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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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Author Topic: THE OCCULTISTS  (Read 1541 times)
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« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2007, 09:14:37 pm »



Sykes (894-1983) was  a member of both the British diplomatic
service and the Royal Geographic Society.  He published two journals,
NEW WORLD ANTIQUITY and ATLANTIS for several decades and amassed a vast library of books, periodicals and short articles on
Atlantis, published in nearly every world language.  Sykes came to believe that the Americas were related to Atlantis and even focused
on the idea that Cuba was Atlantis, just before his death.

Sykes' collection of books and other materials were acquired by the
Edgar Cayce Foundation and are housed at the Association of Re-
search and Enlightenment Library in Virginia Beach, Virginia.



Drs. Gregory and Lora Little
& John Van Auken
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« Reply #16 on: February 23, 2007, 09:25:10 pm »


Before we leave the occultist, we must mention James Churchward and Mu.
Mu was the name of a land that LePlongeon derived from a bogus translation
of the Mayan TROANO CODEX.  It is now known that the Troano Codex is
primarily astrological and calendrical; but in the late 1800s, this translation
telling of the ancient land of Mu was as reasonable as many interpretations of
Mayan writing.  Churchward expanded greatly on the story of Mu in a series of
volumes published in the 1920s and 1930s.  Mu, not then confused with Lemuria,
once occupied most of the Pacific Ocean. 

Although Churchward claimed to have translated documents, there is no evidence
that the documents existed and is best classed with the Occultists. 



Edgar Evans Cayce (E.C.'s son)

Association for Research and Enlightenment
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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« Reply #17 on: February 24, 2007, 03:38:34 am »

Great work, Bianca.  Sandra or I are going to move my Rudolph Steiner thread over here from AR. I'm also going to dig up this old Cayce thread I had going and get it over here, too.

I don't know that I wold put Churchward in that category, though, I think he believed he was writing history.
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"That which does not kill us, makes us stronger."
Tom Hebert
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« Reply #18 on: February 24, 2007, 07:51:37 am »

That's a great idea, Trent.  I enjoyed the discussions we had about Steiner, and I felt I was learning something.  At times I find Steiner a bit too esoteric for my tastes, but I know others have said the same thing about Cayce.

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« Reply #19 on: March 30, 2007, 08:48:20 am »


Journalist, teacher, lecturer and former professional classical singer, Murry Hope is one of England's foremost authors on metaphysics, ancient magical religions and parapsychology.  She was co-founder of THE ATLANTEANS in 1957 and served as
the Society's President, Principal Teacher and Healer for twenty years.  In 1977 her psychic abilities were tested by Dr. Carl Sargent of Cambridge University under the auspices of the BBC and she achieved an extraordinarily high percentage of accuracy.  In 1988 she established The Institute of Transpersonal Sensitivity, the aims of which are to effect a bridge between the transpersonal experiece and the more popularly accepted schools of psychology. 

Her published works include:

ATLANTIS - Myth or Reality?

ANCIENT EGYPT: The Sirius Connection

And many more on various subjects.
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« Reply #20 on: April 01, 2007, 09:49:29 am »

                                     C  H R I S T I N E   H A R T L E Y

In her book "A Case for Reincarnation", Christine Hartley, an acknowledged adept,
whose work with fellow Magician, Charles Seymour, is well documented in Richard-
son's "Dancers to the Gods", afforded Atlantis a degree of coverage. She recalls vivi-
dly her clairvoyant impressions of a life in the latter days:

"Because I was a yound priestess and had work to do in another place, when the
destruction of Atlantis was  known to be approachin, I was put into a small boat with F.P.D. [her teacher in this life] and a few other people - sailors, I think, and we
were washed up on the coast of Lyonesse, after being tossed about on a raging

She reteirates the belief of others that "Atlantis fell because her mental faculties outstripped her spiritual advancement; evil powers were invoked and the priests
used their knowledge for self-advancement and not for the benefit of humanity."
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #21 on: April 01, 2007, 10:32:17 am »

                                         D A P H N E   V I G E R S

Among the hodge-pdge of clairvoyant impressions that have filtered through down the ages, a few have fitted the known facts and added credence to the logical deductions of men such as Spence, Donnelly, Braghine, Muck, Tomas and Berlitz -
glimmers of truth that cannot be proven, but that seem to ring the right bells for many people.

