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Author Topic: SHADOWGRAM NEWS UPDATE # 365  (Read 46 times)
Victoria Liss
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« on: August 26, 2015, 01:17:15 am »


August 25, 2015


The Official "Dark Shadows" Published Newsletters by Postal Mail

The Official Dark Shadows Online News Updates by Email Posts

Marcy Robin's Cyberspace "Dark Shadows" News Updates

An Official Internet Publication of SHADOWGRAM


Each of these SG News Updates is initially posted through the ShadowGram Yahoo Group.  Joining the Group is free.


To receive a Yahoo Group invitation, or to learn more about the ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows Published Newsletters by postal-mail subscription, or if you have any questions, please directly contact Marcy Robin by email:


You also can join the SG Group directly at:




Update Number 365

August 25 2015




Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,


ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following key breaking news in this Official Dark Shadows News Online Update "Bulletin."









Big Finish Productions (BFP) continues its exciting regular releases of DS audio dramas with the original cast on CD and available as digital downloads. These all-new DS

episodes run over 1 hour each, with dramatic tales from Collinwood and beyond.


The latest releases are "In the Twinkling of An Eye" with Marie Wallace, and "Deliver Us From Evil" with Christopher Pennock and Lisa Richards.


--- "In The Twinkling of An Eye" Summary: “Fully recovered from her hospital stay and back behind the bar of The Blue Whale, Jessica Griffin (MARIE WALLACE) welcomes Nate, a stranger in town claiming to be ‘just passing through.' But how come he knows so much about her and why is he so keen to lure her back to the house she hasn’t set foot in since the death of her husband? And he really is so very familiar….’”


---"Deliver Us From Evil" Summary: “Cyrus Longworth – the man who has carried the Son of the Dark Lord in his head since the day he was born.  Sabrina Jennings – the woman who murdered her husband on their wedding night.  Alfie Chapman – the British tourist with a psychopathic streak.  And Danielle Roget – the French murderess who possesses his girlfriend’s body.


“Unknown to all of them, they are caught in a tangled web of the Dark Lord's making, which on this night will bring them together and see the culmination of a diabolical plan stretching back since the dawn of time. Because the Dark Lord has manipulated them all. And all hell is about to break loose.”


Coming in September and October are "Tainted Love" starring KATHLEEN CODY, and "And Red All Over" starring KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT and MITCHELL RYAN, returning to his role of “Burke Devlin” after 48 years.


Other recent DS Big Finish titles include "Panic" starring DAVID SELNY and SUSAN SULLIVAN (in her first DS audio drama).


To order the CDs in America, go to:

Download versions as well as the CDs may also be ordered from


CD – US $13.00

Download – US $7.99





Following up on their previous single DVD releases "The Best of Barnabas" and "Fan Favorites," MPI Home Video has just released a pair of companion sets: "The Best of Quentin" and "The Best of Angelique."


Each DVD features 9 complete original DS episodes with new introductions hosted by David Selby for "The Best of Quentin" and Lara Parker for "The Best of Angelique." The DVDs are intended as both samplers for new or casual fans and as entertaining collections at a budget price. They can be ordered online at and from the MPI website at They also can be found in some retail stores.





Recent SG Updates and the Triple SG #124-#125-#126 published newsletter editorial briefly explained the Real Life challenges I’ve faced since 2010. I’ve had severe myopia (near-sightedness) all my life. By early adulthood, I was having retina detachments, holes, and tears that required many operations and treatments. Over the years, eye doctors who’ve checked my eyes are “amazed you can see as well as you do!”


After a welcome lull of quite a few years, retinal problems reappeared in 2010 and have continued since then. Each occurrence meant a major emergency surgery with a long restrictive recovery period. Thankfully, every operation was a success, but there’s always a potential – and unpredictable – possible recurrence.


Last week, my longtime eye doctor plus my eye surgeon (an internationally-known pioneer in the field) diagnosed a new hole in my left retina. On Wed., Aug. 25, I’ll undergo another vitrectomy (gas-fluid exchange), done totally inside the eye under local anesthesia. To close and secure the hole as it heals, I must remain face-down 24/7 for a week, with very limited activity for weeks more. As my vision gradually clears over that time, I’ll start to be able to watch TV, do daily things at home, take walks outside, read, use the computer, drive, etc. I have every hope that again – thanks to my doctors and medical techniques – my eye will heal quickly and completely, so I can be fully “back to normal” by late October (and STAY that way!).


All this impacts my daily life in every way. I give tremendous THANKS to Kathy Resch and other friends. Kathy will check my email and postal-mail daily. She’ll handle SG subscriptions and renewals, send out SG issues and requests for DS information, etc. I’ll be fully informed and involved with this correspondence and as SG reports the DS news as usual, including official DS Festival developments.


Kathy will work with me to write and post the SG Updates whenever I have key DS news to premiere-announce and report. We continue to welcome all DS-related news you share for the email SG Updates and print newsletters. As always, please send any DS materials to SG’s e- or postal- mail addresses below.


When “all is well” with my eye and I’m settled into my life again, I’ll prepare the next print newsletter – SG #127 – for publication and have it ready to mail to all current subscribers as soon as I can.


Sharing a fan interest like DS leads us to many experiences, opportunities, friendships, creativity, and much more. Since my first involvement in DS fandom 45+ years ago, I’ve been grateful for all the fun such sharing can bring.


