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Black magic

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Author Topic: Black magic  (Read 173 times)
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Black magic
Posted on 9-27-2016
By: Emilio | Location: Mineral Wells, Texas

When I was a teenager I suffered from debilitating seizures, my uncle who is like this Mexican medicine healer told me about this town called Mineral Wells. He told me to go to this third well and drink from it and to leave some type of offering, nothing crazy but something had to be left, and I would be cured. Naturally I laughed at him, he responded by grabbing me by my shoulders and staring into my eyes, I mean into my eyes as if pulling on my very soul. He muttered some indigenous words, from the Yucatec natives, the place he was born and learned his medicine. It made me go into seizure, but nothing like I had before, I got a vision, a vision of me at the well, but I was engulfed in this malevolent presence and the a sinister voice telling me to drink, when I did the presence surrounded me and I felt a bite on my arm. I woke up hours later, my mom asked me if I was sleeping one off because I had been out for hour. I told her no, I felt this radiating pain on the inside of my arm and looking to find a bruised bite mark. I was annoyed as I knew my uncle was capable of crazy things but biting me, hell no. I asked my mother where he was and she laughed at me, baffled I said what, which she replied mijo, your uncle won't be back from Mexico until next week. I was freaked and I knew I had to go check these wells out, every fiber in my body was screaming no, but these seizures where ruining my life not to mention my college education.

Packed a few things, jumped on my yamaha road star 1700cc and started the 8 hour drive to Mineral Wells just outside of Forth Worth. I arrived tired as hell and around three in the morning I needed some sleep and brought a sleeping bag to save some money, I was exhausted and knocked out in seconds. In the morning I rode into town and to the only gas station. I picked up a map but it had no mentions of the wells, I went back inside and this really cute clerk started pointing on the map, some guy which I would guess to be her dad had been eavesdropping and quickly came over literally putting himself between me and her, "That place is off limits boy, jump back on that rocket and be on your ways". I laughed at him and grabbed the map and made my way back out, the girl was slick enough to circle the location. Back on the bike, it took me several hours but I finally found the area, the sun was setting so I parked the bike and got my compass and flashlight. It took about another hour and I was finally there.

There where a couple of old oil lanterns lighting the place up. I could see the wells decorated with pictures of what i could only assume where sick or deceased love ones. Flowers in vases all over, even stuffed toys a sort of a memorial kinda, the odd thing was that the pictures where mostly children about five or six in age. I though let me get this over with, then I realized which well is the well I was supposed to drink from. Should I drink from all three? A felt that was not a good idea, then I noticed the well furthest from the other two didn't have any shrine like pictures but rotting food,money and some rosaries all over. and the craziest thing is the closer I got the bite in my inner arm started burnin, painful as hell. This is so weird but it had to be the the one. I got to the bucket that lowers down into the well, I took a long stoic look into the well, the funny this is I couldn't see the moon's reflection that was directly above us in the water. At this point I wanted to get this over with and leave I lowered the bucked down and quickly brought it back up, not thinking about it no strange presence just plain old water I took a large swig, then another one for good measure.

I didn't feel anything different. Suddenly I hear rustling in the branches. I could see a figure leaking in the darkness. "announce yourself mister"! no answer, but he steps closer into the dim light, we was a thin sickly looking man, we was dressed in all black antique looking suite, with a bowler hat slid down over his eyes, the suit that looked like it could of been fashionable in the early 1900s, and he was covered in dirt, when he moved you could see dust just shake off him. I asked him his name again, no answer, the he did the weirdest thing ever he snapped his teeth at me, like a shark trying to take a bite out of a swimmer. He started getting closer to me so I took off towards my bike and got the hell out of there. Thank you for reading.
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