One such work is ATLANTIS RISING by Daphne Vigers.  Published in 1944, when Miss Vigers was in her middle twenties, it comprises a series of "astral experiences"
and includes an understanding of the element of time, something that had received little, if any, consideration oin her day, aside from the work of Dunne and Bergson. 

Aside from certain nationalistic emphases, which are logical in the light of the hostilities extant at the time (WWII), Viger's book contains a simplicity that is neither tainted by abstruse metaphysical dogmas, nor cluttered by the megrims of currently fashionable occult semantics. One could not do justice to it in a few para-graphs, but suffice it to say her descriptions complement much of what has been written about in
the earlier parts of this book.  Her Atlantis, as seen at the height of its glory, boasted a common-sense economy and an efficient system of public utilities, which made adequate provisions for the welfare of all of its people.  Her descriptions of the latter days could be seen as somewhat exagerated, however, and she, too, alludes to Druids as having arrived in Britain from the Old Country.  I think the mistake here lies in confusing Caesar's Druids and those described in the OERA
LINDA BOOK, with the secret cults of Quinn's 'sea people', who were, undoubtedly, the true Atlanteans.

One of the problems of pinning a national bias on the Atlantean theme is that everyone does it.  While British mystics fervently claim Atlantean roots in the belief that the good priests of Atlantis landed on these shores, wherein they buried the sacred power of the old priesthood, I have encountered the same belief elsewhere.  Many Americans, for example, are convinced that the encapsulated energies of the Light were left  in their safe keeping, and I have been entrusted with a similar 'occult secret' by mystics from France, Spain, Scandinavia and North Africa.  Perhaps generosity is kindest (and probably the more truthful) answer to all
this, as there were undoubtedly both 'goodies and baddies' among the many who did manage to escape, either prior to, or around the time of, the final cataclysm.
Therefore, the Cauldron of the Graal, the Sword of Arthur and other Atlantean me-
morabilia that form part of the mystique of British magic are no more exclusive ours than Sun or sea worship.

Those of us who feel Atlantean kinship or who have experienced recall of past lives
("fragments in other time zones", in my terminology) should refrain from indulging in the kind of xenophobic jingoism that is guaranteed to limit our spiritual progress.   

The ultimate brotherhood of the Old Country cast its seed far further afield than we
might imagine.  Within which race the new priestly order will arise (assuming that it
does), is still anybody's guess, much as this may bruise the egos of certain occult
(I refuse to use the term 'spiritual') snobs among us!


ATLANTIS : Myth or Reality

by Murry Hope

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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #22 on: April 04, 2007, 07:22:24 am »

                                                B R A D   S T E I G E R

The American writer Brad Steiger devotes the whole of his book, also called
"Atlantis Rising", to exploring the various facets of the Atlantean legend and the conflicting views concerning it that have arisen over the centuries.  Included in his
analysis is the "people from outer space" concept, which is used by some research-
ers to explain many of the myths that have been attributed to the arrival of Atan-

The Chaldean's Oannes, for example, is seen as an alien astronaut rather than an Atlantean priest, and the five epagomenal gods of Egypt as space visitors.  There is also a school of thought that associates the rise of the wise priest-initiates of
Atlantis with civilizing missions, and perhaps a tad of genetic engineering from some
other part of the galaxy.  Sirius is a popular target because of the Egyptian references on the one hand, and Robert K. Temple's fascinating book "The Sirius
Mystery" on the other.

Steiger also provides a wealth of psychic information received through well-known American mediums, notably Joseph W. Donnelly and his associates, which covers such subjects as the ancient Atlantean language, why Atlantis sank, the true sym-
bolism of the pyramids, which was
completely misunderstood by the ancient Egyptians, other sunken lands such as Mu, Lemuria and two at the North and South Poles, and how axis tilts are caused
by the accumulation of ice and certain spots.  The destruction of Thera, Pompeii and later cataclysms were brought about by natural causes, while the destruction of
Atlantis and Lemuria were purely mankind's doing, or so said Donnelly's psychic contacts.
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« Reply #23 on: April 05, 2007, 11:36:29 am »

                                            F R A N K   A L P E R

Dr. Frank Alper is the founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society.  Alper is one of a
crop of popular American channelers whose contact goes by the name of Adamis and who, according to the back cover of his book, has appointed himself "........the
spiritual name of "Christos", which means "The Enlightened One".

