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Author Topic: SHADOWGRAM NEWS UPDATE # 369  (Read 61 times)
Victoria Liss
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« on: November 19, 2015, 02:29:42 am »

November 18, 2015
The Official "Dark Shadows" Published Newsletters by Postal Mail
The Official Dark Shadows News Online Updates by Email Posts
Marcy Robin's Cyberspace "Dark Shadows" News Updates
An Official Internet Publication of SHADOWGRAM
Each of these SG News Updates is posted FIRST through the ShadowGram Group at, then dispersed to other social media. Joining the Group is free and directions are later in this Update.
To receive a SG Group invitation, or to learn more about the ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows Published Newsletters by postal-mail subscription, or if you have any questions, please directly contact Marcy Robin by email:
You also can join the SG Group directly at:
Update Number 369
November 18, 2015
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."
Big Finish Productions (BFP) of England has produced and released 50 original  audio dramas firmly based in the DS universe. Recorded in-studio, original DS actors revise their TV characters or portray new ones. A number of notable actors also participate. Each drama is released on CD and as digital downloads. These all-new DS “episodes” run approximately 1 hour each with dramatic tales from Collinwood and beyond.
SG congratulates BFP: Its 2015 13-part serial “Bloodlust” was nominated 11-17 on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) “shortlist” for “Best Online Only Audio Drama” Award. It is 1 of 6 audio dramas cited, including 3 others (not DS) from BFP. “The finalists will be announced on Tues., 5 Jan., 2016. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House London on the evening of Sun., 31 Jan….. Celebrating Audio Drama in the UK,” these awards recognize “the range, originality and cut-through quality of audio drama on air and online and give recognition to the creativity of actors, writers, producers, sound designers and others who work in this genre.” There are 11 award categories overall.
Triple SG #124-#125-#126 published newsletter included details and comments directly from writer/co-producer Joe Lidster, co-producer David Darlington, and BFP’s Joseph Smith. The SG issue also notes the 7 original DS actors heard in the drama. That SG is available. Please contact Marcy Robin at
Newest audio dramas available now: “And Red All Over” is Mitch Ryan’s first audio drama as he reprises “Burke Devlin” for the first time since 1967, with Kathryn Leigh Scott. “Deliver Us from Evil” stars Lisa Richards and Chris Pennock. Kathleen Cody is featured in “Tainted Love.”
--- To order “Bloodlust” and other CDs: Dark Shadows Festival, P.O. Box 92, Maplewood, NJ 07040.
(Note: A number of these dramas available from the Fest are autographed by the stars appearing in them)
To download the dramas from BFP:
DONNA’s (Amanda Harris, Olivia Corey) acclaimed international career as a dancer/singer/actress will be honored 12-7 by the Dancers Over 40 (DO40) organization. She is 1 of 5 honorees at the “holiday celebration and awards event” in NYC.
Publicity: Dancers Over 40's “7th Annual Legacy Awards presentation is its most joyous…. Each honoree holds a special place in the world of dance and have all contributed to promoting Dancers over 40 and the History, Legacy and Lives of our community. The DO40 members honored this year come from Broadway, Ballet and Radio City Music Hall. Each of the 5 has “over 50 years in show business (and) have worked with all the greats - Robbins, Fosse, Bennett, Champion, de Mille, Gennaro, Layton and more.” They “have been at the forefront of promoting the History, Legacy and Lives of the mature dance community.
“DO40 is an all-volunteer, membership-driven non-profit arts organization dedicated to preserving the History, Legacy and Lives of our mature creative community, while sharing the knowledge with the younger generation just beginning their careers. The event will be videotaped and donated to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at Lincoln Center's Library for the Performing Arts.”
The Mon., 12-7 ceremony is 6-9pm at the LIPS Restaurant, 227 E. 56th St., NYC. Tickets $35-$50-$75. Reservations: Telecharge, 212-239-6200 or; DO40 members call 212-947-8844 with discount code. St. Luke's Box Office open 2-6pm daily, at 308 W. 46th St. For more information on DO40 and this event, call our Hotline at 212-330-7016
Fans in the area and those attending the ceremony are invited and encouraged to please share photos, program book, publicity materials, media coverage, etc. Please send all items to SG’s postal- or e- mail addresses at the end of this Update.