Through my years in many fandoms, my life’s been expanded in countless ways. And during my latest years of health crises, I’ve been greatly touched by so many good wishes and caring thoughts. I appreciate your understanding and patience now. Thank you.




These SG Update news bulletins are FIRST posted via the free ShadowGram Yahoo Group. Each Update brings you immediate time-sensitive key news bulletins relating to all things DS


NOTE: The SG Online Updates makes the premiere-announcements with the latest confirmed news for the DS Festival’s DARK SHADOWS 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION event in Tarrytown, NY – June 24-26, 2016. .


There is no cost and it’s easy to sign up for the SG Group.


To directly receive each SG Online Update post sent to you as an email, please join the free SG Yahoo Group. You do not need to be a SG postal-mail subscriber to join and become a member of the Group.


To join the ShadowGram Yahoo Group:


--- If you’re already a Yahoo member, go to the website. Find the “Groups” tab on the main page. Click there and type “Shadowgram” in the Search box. It will take you to the Group. Continue from there.


To become a member of the ShadowGram YahooGroup, please go to


To receive an invitation – which makes it even easier to join the Group – please directly email your invitation request to Marcy Robin at


Once you sign up for the Group or accept the invitation, you are a Group member. You then will receive the breaking-news Updates via email as they are posted. You also can follow past news developments as they happened by reading recent Updates.


To directly join the ShadowGram Yahoo Group to directly receive each Update as it is posted, please follow these steps:


If you’re not already a Yahoo member, go to and click on the home page "sign up" link and follow the directions. Then enter the URL below and join the group ShadowGram.


You can read recent and all past SG Updates once you're a member of the SG Yahoo Group by clicking on the “Messages” tab.


If you'd like more information or have questions, please e-mail Marcy Robin at


If you’d like an email invitation to join the Group – which makes it easier to become a member – please send your request for an invitation directly to Marcy Robin at




--- Each complete SG print newsletter provides in-depth reports, with confirmed and official details, photos, DS personnel’s own comments and messages for SG readers, publicity and media coverage, exclusive materials, official advance information, and more.


To subscribe / renew to the ShadowGram Official Dark Shadows Newsletters:


--- US & Canadian First Class subscriptions: $12.00 for 4 issues, $24.00 for 8 issues.

 ---Overseas Air Mail subscriptions: US $20.00 for 4 issues, US $40.00 for 8 issues.


Please send subscription / renewal payment by check or money order, made payable to:


Marcy Robin

P.O. Box 1766

Temple City, CA 91780-7766




Subscription/renewal payments also can be made via PayPal to:


When your subscription / renewal order is received, the current – and first-ever – Triple SG #124-#125-#126 print newsletter will be sent to you via postal-mail.



**** This Update (and every) is posted FIRST to the ShadowGram Yahoo Group and then is dispersed by interested people to various lists, boards, websites, groups, blogs, pages, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, in individual personal emails, and other online / print communications.


PLEASE always include ShadowGram's complete e- and postal- mail addresses and subscription information in all of your online sharing. Thank you.


Each SG Published Newsletter features confirmed news and information direct from the DS cast / crew about their projects and activities, Dan Curtis Productions, the DS Festival, Big Finish Productions, MPI, and others involved in DS today. The print newsletters feature exclusive and behind-the-scenes photos, premiere announcements, messages to the fans from the DS personnel, detailed reports, publicity materials, media coverage, updates for DS guest/fan gatherings, plus all the definite DS news and plans.


---- SG invites all fans to please share any DS-related materials you find at any time.


These can be on-air, in print, and online, international, nationwide, or local, including media publicity and mentions, articles, reviews, interviews, commentaries, etc. Fans attending any personal appearances by the DS actors always are encouraged to please share with SG their reports, photos, video footage, program books, local publicity, media articles, interviews, reviews, etc.  Each experience and perspective is unique and helps let SG readers who can’t attend “be there with you.”


All such items can be hard copies (photographs, newspapers, magazines, program books, flyers). You can email photos and articles at high resolution or send materials via postal-mail. Please always include your full name and the complete name and date of the source.


Please send all items to ShadowGram’s postal- and e- mail addresses above / below.


You will be named as a Contributor in the published SG newsletter. You also may receive a complementary Contributor's Copy for major donations of photos, information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for your support and sharing.


All information is important to ShadowGram, The Official DS Published Newsletter and The Official DS News Source. Subscribers of all ages are across the US and worldwide. I directly send complimentary copies of every issue to many of the DS cast and crew. They share their news with me for SG’s readers. They enjoy learning about their DS colleagues in SG's pages.


SHADOWGRAM (SG) is the recognized * Official * "Dark Shadows" Newsletter. Much of its news is provided directtly to me by the show's cast, crew, and those involved in the 1966-71 TV series and the 1991 TV series. Established 36+ years ago in April, 1979, SG always works directly with the DS cast/crew and related individuals, companies, and others involved in DS' creation, distribution, promotion, merchandise, etc. The complete, detailed SG print issues usually are published 2-3 times during a year.


Please see complete subscription information and contact addresses above.


For more newsletter information or if you have any questions, please email or send a SAFSE (Self-Addressed, Forever- Stamped Envelope) to this postal-mail address:


Thank you.


Marcy Robin

ShadowGram Editor / Publisher

P.O. Box 1766

Temple City, CA 91780-7766



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