Alper has published three books on the Adamis teachings. 

Alper refers to Mu and an ancient Atalantean land mass as having been destroyed
by cataclysms around 85,000BC, when both continents sank beneath the waves.

In the year 77,777BC, he claims, the first ships from alien worlds landed off the coast of what is now Florida, to begin to resettle and reconstruct Atlantis BENEATH
THE SEA.  There is much more along this line. 

Alper does refer to crystals as being the source of power in Atlantis, which is quite
logical and could also find a place in the energy scheme of our own future. 

In the final analysis, it all depends on whether one likes Atlantis presented in a hypothetical manner that lacks practical substantiation of any kind, or prefers the
rational theories of Donnelly, Muck, Scrutton, Spanuth and other, more orthodox scholars. As to who is correct in his/her Atlantean assumptions, however, only time
will tell.
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« Reply #24 on: April 09, 2007, 11:13:50 am »

                        D I O N   F O R T U N E   AND   G A R E T H   K N I G H T

Violet Mary Firth, alias Dion Fortune, was born on 6 December 1890 in Llandudno,
Wales, of Yorkshire parentage.  One of her biographers, Alan Richardson, has ren-
dered a sensitive account of her childhood and how she came to adopt the mysti-
cal name that was to feature so strongly in the Magical World for years to come.

To this day, many students of the Esoteric consider her to have been the greatest
occultist of our times.  But she is also acknowledged as possessing shamanic po-
wers, which removes her from the essentially directive role of Magician.  Her work
with the famous Fraternity of the Inner Light is also well documented by Richardson
in his book DANCERS TO THE GODS and, no doubt, many members of that organiza-
tionboth past and present will share some, if not all, of her beliefs concerning the
Old Country.

Richardson recounts how, at the tender age of 4 years, Dion experienced a con-
stantly recurring dream-like image of

.........a sandy foreshore with a level plain behind it and mountains rising abruptly in
the distance.  A sluggish river made its way across the plain; a few queer-looking trees like feather dusters straggled at intervals along its banks, but it was not safe to go near these trees because there were dangerous beasts in the river that might gobble you up.  For the same reason it was not safe to go too near to the waters of the shallow sea that rippled over the sands;  things like giant jellyfish were believed to swim there, and fat, shiny porpoise-like backs could sometimes be seen farther out.

There was glowing warmth, a lush grassy vegetation, the sky was a very dark indigo blue; and the sun, strangest of all, was copper-coloured.  The copper-coloured sun made a great impression.

Richardson comments that this could have been a vision of a life in Atlantis, as some psychic sources - Steiner, for example - suggest that the atmosphere of Atlantis contained far more water vapour than any climate known to us today.

There were cannibalistic fisherfolk in Fortune's vision, and sudden storms that rose
with little warning, while "home" to her was some distance inland in a cave at the
base of mountains, where she dwelt with her animal skin-clad companions.
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« Reply #25 on: April 09, 2007, 11:36:20 am »

DION FORTUNE AND GARETH KNIGHT                                                     continued

I have listened to a tape recording made by the well-known occultist, Qabalist and
Tarot specialist Gareth Knight, entitled VISIONS OF LOST ATLANTIS, in which he
claims that the information he was about to impart concerning the lost continent had been obtained by Dion Fortune and her immediate associates and had remained unpublished to this day.  He emphasized its fragmentary nature and the fact that much of it derived from memories of former lives, with an occasional insight
afforded by those 'inner planes' communicators who are aware that a higher arc of
the evolutionary spiral is approaching and will be instrumental in instructing human-
kind in harnessing the potentiial of the human will.

I must confess that the association of Dion Fortune with some of the following material does concern me, as one is given to understand that she was a reason-
able, logical-minded person, well capable of making both scientific and metaphysical
cross-checks.  However, the evidence must speak for itself; besides, how much of it was actually approved by Dion herself we are not told.

