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The pecking

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Author Topic: The pecking  (Read 34 times)
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« on: August 29, 2016, 04:53:28 pm »

The pecking
Posted on 8-29-2016

By: Richelle | Location: Wisconsin

It was late 1980's, October. Halloween to be exact. My friend and I found a country house for rent. Cheap. We wondered how a big old farmhouse could be rented out so reasonable. So we checked it out, met with the landlord who lived just down the road. As he was showing us inside the house, room to room, and there were many upstairs bedrooms-he walked by a door and proceeded down the stairs. I asked, 'well, what is this room?' He turned and just said,'nothing-just storage area.'

So we move in. On Halloween night.

The first night things got strange. I was sleeping on the couch and awoke to my pillow being pushed, so where my head moved, once, twice, three times. I sat up and said to my friend, who was on the other couch,'oh my god, there is someone in here.' We both get up, turn on the light, and no one is there. So then I start remembering the dream I just had about a little girl, crouched down in the corner of the room we were sleeping in. Giggling, with her hand on her lips.

So, the next day I am upstairs. I am curious about the storage area room. I stand there looking at the door. I open it. Just an empty room, except for a very large homemade cardboard cross covered in tinfoil, just sitting there propped in the corner. And then my attention was diverted to the bird that started pecking on the window. Peck, peck, peck. This continued almost every day I was in this house.

One stormy evening I was in the house alone. Sitting at the kitchen table. Off to the right of me I see a blast of blue light shoot out of the bathroom. Never seen anything like that before. Scared the crap out of me.

On another evening. Seemed very quiet. I was sitting on the couch. No t.v. on, nothing. From upstairs came the sound of what I describe as like a bowling ball being dropped and rolled across the floor, over and over. Boom, rolllll, boom, rollll. I was so terrified that I hightailed it back to my parents house.

The puppy. Just got her while living in this house. I was sitting in the living room area, and had a rocking chair in the corner. She would creep slowly up to the chair and cower her head underneath the chair and start yipping and jumping backwards. This occurred frequently.

At night, she would sleep in bed with me. She would slowly walk down to the end of the bed, and then flinch back and then make a mad dash up to me and underneath the covers. Like something or someone was teasing her. This also occurred frequently.

The water. The landlord had to get a water softener because of the iron in the water. He said he had tried numerous times to dig a deeper well, but every time the bits would break, so got too expensive.

The horses. In the evening, I would hear what sounded like horses, lots of them, running, towards the house. So I would open the front door to see, and nothing there.

The bobcat. Went to open the front door one morning to go outside, and on the front porch sat a bobcat. I told the landlord about the horses and bobcat. He looked at me and said that no one had horses down on this road, and there are no bobcats around here.

Had a friend stay upstairs. After about a week, he said he was leaving because he couldn't stay up there. Left in a hurry and never told me why.

So, one day I am down at the local small town library. The lady at the desk asked me where I lived, so I told her, and she got white, and told me that her son died in that house-upstairs and were not sure about the cause of his death.

I found out in the library that the original owner of this house was engaged to be married, but was killed while building this house where they were to live together.

After less than a year we moved out. Although I never actually saw anything, this house had a very different feel or energy to it, like something odd could happen at any time.

I now watch the haunting t.v. shows and think, wow, I lived that.
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