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Christmas Day haunting

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Author Topic: Christmas Day haunting  (Read 253 times)
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« on: April 16, 2016, 11:03:31 pm »

Christmas Day haunting
Posted on 4-6-2016
By: Atackj | Location: London, UK

Okay, so when something unexplained happens to you it can be brushed off in the mind with the usual responses, however when you are the sceptic type like myself and an unexplained event happens to you for the second then third time in your life you have to start to think a bit - it's actually a blessing as I feel positive about the mystery of the afterlife, reaffirmed my childhood belief in God and I am slowly becoming a better and more emphatic person for it. Understanding and having faith makes you humble and gives you happiness money won't buy. I will explain the 3 things that have happened to me (the third being interesting).

The first was when I was around 5, I heard someone say the letter 'M', I can still recall the tone of voice, I was alone in my bedroom and it was like it came from a central position within the room. Very, very strange however I didn't tell anyone, moved room! and tried to forget about it.

The second was when I was 18ish, I had been in London shopping and was walking home with a friend (who was walking in front of me) from the station, via an alleyway, next to a cemetery of course! While walking I felt someone grab my upper arm (the way you would if someone was walking by you quickly in a corridor and you wanted to talk to them). I can again still clearly recall the feeling of the fingers pressing on my arm to this day. It was dark at the time so me and the friend concluded it was probably a tree branch/ vegetation - I went back the next day to confirm and the alleyway was completely clear - hmmm.

The third was Christmas Day - at around 3 in the morning. I was 22 and still living with the parents and my 2 brothers were also home, I'm now 29. I did of course have a few beers but was certainly not drunk I assure you. I woke up at 3 with that confused feeling you get, almost instantly after waking up and sitting up slightly (and seeing there was no one in the room), I felt something try to hit me, it was between the neck and chin. I reacted and put my hands up over my face, I shouted, like an aaargh, and my heart started pounding - the door then seemed to open say 2-3 inches and slammed shut again (didn't see it, just heard), the door WAS shut with a towel underneath (I always, always used to shut it, and with a towel under as I smoked in my room and didn't want my parents to know, tragic yes!!). I was scared tbh but after 20 mins of having that haunting feeling I slept. The sensation of the punch, yes again, was something I can recall very well. It is hard to describe as it didn't feel like a true physical hit, it was like it was trying to generate a punch but couldn't quite get all of the force 'it' wanted to and didn't hurt at all. I got the impact feeling and a little bit of the follow through however the follow through needs weight behind it to be successful and it felt as though that weight quickly diminished after the impact. In the morning I went downstairs and said to my younger brother... you'll never guess what... I explained the above to him and he then said... I did hear a shout, then the door close, but I woke up as I heard a door close a little while before you shouted. Needless to say he thinks I'm an idiot and while I was talking he was responding... oh yeah, really! (sarcastically as the English do it).

My personal conclusions from much thought and debate about these experiences... I do believe in the paranormal, just, because there could still be other reasonable explanations e.g. muscle spasms, brain state after waking up after sleep etc. I do not however suffer with any sleep type disorders/ problems and have never had and muscle spasms of note in life so will leave for you to decide.

Certainly for debate - I get the feeling from my experiences that some people may be more susceptible to this type of thing than others and that it is something that can be trained and developed if you have the natural ability. I sometimes get a haunted feeling or a feeling as though someone is watching me, and sometimes the sense of a person being young, old, male and female - it is a strange feeling and I do not really want to try and develop it and see where it goes however I do think it is a very real possibility that practicing psychics actually have the gift. It could truly just be my imagination playing after getting the haunting feeling so many of us get coupled with my experiences and I have not & will not try to somehow 'develop' it to see what happens!
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