The term 'inner planes' can be confusing to the uninitiated (and to yours truly, to be
honest).  My kind of logic demands that I consider anything of an expansive nature
as moving OUTWARDS; the inward approach tending to impose psychological limi-tations that imprison one within one's own subjective experiences, which incline one to believe whatever one WANTS to believe.

I, and several other metaphysicians I know, prefer to think in terms of energy fre-
quencies of a finer, faster or more subtle nature, which constitute levels of percept-
ion that can be accessed only by those minds, intelligences or essences whose personal wavelengths are of a similar, complementary or compatible quality.  But leaving all this aside, let us see what information about Atlantis Dion and her associates gleaned from these so-termed "inner planes".
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« Reply #26 on: April 09, 2007, 11:55:42 am »

DION FORTUNE AND GARETH KNIGHT                                                         continued

It is agreed by most mystics and psychics that it was the cream of the Lemurians who were the founders of Atlantis, following the Lemurian cataclysm.  It is in this 
area of the following data that anomalies occur.

According to Knight's information, the average Atlantean was 7 feet (2 meters) tall,
whereas the Lemurians had been much taller.  Atlantean bodies were also more porous than ours are today.  There were several racial types, including black ape-
like people who matured at the age of 9 and who are described as being more animal than human.  There were also yellow, Mongolian-type of extremely low in-
tellect.   Slaves were taken from both these groups, which constituted the lower of three social tiers or castes.  The former group lived in sheer filth and the latter did not fare much better, there being no sanitation.

The upper tier consisted of a king, the priestly castes, the scribes and artifices, and the warriors.  As Atlantis was a theocracy, the king was directly responsible to the
High Priest of the Sun.  The religion of the Sun represented the secular worship of the people, rather after the style of our modern churches, whereas the Sea Mysteries and the Stellar Mysteries were exclusively for the initiated and therefore
kept secred from the profane masses.  The priests were vegetarian; the warriors
ate meat; and, if I am to understand Knight correctly, the animal-type people lived on filth, excrement and the bodies of their own dead!.  The society was primitive in one sense, but highly evolved esoterically.

Defective children were put down at birth, although mothers would frequently cheat the law by borrowing another's child and concealing their own.  If a child from one of the lower tiers showed talent, he or she was brought to the temple to be
educated .  Genetic selection was practiced and people were bred to intensify cha-
racteristics of social value.  The technology of the artificers was kept strictly secret,
and it was customary for each man or woman to present the tools of his or her trade regularly at the high temple for blessing.  The system of exchange was one of barter, and there was a form of phonetic writing.
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« Reply #27 on: April 09, 2007, 12:17:30 pm »

DION FORTUNE AND GARETH KNIGHT                                                         continued

The sacerdotal caste consisted of priests and priestesses; the latter manipulated a
magical "Hall of Mirrors".  There were two main temples, the High Temple of the Sun
in the City of the Golden Gates, which was built on a mountain to the west of the continent, and one referred to as "The Sun behind the Sun", which was nearer to
the sea.  (Could this perhaps be an arcane reference to the binary star system
Sirius?)  Although the priests of the former temple were reputed to have succumbed
to the dark forces towards the latter days, those of the "The Sun behind the Sun"
never wavered from the Path of Light.  The latter were also totally non-political, whereas the former were very much concerned with the machinations of the power
game.  It was at the second, or Mystery Temple, that the Seeresses were initiated.
These priestesses of the sea had the final say in all matters - even the High Priest of the Sun could not argue with their judgements.

Among the occult rites practised were strange magical matings that took place on those enigmatic "inner planes" and were involved with the ensoulment of "higher
forces"(?).  The Stellar Mysteries derived from the knowledge of a strange, radio-
active force, the nature of which was understood by only a few high initiates.  This was related to energies emitted from the stars and those stellar forces, in particu-
lar, that are destined to manifest in the approaching Aquarian Age.  Knight draws
a comparison between these energies and those of the Qabalistic Sephirot Chokmah and Binah, which are accessible only to initiates of high grade.  He also refes to a "Hall of Images", which was concerned with elements of water, the power of which was closely allied to the science of sonics.  Those members of the priesthood adept at controlling this particular branch of the elemental family were,
we are told, responsible for loosing the waters that produced the final inundation.  One mention that caused me to prick up my ears concerned an ancient legend of a White Emperor from the distant Atlantean past, whom, we assume was an incarna-
te being of Light, whose statutes constituted the earlier, more spiritual basis of the
Atlantean system that later collapsed under the power of the dark forces.
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« Reply #28 on: April 09, 2007, 02:54:50 pm »

