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Author Topic: SABIAN SYMBOLS  (Read 975 times)
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« on: September 04, 2007, 09:56:47 am »

                                             S A B I A N   S Y M B O L S

The picture is "The Mermaid" by Howard Pyle. Painted in 1910.
A wonderful depiction of Aries 1: A Woman Has Risen Out of
the Ocean, a Seal is Embracing Her

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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2007, 10:00:05 am »


More and more people in this new era are seeing how magical and mystical life can be. We are finding our way into much broader, enriching and rewarding levels. So many of us are now exploring the spiritual aspects of our existence; observing our lives, and the effects we have on the people around us and on planet earth. Life today is increasingly complex, however, with so many decisions to make and puzzles to solve. We hunger for meaning and guidance and often want and need answers to life's many questions - here and now.

As many of us already know, there are tools for discovering what's going on, and why, which help us to find our path. Throughout history successive generations have created intuitive guidance tools that reflected the vibration of their culture and their times - the I Ching in ancient China; the Runes in Scandinavia; the Tarot in early Europe.

Oracles have been 'read' from an incredible array of objects including stones, bones, tea-leaves, coins, sticks, the backs of tortoise shells and cards. The word "oracle" comes from the Latin word meaning "to pray". It is also connected to the word for mouth. An oracle is described in Webster's Dictionary as being 'a divine announcement' and 'the medium by which a god reveals hidden knowledge or makes known the divine purpose'. Further, it is said to be 'an authoritative or wise statement or prediction'. In essence an oracle is a tool that allows a conversation with divine forces. They give us signposts and maps so that we can make better, more informed choices in life. In truth, we have the answers to the questions we ask inside of us; however we often need the answers to come through a vehicle outside of ourselves. Now we have the Sabian Oracle, which gives us a direct route into issues that reflect our modern era.

Based on the Sabian Symbols, first created in 1925, and consisting of 360 answers, the Sabian Oracle can be used to guide us through questions about our day-to-day lives: work, relationships, health, spirituality etc. Using the Sabian Oracle will help you to discover what's going on and why, leading to deeper self-awareness. You are able to make more informed choices and greatly enhance your life. It provides us with a psychic and spiritual tool for deep guidance, insight and the ability to see into the amazing occurrences and synchronicities that occur to us and happen around us. You can ask questions about what your future holds, how to go about doing something, what you need to know about a situation or the people involved, directions on your spiritual path or you can use it to get a message for the day. They lead us out of the wilderness into a place of greater self-determination, fulfillment and enjoyment. Using them also widens and enlarges our psychic abilities and awareness and increases our attunement with our intuitive depths.
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« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2007, 10:02:12 am »

What are the Sabian Symbols?

The ancients divided up the sky, just like any other circle, into 360 degrees. They assigned each of the 12 constellations (star signs or zodiac signs) 30 degrees each: 12 times 30 = 360. The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases of words that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the wheel of the zodiac, from Aries 1 to Pisces 30. Consisting from as little as 2 words (Virgo 2: 'A Harem') to as many as 21 words (Taurus 5: 'A Youthful Widow, Fresh and Soul-Cleansed From Grief, Kneels at an Open Grave to Receive the Secret of Eternal Life), each one of these Symbols holds both a story and a unique energy field of their own. These images hold meaning for those degrees of the signs. Although the Symbols have their foundations in astrology, absolutely no knowledge of astrology is needed to use them.

The Sabian Symbols were given birth in San Diego, California, in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones, a noted American astrologer and spiritualist and the gifted clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler. Jones was interested to find a set of word images to go with every degree of the zodiac. Elsie Wheeler was an extraordinary clairvoyant confined to a wheelchair for most of her life. Jones chose Elsie Wheeler as his partner in this 'experiment' (as M.E. Jones called it) as she had a remarkable ability to "see" messages, images and symbols. She used this talent to help her clients, but was rather weary of the standard questions she received, such as "when will I be rich?" and "when will I meet the love of my life?" She was eager to take part as she believed that this was an opportunity to really contribute something to astrology.
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« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2007, 10:08:00 am »

How Elsie and Marc brought through the Symbols

One day in San Diego in 1925 (unfortunately the date was not recorded) not far from the harbor, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones assisted spiritualist-medium Elsie Wheeler into his car. Elsie was afflicted with severe arthritis, making any movement very difficult and most likely painful. Marc's car made its way from the house on India Avenue where Elsie lived up the sloping hills to Balboa Park. Exactly where in the park they worked is not known. Marc Edmund Jones wrote that they found a place where they could be surrounded by the vibrations of modern American life but would not be disturbed by passers-by. Also, as Elsie was unable to walk, they could not be moved from the car.

