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December 02, 2022, 08:58:36 pm
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News: Ice Age blast 'ravaged America'
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Atlantis Fever

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Author Topic: Atlantis Fever  (Read 825 times)
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« on: October 02, 2015, 11:56:47 pm »

This is rather dated, but it suffices to show what “Gold Fever” can do to a sound mind, after it has been contracted, and the virus allowed to run its endless course. Gold Fever is better known around here as “Atlantis Fever.” By the way, if we remove the “l” from Gold, we get God....God Fever. Therefore, Atlantis Fever=God Fever. And although some of you may think that I'm joking, I swear that I'm not in jest, really! God only knows!

As we can see from the article below, it clearly shows the “grave” symptoms that our particular kind of fever is able to produce. Why! there is a clear sign of extreme, feverish, and delusional state resulting from very high contemplative tossing and turning, and too much dwelling on finding the lost continent island. But the fever goes pitch high when the infected souls concentrate too deeply and too long on the creation story of the Timaeus. Better stick to the beginning part only, as the fever is a couple of degrees lower, and results in less sweating, delirium, and thinking. Here, in the article, the victim started out a perfectly healthy, and highly respected expert in ancient mythology, and after he got bitten by the bug, he ended up as an expert cosmologist. Such is the power of our ancient virus, which apparently, is spread by a very tiny parasite hosted by the bird species. 

A word of caution to the wise; sell your caged parrots and canaries, and please, stay away from any bird species that won't sing, as scientists and the International Center for Diseases  have not, yet, established if it is only a single or multiple breeds of birds which are responsible. But any bird not singing is a sure sign of hosting the parasite. Of note, apparently the host birds appear to be immune from the more serious symptom; serious contemplation, although some have been deemed mad, as they apparently fly around in circles and then without rhyme or reason, smash themselves against any, nearby, brick or rocky pillars. It has been observed that if any effected birds are flying around near water, they will seek rocky, shallow formations, especially if they are in shoals of mud, circular in shape, and either above or below water, to crash into. 

Well, the article seems to be loaded with a little plagiarism, because some well respected men of science of our long-ago past had the same results, from their having contracted the fever themselves. Which shows that, fortunately, the virus is not mutating often. This is a positive, because hopes of finding a vaccine is high, although a cure for those already infected is not possible. And although the patients seem to overcome the virus by declaring themselves cured, they do not realize the serious changes it produces on their minds; amnesia. But it's not all bad, as with the amnesia of the previous profession, it replaces any lost memory with a kind of self-delusion of having knowledge and expertise in another profession.   

Here follows the article:
The story of the lost city of Atlantis has fascinated academics and romantics for thousands of years. But despite the legend one leading expert has finally admitted the truth: it never existed.

Ever since Plato insisted that his tale of a seafaring civilization consigned to the deep by earthquakes and floods was true, the search for the lost empire has spanned the globe - in September two explorers claimed simultaneously to have found it at the top of a volcano and at the bottom of the Mediterranean.
But now Alan F. Alford, one of the world's authorities on ancient mythology, claims to have uncovered the truth: the Greek philosopher invented Atlantis as a metaphor for the ancient version of our 'Big Bang' theory.

'My findings allow us, for the first time ever, to get inside Plato's mind and reconsider the story of Atlantis from an ancient, rather than a modern, perspective,' said Alford, who has spent the last five years investigating the story.

'Behind the tale lies a single secret of stunning simplicity: namely that although Atlantis was a lost paradise, it was not a lost city, island or continent, but a lost planet of the former golden age,' he added. 'The loss of Atlantis was meant to signify a totally profound event - the cataclysm of all cataclysms that disrupted the universe at the beginning of all time.'

And now I dedicate a couple of odes to my special multi-headed friend, as an apology, and a token for my sorrowful failure in making him realize that he is in a delirious state, due to the illness he contracted. I have tried to make up for this by being kind enough to this friend through reasonable advice, hoping to hold up his spirits, as I tried my hand with my own brand of a home-cure for this terrible disease, which seemed only to have aggravated the case. Mia culpa. It seems that he has self-deluded himself as being a very knowledgeable and unique expert in ancient poetry, specifically specializing in the Pindarian odes. Therefore these odes of mine are meant to appease and indulge his madness which he is currently experiencing, as he is in an extreme acute phase, and which seems to be transitioning into a dangerous chronic one, and therefore a poor prognosis for remission. Poor fellow, we must play along for his sake.

To the victor of a great debate, may the gods bless you and all your heads.
There are no words to express the swiftness by which you dodged all those fast flying questions.
Your brevity and eloquence in conquering your opponents is without rival,
Truly revealing your divine roots of having sprung from an illustrious egg.
Migrating from England's foggy chimneys to America's Eastern river shores,
Only to end roosting on Canada's frigid trees; the fine leafed Maple tree.
There to beak on the golden sap, syrup too rich even for the native geese.
Then, when your chick feathers shed, and plumage rich, to flight with friends
Every winter, a sojourn you took, to the dumps and keys, to fly with gulls
To get your Florida kicks by fishing deep, and then weep,
'Cause It was garbage too bleak and you wanted to be king.


But perhaps we, all the seekers of Atlantis should really honor you, especially wiki-pedia.
So on everyone's behalf I offer you a special ancient ode for your grand victory.
And I'm hoping that you understand this one better.


Silence is not meet.
And along with thy genuine glories men
shall praise also the charm of the sweet singer, the nightingale.
O thou Spirit of surpassing might, where is thy epode
the gratitude of the gods?
Bold as thou art, ere now thou hast had thy boisterous
throat bound fast in hempen bonds
And now my king,—aye, mine,—will plough
thee with hill-born olives, and will encompass thy navigable plains
with his far-roaming rays '
' O thou
frenzied thing, hated from of old, who treacherously embracest
me, while the breeze sweeps over thy surges!' So spake he,
panting with strangled breath, as he spat forth the grim sea-dew,
belching from his mouth the brine of the deep.
I speak words of meaning for the wise: the depths of air 
receive no taint; the waters of the sea are incorrupt ; gold is
a joy: but for a man it is not lawful to pass by hoary eld,
and to recover the bloom of youth. Yet the radiance of manly
worth wanes not with the mortal body; it is cherished by the
Muse. You have shown to mankind the fairest thing,
And by Heracles and his pillars, olive garlands you deserve
For the greatest myth is now resolved; there lies,
Amongst the Danube marshes, once so deep,
There, there, Atlas and his nine brothers sleep.


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« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2015, 12:18:33 am »

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« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2016, 04:09:57 pm »

Personally, I think that Atlantis fever is a much more profound subject than a myriad of other things I can think of that one can have fevers about.
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