JERRY (Tony Peterson, Rev. Trask, Lamar Trask, Gregory Trask) is the title character and LISA (Sabrina Stuart) is his wife in writer/director Ansel Faraj’s THE LAST CASE OF AUGUST T. HARRISON, released to rent on Vimeo On Demand 11-13. The independent feature film recently won these awards:
*Official Selection - 2015 Depth of Field International Film Festival – Winner: Best Film (Sci-Fi), Best Actor Jerry Lacy, Best Supporting Actress Maggie Wagner
*Official Selection - 2016 Other Venice Film Festival
*Official Selection - 2015 August Los Angeles Independent Film Festival - Official Nominee: Best Feature Film, Best Director -Ansel Faraj
Press Release: “A dark neo-noir thriller influenced by Val Lewton and (‘the great horror-sci fi writer’’) H.P. Lovecraft, set in and around Venice Beach, CA. August T. Harrison, private eye, comes out of retirement to solve what seems at first to be a bizarre missing persons case. But as he digs deeper, he finds himself caught in the middle of a dark conspiracy involving the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Are Lovecraft's tales just fiction? Or do they hold the secrets of the cosmos?”
LAST CASE was privately screened for the cast, crew, and invited guests 6-28-15 at the historic Los Feliz Theatre in LA. The receptive audience included Jerry, Lara Parker, David & Chip Selby, Jim Pierson (Dan Curtis Productions, DS Festival), Marcy Robin (ShadowGram, DS Festival), and Kathy Resch (ShadowGram, DS Festival). Photos will be in the upcoming SGF #127 print newsletter.
SG thanks Ansel for the information and congratulates him, the excellent cast, and everyone involved in this moody, intriguing film.
JOE (1991 DS David, Daniel) will guest star as himself on the ABC comedy THE MUPPETS 12-1.
Variety 11-16: On the episode titled “Going, Going, Gonzo”, Joe will perform “a show-stopping duet with Miss Piggy” on her TV talk show “Up Late with Miss Piggy,” He’ll then “join Scooter, Pepe and the gang for poker night.” Entertainment Weekly 11-16: Joe “will find himself involved in poker night with Scooter, Pepe, and the ‘cool’ gang.” It also noted Joe “is set to produce and star in the upcoming FRAGGLE ROCK movie.”  Joe first guested with the Muppets in 2013’s LADY GAGA & THE MUPPETS HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR. He and Lady Gaga dueted on a version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – with a twist. He also told Kermit the Frog that he remembered watching the Muppets on TV when he was young
Please share with SG any media publicity, articles, etc. you find about Joe’s appearance.
Dan Curtis Productions: “This past summer, the complete 12 episodes of the 1991 DS primetime NBC series starring Ben Cross were reissued on DVD by TGG Direct, which has licensed the program from MGM.
“Unlike previous DVD releases of DS '91, this TGG version for the first time offers the episodes in their original broadcast ratio of 4:3, as they aired on NBC and, later, the Sci-Fi Channel, in reruns. Previous DVDs of the series were formatted only in a widescreen aspect ratio that cropped the top and bottom of the screen. DS creator Dan Curtis actually directed the pilot movie and initial episodes with an eye towards framing what he shot in wide screen and he therefore did not object to the widescreen DVDs. However, subsequent episode directors did not follow the same visual template, so it is nice for fans and purists to have the entire DS '91 series in the full screen format as it was broadcast.”
--- PLEASE NOTE: “This is a standard definition DVD release. The episodes are not available on BluRay high definition. Additionally, the TGG set utilizes the same transfers from the earlier DVD sets. That means the scenes shot ‘day for night’ in the pilot are not properly ‘color timed,’ so it appears Barnabas is lurking in partial daylight.
“Even more disappointing is the fact that the deleted scenes and other bonus material issued on VHS tape by MPI are not included and have yet to find their way to DVD. Hopefully at some point a Blu Ray set might offer those elusive extras.
The TGG set has a $49.98 list price and can be purchased at and other online and retail outlets.
Amazon Link:
The NBC primetime revival DS originally was a midseason replacement series that ran 1-13/3-22-1991.
As I directly receive confirmed, time-sensitive, DS-related news, SG Online Updates like this one are premiere-posted first through the SG Group at Each Update then is posted in other social media. These Updates will premiere-announce ALL official news for our upcoming DS Festival DS 50th Anniversary Celebration in Tarrytown, NY, June 24-26, 2016. Please see past SG Updates for all current and confirmed Festival information.
Fans attending in-person DS guest appearances are welcome and encouraged to please share with SG their photos, reports, program books, publicity items, media coverage, etc. Please send all materials to SG’s e- or postal- mail addresses below. Thank you.
News related to DS, its personnel, the Fests, merchandise, and other references occur at any time. SG welcomes everything you share for the email SG Updates and the print newsletters. As always, please send any DS materials with your full name and the source name/date to SG’s e- or postal- mail addresses below.
