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Timeline Manipulation

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Author Topic: Timeline Manipulation  (Read 266 times)
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« on: August 25, 2014, 04:05:05 pm »

British author H.G. Wells publishes "The Time Machine."
Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity shows that space and time are relative, not absolute, and that time is actually a fourth dimension within what he calls "space-time."
Einstein discovers that space-time is curved.
Mathematician Kurt Goedel proposes that the universe itself may be a time machine.
Goedel demonstrates mathematically that pathways through time are possible.
U.S. physicist John Wheeler invents the name "black hole" to describe singularities in space and time.
Astrophysicist Frank Tipler plots paths around a vast, imaginary spinning cylinder, confirming that paths through time can exist.
Air Force scientist and engineer David Anderson proposes his time-warped field theory.
Caltech University's Kip Thorne suggests using wormholes as a possible means of time travel.
David Anderson extends time-warped field theory creating the worlds' first complete space-time model and virtual laboratory.
Richard Gott at Princeton University proves that cosmic strings could be used for time travel.
The Time Travel Research Center is formed by David Anderson.
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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 04:06:27 pm »

The following posts were sent by an individual who claims to be native to a "world-line" where the U.S.A. did not take part in World War II.

There are some Montauk project investigators such as Michael Ash who state that the Montauk Project had sent agents back in time to help Great Britain AND America win the war against Germany.

Could THIS current time/world-line be the result of time-travel manipulation?

OR, could it be that some of the agents working at Montauk who were affiliated with Germany, went back in time and helped Germany to win the war, essentially creating another world-line?

Whatever the case, read on and form your own conclusions.

The following source believes that HIS timeline is the original due to various inconsistencies that he has observed in our world, and that OURS is an engineered reality.

Alex Collier on the other hand states that the "Zenatae" people with whom he is in contact also confirmed that there is a German Empire timeline however that OUR timeline is the original, yet the Zenatae "Andromedans" ALSO state that THIS is essentially the second time around, i.e. that there was a timeline before THIS one was created [by the Montauk Project], the creation of this world-line having changed the 5th dimensional reality of the Zenatae's themselves.

So what is the TRUE reality?
Or is reality like a hologram of a TREE?
... that is, are all the "branches" connected at the subtle levels yet one will "see" a different "reality" depending on what "branch-perspective" they are looking at!?.

Could the creation of multiple timelines by temporal manipulation on the part of the Montauk projects lead to some kind of unraveling of the linear third dimension itself, perhaps around the year 2012 as some have suggested?

The individual source of this information will be identified only as "ProfessorPhate":

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 10:37:43 -0600 (CST)
Thank you for your gracious if overwhelming reply. I can only hope that I have the intellectual stamina to co-ordinate the expression of my thoughts as well as you have deployed yours. Because of other demands I will be obliged to respond to your e-mail in a piece-meal fashion, but eventually I will address, in however a circuitous route, as many of the topics as I can.

The paucity in my personal experience of different world-lines makes me incapable of attributing the primacy of origin or determination to one as opposed to another. Indeed, as I am increasingly coming to suspect, that may be ultimately a meaningless question. Although, by circumscribing one's set of references, a diligent observer could discern a genealogy. Any person who has transposed from their aboriginal world-line to an alternative can automatically, by virtue of their discrepant nature, evaluate the comparative stability or 'solidity' of the two. At least, this is my vouchsafed experience.

This natural talent or expertise is perhaps not germane to, and probably obfuscates, any attempt to ascertain a family-tree.

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 14:25:58 -0600 (CST)
To continue.... Another aptitude that is acquired by a transposer is a psychic sensitivity which I call (and this is possibly a misnomer) chronopathy, i.e.: the ability to detect locales where there is a temporal discontinuity. This has a variety of formats. What might be indicated is a site of unusual temporal integrity or intensity in comparison to it's surroundings. Or a configuration that is peculiarly related to a counterpart on another time/world-line, and thus has a higher potential to facilitate a physical transfer between the two tracks.

There are doubtlessly other determinations which can be gleaned and a superintending gestalt that I do not yet understand. In my experience, an overcast day is the most conducive condition or prerequisite for reliable and repeated observations; but, on the other hand, the absence of sunlight, that is to say, the evening obliterates any sensitivity. On one or two occasions I have discovered in the full bore of unfiltered sunlight one of these outstanding sites or overlaps.

Whether this was due to a unique emanation or an unusual degree of discrimination on my part, or some other variable or combination of the aforementioned, I cannot say. This year I intend to begin a cartographical record of these areas. Lastly, alas, I must acknowledge that in my case I can only espy those emplacements that are synchronized (in whatever manner or quality) with my own world-line.

As to whether this reveals an intrusion of one domain upon the other, or a natural or artificial network of gateways... I do not know. Although I am prone to rampages of speculation, about this entire matter I am trying to be as circumspect as possible.
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« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2014, 04:06:49 pm »

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:59:10 -0600 (CST)
Deleting, for the sake of narrative simplicity, my own intricate and confusing story (that will have to be recounted later), let me expatiate upon my home world-line.

