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November 27, 2022, 07:57:34 pm
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2nd Peter, Chapter 3, verses 5-8, Authorized King James Version

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Author Topic: 2nd Peter, Chapter 3, verses 5-8, Authorized King James Version  (Read 2447 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2015, 07:21:30 pm »

Dear Rennes,
Lets us be clear, I did not come to this site to look for trouble or just to exchange insults with an ignoramus of Plato's works. You started with the insults, thinking me to be a religious fanatic. You are a poor judge of character, besides a bad judge of people's opinions and beliefs, even when put into writ. Not to mention that you are not well equipped for understanding satire directed at you, as it just goes over your head. Although you, a mundane sort of person, do easily recognize mere banal insults. But I do see that you are just a feathered tree dwelling creature, and someone who just echoes others' thoughts, meaning that you are not capable to come out with some of yours. And I see that you are wanting to spar a bit. OK, I'm game. But first you must realize and convince yourself that I'm not the religious zealot you make me out to be. Second, you must realize that you are just another playful, ignorant, and blind searcher of Atlantis. You are not searching, you are just playing the part of some child that has been given a shiny toy. If you had been a serious searcher, you would have been a devout student of Plato, at least.  Just because someone has given you a toy syringe and stethoscope, you are now trying to come across as a real doctor! That sums up my opinion of the situation you are in. You are in dire straits! And only an Herculean labor can take you past that strait, if you know what I mean! And let us not forget that you must hold some serious resentments, and hate perhaps, for those that you think are believers in the Bible.

Now, as far as proof, how are you qualified to ascertain just what proof entails? You, in pointing out all those Bible stories for what they are worth, are acting as a mere myna bird, repeating what you have heard over and over again. But let me just divert the argument, and safely, and gently lob it back on your side of the court, just like one does with a little "fuzzy" ball. So you ask proof from me, knowing full well yourself, at least that is what you claim, that you seem to know all about the universe and its age and also about some details about our Earth. Now, as far as the Bible stories go and believing in God and all of that, I am not certain in any of that myself; I have my own doubts about some of it. The universe could be 6,000 years or 14 billion years old, or maybe, it just came to be when I was born. And since I have never pursued the matter much, since I was not intent on proving it, one way or the other, I cannot provide any proof of God, or what the Bible claims as true. However, you appear certain that you do know that God and the Bible are just mere nonsense, right? Well! Why don't you prove wrong all those faithful people you label as fools by proving that God does not exist? Please to tells us how and where our universe popped into existence, or if it always existed, how can it have any age? Why don't you clear up all the pollution on this site and just tells us where Atlantis is, while you are at it too. But if that is not good enough for you, than the only other proof I can provide is that of you being a moron and a total idiot for insulting me for no good reason, other than you thought me a Christian zealot. And for proof we have to look no further than your posts.

I did not intend to continue with you, as I stated on my last post to you, but noticing your response and your threat to undermine any other posts I may initiate on this site, I thought it best to give you this last response, letting you know that you need to keep to yourself on any of my future posts, unless you have some intelligent, pertinent, and non-insulting remarks to add. I hope that it is clear, and you are not so dense to not comprehend what I am saying to you. You hunt for Atlantis your way and where you want to, and I will choose my own way and grounds. And you were right in not wanting to read and understand Plato; it's just beyond your capabilities and a waste of your time trying. Perhaps if you live a thousand more lives, perhaps you will begin to see, but just now, at this junction, it's just impossible for you. And that is why I will not even waste my time telling you where in Plato's writings you will find what you seek to know from me.  One can lead a "donkey" to water, but one cannot make that dumb ASS drink! How can you, someone that is not familiar with Plato's works, place so much credence in Plato's story of the truthfulness of Atlantis? You must accept it on faith, as communicated to you by others you hold dear, right? It's all about faith, is it not? So unless you are an expert on everything, and with hands-on experience, you have to trust someone else. I know, don't tell me, you have faith only in those things that sound logical and reasonable to you, right? And you are calling me an hypocrite? NO my friend, you are the kettle and I'm the pot; it's your own image that you see reflecting off of me! May Poseidon forgive you!
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