Marc Edmund Jones wrote in his book 'The Sabian Symbols in Astrology' (first published in 1953), "Miss Elsie Wheeler was very anxious to start... it was necessary to provide uninterrupted hours, with a problem of inevitable fatigue to be taken into account. She had to be carried, no others could be present and conditions in general had to enable her to function in her accustomed manner. Balboa Park in San Diego offered a spot where a driveway was a matter of a very few yards from one of the city's busiest traffic intersections, fortuitously meeting the necessity that work of this sort be done in the turmoil of some metropolitan center or other unusually dense aggregation of people active in the business of being. There was a screen of trees and bushes, and during the day no one would show any interest in a car parked here for a few hours."

Marc had a set of 360 3" x 5" cardboard cards that he had prepared. These were blank except for a small notation of the sign and number on one side (i.e. Aries 1, Aries 2 up to Pisces 30). Marc would shuffle the cards and place one in front of Elsie, neither of them knowing the sign or number on the card. Marc wrote about this: "One card was put face down before the medium, and she reported on the picture she saw by inward vision. This was noted hurriedly in pencil on the card itself." During the whole process, Marc kept shuffling the cards. Hence, the Sabian Oracle clairvoyantly came through Elsie's psychically attuned mind completely at random (i.e. not in zodiac order Aries 1, Aries 2, Aries 3 etc.) They did ninety Symbols, took a break, did another ninety, had lunch and a short drive, then did another ninety and finished the last ninety at the end of the day.

That the entire set of Sabian Symbols was visualized and recorded in one day is a truly extraordinary feat! If the process of visualizing and recording the Symbols took four hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon, on average 45 Symbols would have to have been visualized per hour, or one every minute and a half. Elsie Wheeler was obviously tapping into another level of consciousness.

What they'd achieved on that day became clearer and clearer to Marc Edmund Jones over the following years. He had called the exercise an 'experiment', but exactly what they had discovered is still emerging today through the minds of those who use the Symbols.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2007, 10:09:42 am »

The magic behind the 'experiment'

Marc Edmund Jones believed that Elsie Wheeler had tapped into what he called the 'ancient mind matrix' of the Sabian alchemists of ancient Mesopotamia. Jones wrote that

"...psychism seams to deal with (a) sort of group identity, or with an intelligence which is immortal in the fact that it can be revivified and consulted at will."

Marc said that there was a presence and cooperation "on the invisible side of life" of one of the Brothers of the ancient Sabian occult sect. At the end of the day, when the entire Oracle had been completed, Marc sensed something was wrong with one of the Symbols, and asked Elsie to do that particular one again. He felt this so strongly that it occurred to him that he was being guided by something, so he asked Elsie if 'the Brother' was there. Upon hearing that he was, Marc asked her what he was doing, to which she responded that he was "standing with his arms folded." Marc then said "Ask him why he didn't correct that." Elsie responded, "He says that is up to you." It appears that on all levels, a higher kind of 'consciousness' or 'intelligence' was operating.
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« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2007, 10:11:46 am »

Why the name 'Sabian'?


The Sabian Symbol story is embedded in the ancient cultures of the Middle East. Marc Edmund Jones felt that there was an "unseen agency" - an external, esoteric mind-set at work in the birthing of the Sabian Symbols. Connection was made through a 'Brother', a member of the ancient Mesopotamian brotherhood, the Sabian Brotherhood. He believed that they were the 'voices' that were spiritually behind Elsie Wheeler, delivering the messages that became the Symbols.

