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Zippers and headlights

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Author Topic: Zippers and headlights  (Read 24 times)
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« on: May 08, 2016, 12:40:49 am »

Zippers and headlights
Posted on 5-2-2016

By: Ash | Location: Raleigh, United States

When it comes to unexplainable or paranormal experiences, I've never been one with many stories. Despite growing up in a house directly beside an old graveyard, my childhood was paranormal-free. That is, until I hit my mid-term years. I've only got one story I can tell about the strange and unexplainable; and it's divided up into 3 different events.

The first was when I was 15. What I had done on the day preceding it wasn't memorable. All I remember is a typical day that I ended by going to bed. What wasn't typical was when I abruptly woke up in the dead of night. I remember waking up in an absolute mental frenzy; kind of how one wakes up from a terrible nightmare. However, my terror was soon multiplied, as my whole body began to vibrate. Not shake, but vibrate. Nothing was shaking me,and I wasn't trembling. I was vibrating. To add to this ordeal, a rapid fluttering sensation began in my chest; my heart was going nuts, like I was having a panic attack. A panic attack with no hyperventilation,  no noises, and no trembling. It stopped within about 15 seconds.

I remember lying there, in a complete daze. I didn't know what had just happened, and I sure didn't know what to do about it now. So I did the only thing I could think of and returned to sleep (in a rather paranoid state).

The second incident is by far the most terrifying, and the most memorable for me. It occurred a few months after my strange awakening. It began just the same. I woke up, and something was very wrong.

This time, I woke up to find myself completely paralyzed. No vibrating, and no rapid heartbeat. Rather, I was simply stuck lying on my left side, facing my wall. This was when my bed was perpendicular to my door; this was also before I habitually began closing my door when I went to bed. This means I was lying with my back to an open doorway, that led out to a hallway, and the entrance to a couple other rooms.

It was within a matter of seconds that I heard someone shuffling in one of the rooms outside my bedroom entrance. I remember thinking this was really odd, since no light illuminated the wall I was staring at; which meant they were shuffling around in complete darkness (the room the noises were coming from had no door, so light would have made it into my room). I figured one of my parents was just feeling their way around.

After a couple moments, the steps got close to the entrance of my room and stopped. After a brief silence, I heard a zipper. This seems harmless for only about half a second; because the zipping continued. 1st zip, 2nd zip, 3rd, unzip, zip, unzip.

I remember my chest tightening when I heard it getting closer. Zip, unzip, zip, unzip, wasn't long until it sound as if it right behind me. I recall trying to say "what are you doing?" when the noise was inches away from my ear.

It was then that my body suddenly snapped out of its paralysis. I whipped myself around and up to see what was in my room. Of course, there was nothing and no one. The sound had ceased, and I was the only living thing in my room.

I ended up sleeping on the couch for the rest of the night.

This was very quickly followed by the 3rd and final incident. It was only a few weeks later, and yet again, it happened at night after I'd gone to bed.

This time, I hadn't fallen asleep beforehand. Rather, I had just gotten comfortable when I heard something outside the house. I looked up from my bed to see two headlights staring into my window. My bedroom had two parallel windows which offered a view to the road outside our house and our driveway. This meant someone's car was sitting at the very entrance of our driveway. And it didn't take long for me to realize that's all their car was doing; sitting.

The headlights remained motionless, and my terror grew with each moment they stayed there. I must've stared at them for about a minute before I finally dashed into my parents room to tell them. And of course, when we went to look, they were gone. I would've just told myself they were looking at a map and finally turned around and left, except our house was old. You could hear almost everything outside, and this included cars pulling in and out of our driveway. We never heard a car pull out of the driveway.

The headlights were the final incident. Nothing else strange happened afterwards, nor has happened since. I've never been able to provide a clear explanation for these events; the closest I've gotten is the possibility of sleep paralysis, but that can only be applied to the second one. Even so, I've never had issues with sleep paralysis before or after these incidents.

I'm 21 now, and I'm still at a loss. All I know for sure is that zippers have never sounded quite the same to me.
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