These SG Update news bulletins are FIRST posted via the free ShadowGram Group at Each Update brings you immediate time-sensitive key news bulletins relating to all things DS. The SG Online Updates make the premiere-announcements with the latest confirmed news for the DS Festival’s DARK SHADOWS 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION event in Tarrytown, NY – June 24-26, 2016.
 There is no cost and it’s easy to sign up for the ShadowGram Group.
To directly receive each SG Online Update post sent to you as an email, please join the free SG Group at You do not need to be a SG postal-mail subscriber to become a member of the Group.
To join the ShadowGram Yahoo Group:
--- If you’re already a Yahoo member, go to the website. Find the “Groups” tab on the main page. Click there and type “Shadowgram” in the Search box. It will take you to the Group. Continue from there.
If you’re not already a Yahoo member of the ShadowGram Group, please go to
You can request an invitation, which makes it even easier to join the Group. Please directly send your request, your name, and full email address to Marcy Robin at
Once you sign up for the Group or accept the invitation, you are a Group member. You then will receive the breaking-news Updates via email as they are posted. You also can follow past news developments as they happened by reading recent Updates at the ShadowGram Group page at
If you'd like more information or have questions, please e-mail Marcy Robin
--- Each complete SG print newsletter provides in-depth reports, confirmed and official details, photos, DS personnel’s own comments and messages for SG readers, publicity and media coverage, exclusive materials, official advance information, and more.
To subscribe / renew to the ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows Newsletters:
--- US & Canadian First Class subscriptions: $12.00 for 4 issues, $24.00 for 8 issues.
 ---Overseas subscriptions: US $20.00 for 4 issues, US $40.00 for 8 issues.
Please send subscription / renewal payment by check or money order, made payable to:
Marcy Robin
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766
Subscription/renewal payments also can be made via PayPal to:
When your subscription / renewal order is received, the current – and first-ever – Triple SG #124-#125-#126 print newsletter will be sent to you via postal-mail.
 **** This Update (and every Update) is posted FIRST to the ShadowGram Group at, then to Facebook groups and dispersed by interested fans to various lists, boards, websites, groups, blogs, pages, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., in individual personal emails, and other online / print communications.
PLEASE always include ShadowGram's complete e- and postal- mail addresses and subscription information in all of your online sharing. Thank you.
Each SG Published Newsletter features confirmed news and information direct from the DS cast / crew about their projects and activities, Dan Curtis Productions, the DS Festival, Big Finish Productions, MPI, and others involved in DS today. The print newsletters feature exclusive and behind-the-scenes photos, premiere announcements, messages to the fans from the DS personnel, detailed reports, publicity materials, media coverage, updates for DS guest/fan gatherings, plus all the definite DS news and plans.
---- SG invites all fans to please share any DS-related materials you find at any time.
 These can be on-air, in print, and online, international, nationwide, or local, including media publicity and mentions, photos, articles, reviews, interviews, commentaries, etc. Fans attending personal appearances by the DS actors always are encouraged to please share with SG their reports, photos, video footage, program books, local publicity, media articles, interviews, reviews, etc.  Each experience and perspective is unique and helps let SG readers who can’t attend “be there with you.”
All such items can be hard copies (photographs, newspapers, magazines, program books, flyers). You can email photos and articles at high resolution or send materials via postal-mail. Please always include your full name and the complete name and date of the source.
Please send all items to ShadowGram’s postal- and e- mail addresses above / below.
You will be named as a Contributor in the published SG newsletter. You also may receive a complementary Contributor's Copy for major donations of photos, video footage, information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for your support and sharing.
All information is important to ShadowGram, The Official DS Published Newsletter & Official DS News Source. Subscribers of all ages are across the US and beyond. I directly send complimentary copies of every issue to many DS cast/crew. They share their news with me for SG’s readers and enjoy learning about their DS colleagues in SG's pages.
SHADOWGRAM (SG) is the recognized * Official * "Dark Shadows" Newsletter. Much of its news is provided directly to me by the show's cast, crew, and those involved in the 1966-71 TV series and the 1991 TV series. Established 36+ years ago in April, 1979, SG always works closely with the DS personnel and related individuals, companies, and others involved in DS' creation, distribution, promotion, merchandise, etc. The complete, detailed SG print issues usually are published 2-3 times during a year.
Please see complete subscription information and contact addresses above.  For more newsletter information or if you have any questions, please email or send a SAFSE (Self-Addressed, Forever- Stamped Envelope) to these postal- or e- mail addresses:
Thank you.
Marcy Robin
ShadowGram Editor / Publisher
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766


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