The Sabian people were an ancient race of alchemists, living in Harran, a city on the banks of the Euphrates River in Mesopotamia, where astrology is said to have originated. Harran existed from the third millennium BC to the thirteenth century AD. It was the repository for the philosophy of the ancient Chaldeans, who were among the founders of astrology. The Sabians were alchemists who were into talismanic magic and hermeticism. Michael Baigent in his book 'From the Omens of Babylon' describes talismanic magic as "the magic whereby a deity's power is attracted or coerced down to be concentrated into a physical object.... It is, perhaps, analogous to a huge spiritual lens which might magnify and concentrate the powers from above."

In early Babylonia the moon-cult was the national religion: the name Chaldeans means 'moon-worshippers'. As the religion was gradually wiped out elsewhere, the Sabian people maintained and developed the tradition of Chaldean astrology. They built temples to planets and their rather sophisticated system of alchemy linked the 7 planets (as were known then) with metals, colors and numbers. They worked with talismans, oracles and magic. The last temple that was left standing was a moon temple, destroyed by the Tartars in AD 1032. The sect itself disappeared during Mongol invasions of the thirteenth century, when its water supply was diverted to a neighboring town.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #6 on: September 04, 2007, 10:21:26 am »

                       T H E   V I S I O N A R I E S   B E H I N D   T H E   O R A C L E

Elsie Wheeler - the clairvoyant

Elsie May Wheeler was born on September 3, 1887 at 9.39 pm in Norris City, Illinois. Severely afflicted and crippled with arthritis, she spent her entire life in a wheelchair. Jones said of her "She couldn't turn her head and could barely hold her hands" Her intuitive and visionary abilities were not impaired by her handicap. She was an extraordinary clairvoyant and said to be blessed with the ability to see images quickly and clearly.

In the 1900 Census, at the age of 13, Elsie is listed as being at the Bethesda Hospital and Home for the Incurables in St. Louis, Missouri. She was still there in the 1910 and 1920's Census. Hence, she was in the Home for the Incurables from a very young age for at least 20 years.

She moved to San Diego some time in the early 1920's, living with her uncle Frank W. Baxter on India Street, Washington and Market Street at various times. In the 1930 Census, Frank was listed as being a barber and Elsie as a spiritualist medium.

She spent many of her days at the San Diego Indoor Sports club, a place disabled people have been socializing at since the early 1900's, and is still in operation today. She would give people advice and spread cheer amongst her fellow "shut-ins" (a term used in those days for a handicapped person).

Even though her Birthday Symbol is Virgo 12: A Bride With Her Veil Snatched Away, Elsie never married nor had children. It seems that she was "wedded" to a higher spiritual purpose. Her 'Veil' seems to be firmly in place as not much has been recorded or written about her, but the legacy she leaves behind lives on through the gift that is the Sabian Oracle. The beauty and grace with which she is said to have lived her life is enhanced by the gift she gave to the world. She died at the age of 51 in San Diego on the 26th November 1938.

More about Elsie's life:  Elsie May Wheeler: Spiritualist Medium With a Gift For the World
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« Reply #7 on: September 04, 2007, 10:24:42 am »

                                                       Marc Edmund Jones - the astrologer

Marc Edmund Jones was born on October 1, 1888, at 8:37 AM CST, in St. Louis, Missouri. He lived a colorful and varied life, being a Presbyterian minister, American Theosophist, occult philosopher and prolific scriptwriter for the film industry. Jones was an astrologer for over sixty years and is widely accredited with having made major contributions to the field of astrology. Not only did he create the Sabian Symbols, he devised a whole different approach to the understanding and teaching of astrology, assigning to it a more spiritual basis. He died on March 5, 1980, in Stanwood, WA at the age of 91.
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« Reply #8 on: September 04, 2007, 10:29:03 am »

Some notes on symbolism

Symbolism is a catalyst or key to accessing our inner wisdom, our connection with the universal consciousness, our spirit or soul - what some call the higher self. This aspect of ourselves does not think in words, but in images, feelings, colors and sounds from a symbolic perspective. It is the abstract part of our psyche that our logical and rational society often does not accept as valid because it doesn't make literal sense: it requires interpretation into objective language, which is not always wholly adequate or accurate.

