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News: USA showered by a watery comet ~11,000 years ago, ending the Golden Age of man in America
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The Hyksos

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Author Topic: The Hyksos  (Read 1292 times)
Chessica Silva
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« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2014, 01:24:45 am »

Avaris is the Greek name for the Hyksos capital. Vara is the name of the Aryan "noah's ark" and means enclosure. Indra is the destroyer of a vara (also called vala) when he kills Vitra which liberates the rivers.

There are no Hebrews in actual history but there are phonetically similar words like Iber (Iberians) which is associated with waters and pops up in a couple of places that Phoenicians had a presence in. In Canaan there are Habirus, nomadic mountain dwellers.

There is also a similar word in Akkadian:

ebaru, Akkadian dictionary


Comparison with other Semitic languages :

to cross , to go across ;

Hebrew : avar «to cross»
Crossing, usually in the context of waters

musebiru, Akkadian dictionary


1) : that brings (someone) across ; 2) : an aqueduct (?) ;
Musebiru? Moses is someone that brought Hebrews across a body of water. According the bible anyways.

BTW, this actually relates to the infamous nibiru which is usually associated with the planet Jupiter but occasionally the planet Mars. Nibiru is Marduk's star and Marduk is the one who slays Tiamat. He's also an Amorite. I don't believe in the cataclysm theory, but did ancient Earthlings possibly have a celestial tug of war with another planet? Venus (the morning star), Saturn (aka Shamash, Sol, and even Helios before these were associated with the sun), Jupiter (Zeus and Jove... maybe even Yaweh), or even something boring - the moon (or an asteroid or comet).

In ancient times there were 360 days on the calendar. There is an Egyptian myth where Thoth wrestles or gambles with the moon for 5 days of its light. In Islam there is a strange reference to the moon splitting. And on the face of the moon the "mares" are evidence of volcanism. Several ancient cultures claim the moon did not used to even be there. It obviously causes tides. What if anciently, for a bit, the Earth and the moon were tidally locked (like Pluto and Charon)? This would horde the waters on one side of the planet due to tidal force. Upon "liberation" there would be mass flooding. This is all conjecture and likely unrelated but you never know.

Maybe the moon is the remnant of a dead planet and Earth "inherited" its waters and some lifeforms. Now I'm getting a little carried away

One more thing about the Osiris myth. In many forms of the myth, Osiris is killed by Seth, Isis searches for his corpse and finds it either in a chest (like an enclosure?) or in pieces she puts back together minus the ****, so a golden one is made to birth Horus or something like that. In the chest version, the chest is usually in a temple in Canaan IIRC (a tree grew around it and was cut down for the temple). I get the feeling there is more to this myth than reincarnation and good and evil.

See, there were apparently "giants" in Canaan in very ancient times. Similar to Greek Titans and Norse frost giants, there are many parallel myths about a generation of gods who are half "giant" (but not giant in stature). They then exterminate all or most of the giants. I haven't read the gnostic scriptures in a while, but I recall "after the flood" (which killed the unrighteous people, some of who were giants) Noah's "Sethian" sons encountering survivors, breeding with them, and causing god's people to be mixed with a people that were not of god's 'house'. There is a similar Norse myth about the exterminated giants winding up in the wrong heavenly hall (due to the hybridization). I'm going off memory here, I probably have some things wrong. But this is what I'm thinking the Osiris myth probably alludes to as well (hybridization, all the "gods" were dead but a remnant was saved and mixing was involved)
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