It is 25 years behind this time-line.
Perhaps the most glaring departure between the two is that the United States never participated in the Second World War. After the conquest of Metropolitan France by Germany (and Italy), the British Empire signed an armistice and subsequent peace-treaty with the Axis powers. A matter has occurred which unfortunately obliges me to curtail the account very prematurely. I will resume as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience.
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:20:09 -0600 (CST)

The provisions of the settlement were actually quite lenient. There was to be no occupation and the British army was promptly repatriated (there was no Dunkirk - the war party in the Parliament toppled when the B.E.F. was bagged in France). And in return for German 'guidance' in British foreign (and to a lesser degree, domestic) policy and the contribution of a modest expeditionary force (mainly naval) to the great anti-Bolshevik crusade, Hitler, to the extreme annoyance of the Italians, personally guaranteed the integrity of the British Empire (a point not lost on the Japanese either).

Although Hitler was very partial to Mussolini as an individual, the German military established a far more intimate relationship with the English than they ever desired to with their ostensible Italian allies. Nevertheless, the remnants of the war party, in the guise of a British-first movement, was able to survive, after a fashion, as the loyal Parliamentary opposition. Punctuated with violence, the socialist and labor coalition was suppressed, intimidated, co-opted, or bought-off. They remain to this day however the source of the English Resistance (by way of comparison, they are to the United Kingdom what the Basques are to contemporary Spain in this world-line).

WW II was much less damaging to Britain than was the case here. A number of nations, especially Australia and New Zealand, were more pro-Empire than even the English! South Africa became the 'fascist conscience' of Great Britain, while Canada became the haven for the disloyal (albeit ineffectual) opposition. India remained the jewel in the crown; but the sub-continent was a much more fractious place than it was in the pre-war period. This took longer than I anticipated. It's time for me to move along again.

More later....
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« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2014, 04:07:29 pm »

- Experiments in Time
- Håkan Nordkvist Has Visited the Future - His Story
- History of Time Travel Timeline
- How Time Travel Will Work
- Montauk And The Secret Government
- Nikola Tesla - Secret Time Travel Experiments
- Obama Pre-Identified as President by Secret DARPA-CIA Time Travel Program
- On The Edge of Time - The Mystery of Time Slips
- Reversing Time at Sub-light Speed
- Stargate - Main File
- The Nature of Light
- The Physics of Time Travel - Is it Real, or is it Fable?
- The Vajra Chronicles
- Time Control Technologies and Methods

Time is a funny thing. There never seems to be enough - yet there is an infinite amount. Time slips through moment upon second into eternity past; yet present, to begin the future.

Time is thought to be unstoppable in its relentless push towards the future. Humans perceive themselves as bound up in time as an insect in amber. Forever imprisoned and forced to reconcile with the regularity and inevitability of change. The past is gone -- the present, fleeting -- and the future is unknown. Or is it?

If a Merseyside policeman by the name of Frank was asked, he may have an entirely different opinion on the subject of time.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in July of 1996, Frank and his wife, Carol was visiting Liverpool’s Bold Street area for some shopping. At Central Station, the pair split up; Carol went to Dillons Bookshop and Frank went to HMV to look for a CD he wanted. As he walked up the incline near the Lyceum Post Office/Café building that lead onto Bold Street, Frank suddenly noticed he had entered a strange "oasis of quietness."

Suddenly, a small box van that looked like something out of the 1950s sped across his path, honking its horn as it narrowly missed him. Frank noticed the name on the van’s side: "Caplan’s." When he looked down, the confused policeman saw that he was unexpectedly standing in the road. The off-duty policeman crossed the road and saw that Dillons Book Store now had "Cripps" over its entrances. More confused, he looked in to see not books, but women’s handbags and shoes.

Looking around, Frank realized people were dressed in clothes that appeared to be from the 1940s. Suddenly, he spotted a young girl in her early 20’s dressed in a lime-colored sleeveless top. The handbag she was carrying had a popular brand name on it, which reassured the policeman that maybe he was still partly in 1996. It was a paradox, but he was relieved, and he followed the girl into Cripps.

As the pair went inside, Frank watched in amazement as the interior of the building completely changed in a flash to that of Dillons Bookshop of 1996. The girl turned to leave and Frank lightly grasped the girl’s arm to attract attention and said,

"Did you see that?"

She replied, "Yeah! I thought it was a clothes shop. I was going to look around, but it’s a bookshop."

It was later determined that Cripps and Caplan’s were businesses based in Liverpool during the 1950s. Whether these businesses were based in the locations specified in the story has not been confirmed. 1

Frank’s experience is not that unusual in the realm of strange phenomenon. There is even a name given to such events -- time slips.

A time slip is an event where it appears that some other era has briefly intruded on the present. A time slip seems to be spontaneous in nature and localization, but there are places on the planet that seem to be more prone than others to time slip events. As well, some people may be more inclined to experience time slips than others.

If time then is the unmovable force that physicists say it is, why do some people have experiences that seem to flaunt this concept?

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