. Dad this time thought he'd try and get a better look at the licence plate. He went out the backyard and climbed onto the back of his roof, a part not visible from the road. He told me he slowly peered over the peak of the roof when his eyes met with the man in blacks's.... he had already known that my dad was on the roof. This time my dad was so freaked out he called the cops and his mother. The man once again left without a trace, and police found nothing. He never saw the man in black after that. He only remembered this 30 years later after my mom recalled her memory.

Whats the chance that both my parents have their own unique Men In Black Story. Also to add both these stories happened BEFORE the popular Will Smith movie titled MIB.

What do you think? Have you experienced anything similar? Or maybe you have a unique answer to solve these mysteries?
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