DION FORTUNE AND GARETH KNIGHT                                                     continued

In the latter days the priestood of the Sun became so corrupt that the powers they
possessed were grossly misused and all that was good was withdrawn by the priesthood of Light to rest for ages, until recalled on a higher arc at the appropriate
time.  One Atlantean colony, which was set up in Britain, gave birth to Stonehenge and other monoliths later associated with Druidism, which is indicated as being of
Atlantean origin!  Many of the good priests who managed to escape the cataclysm
are said to have landed on the now sunken lands of Lyonesse, off the coast of Brittany.

Knight also deals with the visions of Margaret Lumley-Brown, whom he describes a  psychic of some integrity.  It seems that Lumley-Brown's interpretation of the whole
scenario took on a Christian flavour rather than an Eastern one.  (Why does it have to be one or the other?)  From her work we learn that the Sea Mysteries of Atlantis
were considerably more powerful and older than those of the Sun, being concerned with the origins of primordial life itself as manifested through the element of
water, the Great Mother of birth and death and the feminine cosmos.

Well, well, comment is irresistible!  First of all, Dion Fortune's childhood memories: why should these be seen as relating to Atlantis?  While Mooney and others have
commented on the possibility of the atmosphere containing more water vapour were out planet positioned slightly nearer to the Sun, surely this could equally apply to any of several earlier periods in the Earth's history  What about Lemuria or Gondwanaland, for example,or even some parallel world or environment external to
our solar system?
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« Reply #29 on: April 09, 2007, 03:37:39 pm »

DION FORTUNE AND GARETH KNIGHT                                                           continued

Now to the fragments of information derived from various ESP sources: black, ape-like men who matured at the tender age of 9.  In Atlantis? Hardly, In Lemuria?  Well, I will keep an open mind on that one!  The same applies to the descriptions of corpse-and-sewage-eating slaves, which is hardly consistent with Plato's highly
evolved and beautiful people who were skilled traders, artisans, metal-workers and warriors, or those documented accounts of scholarly priests who taught a
doctrine of service, discipline and brotherly love wherever they landed (the Oannes
and Quetzalcoatl stories, for example).

A tall people?  Yes, I find that credible.  But a hostile environment filled with prehistoric monsters and cannibalistic fisher-folk hardly relates to Otto Muck's description of the kind of coastline Atlantis would have enjoyed when it was encircled by the Gulf Stream.

Strange and evil rites?  In the latter days, perhaps. But ten there are some pretty
gruesome things going on in today's world, a fair degree of which masquerades under the guise of modern civilized society.

Genetic engineering?  We have been using this on animals and crops for some years now, and research indicates that DNA can cross the genetic barriers between the animal and fungus kingdoms.  Professor George Sprague, a molecular biologist
at Oregon University, and Jack Heinneman, a student, have shown that bacteria that colonize the human gut can transfer their genes to yeast.  This discovery has
enormous potential implications for genetic engineering, and for the possible dangers of releasing 'test-tube' bacteria and plants into the environment.  Some genetic engineers believe that transfers to other species would be impossible, or at least extremely unlikely.  Sprague, on the other hand, sees this discovery as having a number of implications, the foremost of which is for evolution.  But it also
raises the possibility that barriers to the transfer of DNA between species are not as solid as we might have supposed.  In fact, such transfers may be a lot more  fre-
quent than we have thought.  Sprague cautions: " It highlights that we need to
remain cautiousabout how we deal with recombinat organisms [creatures altered   by genetic engineering] in the laboratory, and in commercial ventures, to make sure they don't escape into the environment."  All this, plus the Genome project, would seem to indicate that we may be in for a repeat performance of the Atlantean
would seem to indicate that we may be in for a repeat performance of the Atantean
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