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The Abuse and Use of Atlantis; some examples

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Author Topic: The Abuse and Use of Atlantis; some examples  (Read 1233 times)
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« on: January 19, 2016, 09:19:14 am »

It all Started With Atlantis…

Is God about to intervene here on planet earth?
 Are we approaching the prophesied Time of Tribulation, preparing for a mass ascension or transmigration?
 Is this the beginning of the Golden Age?

Who can say for sure?

Here two visionaries, Danielle Daoust and Bob Santarossa comment on what they have seen coming…

Part 1 of a 4-part series originally posted Year 2000
 The Intervention: a Time of Tribulation Before Ascension or Transmigration

Bob: This is the 4th epoch of humanity that has inhabited the planet and humanity has been on the planet for millions of years and suffered many cataclysms, which have ended each epoch. This epoch, is the most backwards scientifically to date…the 1st epoch of humanity was spectacular and VERY spiritually aware and, we of this and subsequent epochs, have gone down hill ever since, seeking materiality and technology as the substitute for spirituality. I saw Atlantis for myself, when I was there. Years later, when I read Cayce’s description of it, the book dropped right out of my hands…for it was exactly what I had seen…including the color of the sky (purplish), the firmament and the huge energy crystals he had described. So, the heck with so called “modern science”…they are primitives by all measures.

Danielle: I too have been to Atlantis, seen much of what happened there… and perhaps in some ways, this epoch is indeed the most backward of all, certainly technologically – took us a long time to come up with the same discoveries of other epochs, and then we exploded with them, without any holistic understanding of what we were doing… but, based on all that I have seen through time, there is very good reason for this backwardness… Atlantis was not all it’s cracked up to be… there were huge soul fragmentations that occurred in those times, vast wounds that have taken epochs to heal… caused by huge denials… ignorance…. misunderstanding… while we might have been incredibly sophisticated in many ways – we had no more emotional maturity in those days than we do now…

In my readings of the epochs, we have been forced back into ourselves, epoch by epoch, because of the great lack of love and emotional understanding that stems to those days… We needed to be pushed, you might say, to the bottom of the barrel in order to focus on what is most important – we MUST get this bit about personal integrity, understanding of purpose, acceptance of our Oneness; we MUST commit one by one to unconditional love…

Bob: Time is only a construct for the spirit to understand where it is in “progression”. Progression being: creation evolving, being more self-aware and expanding itself to a natural conclusion. Progression is that “one” thing you sense “up there”, it is the past, the present and the future moving together as one.

This, or “our” universe, was created as a “stepping stone” universe by Creator. The governing notion or modus operandi behind the creation of this universe is: “If I (Creator) grant them (us) the utmost in free will and put them about as far away as you can get from the light (Creator and the upper realms vs. here on Earth), will this universe conclude in unconditional love?” If so, then in the next universe to be yet created, he (really “it”) will permit his spirits more creative powers, because then, we will have proved that in the utmost of darkness, unconditional love will always result. Free will and its manifestation in unconditional love, is the “1st commandment” of this universe and it is not to be interfered with. This epoch of humanity, by virtue of its materialistic structures and ways, truly interferes with progression, the free will of its incarnated spirits and ultimately creation.

As you will have noted, many people you do readings for are in what I call a “Karmic Catch-22″ or “Karmic Rut”…they reincarnate in a new life only to experience the reactions from the actions they had taken in prior lives…in so doing, they have “paralyzed” progression and their learning about creation does not provide any new information to Creator about his creation. In most cases, they reincarnate to experience what they had done to others…an atonement for past life actions to be sure…in this, there is little learning or furthering of creation. Those that have lived, or are living as Atlanteans, are also incarnating here in our epoch and promulgating the “Karmic Rut” I spoke of. This is one reason why our epoch will be reformed, so as to put an end to the “stalling” of progression and creation itself.

We are like waves in the ocean…we are the waves and Creator/creation are the ocean. From us, He learns more about creation and we in turn, learn more about Him…and when we have seen all that there is to see and do through eternity, we are completed and join him in “planning” creation, for by then, we can see clearly through his eyes…but there are few spirits that have done this. I know that in my lifetime I will see the transmigration of this planet and its inhabitants to a new epoch of humanity, much greater than any that has existed to date, and I know I am to be a part of this transition.Atlantis had to be destroyed for what it was doing to creation, and most importantly to Creator’s spirits, which are really his manifest thoughts… it’s like He gave His head a shake, much as we would do to wake ourselves up or when we have distressing thoughts, and the Atlantean civilization’s demise began, then, in earnest. Now it is our turn.

Undoubtedly you will ask, if this intervention will happen, how then can there be free will?

Very simply, the intervention is coming to RESTORE humanity’s free will. For this epoch has crafted material and mundane concerns which consume lifetimes to a point where the vast majority of us are denied our free will immediately upon birth and even when given an opportunity to choose the spiritual, the vast majority choose to be intoxicated by the mundane and material. Remember, for about 1 billion people in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia etc. to have so much wealth, means the the other 5 billion have to have virtually no wealth (which is the case), since money is a finite resource. WE WILL make the shift, the “die have been cast” and this I know with great certainty

Danielle : I agree about the die having been cast – Mary-Anne and I have had many discussion about this recently – we have called it “reaching critical mass” – I actually felt it in 1992 – had a very strange experience one bright sunny morning – Heard a spoken command “Get to your stations, At the ready NOW…” and that was all – there was no one home but me, so I knew that this had come from another source… and it raised all the hair on my body, sent a chill through my system and I heard myself respond, out of nowhere, like the voice ”

Finally…I thought I’d never get this call, gave up on the call coming in this lifetime” – from that time on my work escalated with little effort and through an amazing set of circumstances, we found ourselves on the web… and since then, I’ve been regularly contacted by a huge space ship that seems to be hovering around the planet… but that’s another story… if you’re interested, look up the Ahkbar the Alien story on my web site…


All you true seekers of Plato's Atlantis, do you want to be taken for a ride by this kind of nonsense? If you do, than it will the ship Fantasize that you will ride in.

But if want to hit the bullseye.The symbol of Atlantis' circles, then you need to come with me and take a free ride on the vessel of truth.

But it has to be a slow ride, as I have already explained, since we have to cut through the foggy ideas that falsehood has instilled on the nature of Atlantis.

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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 07:27:27 pm »

You are in error. Russians discover Atlantis in Ampere Seamounts back in 1978. all world know this, only Americans remain ignorant of it, wilfully so.
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Roy McGiness
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« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2016, 10:57:21 pm »

By golly, some of this sounds like Communist talk.
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« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2016, 07:21:07 pm »

Hermocrates, I have just gone through several of your posts and found your observations purile at best, plain jibberish at the worst. By all means, I demand you explain yourself.
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