One of the major current effects that is occurring is a real need to reconnect with 'the feminine' - the right brain, intuitive functions. More than ever, we are realizing that the left brain, the logical and reasoning mind, doesn't provide wholly adequate answers to the questions we are asking. We are finding more creative solutions that add meaning to our lives and moments of illumination than we previously thought possible. We are often surprised by images and situations that affect us far more deeply than is logically explicable. It is symbolism that creates a pathway to our deeper understandings and brings our deeper understandings into the conscious world. As Tom Chetwynd says in his book Dictionary of Symbols "Symbols have always been treasured as a means of releasing sources of energy from the unconscious."

When we ask the Sabian Symbols a question, we must keep in mind the need to widen our vision. Looking at the answer through a narrow range of focus may lead to missing the many rewarding possibilities inherent in the answer we're given. For instance, a client asked about the romantic possibilities that were available to him as he was in the process of breaking up a long term relationship. The answer he got was Leo 15: A Street Pageant Moving Along a Street Packed With People. After a minute looking at the Symbol, he realized the answer he was receiving was to get out into life, out where there are lots of people in order to increase his possibilities of meeting someone. The literal translation of the Symbol did not necessarily include that exact message for him; it was more about adapting the Symbol to his particular question. However, it is indeed possible that he may meet someone whilst at a street market, or bumping into someone on the street, as these things are inherent in that Symbol.

Looking with an increased depth of view always helps when you're dealing with oracles.
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« Reply #9 on: September 04, 2007, 10:30:34 am »

Notes for astrologers

Along with using them as an Oracle, the Sabian Symbols can be used in every aspect of astrology, including horary, mundane, electional and indeed for any of the zodiacal systems such as heliocentric, sidereal or draconic. A great exercise that helps one to see more into these Symbols is to look up the symbol for the Sun at sunrise and watch what happens throughout the day. You can also tune into the degree of the new or full moon for clues to what's going on during that period.

The Symbols can be applied to any point in the zodiac. They will reveal, at times brilliantly and clearly, added layers of meaning to the degree of any of the planets, any asteroids that one might use, the angles - in fact anywhere there's a zodiacal degree. My belief is that wherever one seeks meaning, one will find meaning.

As we move out of the Piscean age and into the Aquarian age, we are transmuting in many ways, with the vibration of our spiritual and intellectual minds moving into higher gears as we evolve. In such hectic times, we hunger for meaning and guidance, but often don't have the time or the patience to pause and reflect deeply on our situation. The Sabian Oracle opens the doorway between our inner feelings and intentions and our conscious mind. They do this by helping to put what is within us into words. Being provided with possibilities enables us to act positively and confidently, and think rationally.

Welcome to the wonderful mystical, magical Sabian Oracle.
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« Reply #10 on: September 04, 2007, 10:32:05 am »

Recommended reading:

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmond Jones, Sabian Publishing Society, 1976.

An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar, Vintage Books (Random House), 1973.

From the Omens of Babylon: Astrology and Ancient Mesopotamia by Michael Baigent, Arkana (Penguin) 1994.

The Sabian Assembly website:

This Introduction is an adapted excerpt from 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Destiny With the Sabian Oracle published by Penguin (Plume) November 2005.
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« Reply #11 on: September 04, 2007, 10:38:20 am »

                                        T H E   S A B I A N   S Y M B O L S

The Sabian symbols were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler, and they are the most popularly used set of degree symbols today. They are symbolic of the meaning of each degree of the zodiac.


0-1 deg Aries

A Woman Just Risen From The Sea; A Seal Is Embracing Her

  1-2 deg Aries

A Comedian Reveals Human Nature

  2-3 deg Aries

The Cameo Profile Of A Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country

  3-4 deg Aries

Two Lovers Strolling On A Secluded Walk

  4-5 deg Aries

A Triangle With Wings

  5-6 deg Aries

A Square, With One Of Its Sides Brightly Illumined

  6-7 deg Aries

A Man Succeeds In Expressing Himself Simultaneously In Two Realms

  7-8 deg Aries

A Large Woman's Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind

  8-9 deg Aries

A Crystal Gazer

  9-10 deg Aries

A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images

  10-11 deg Aries

The Ruler Of A Nation

  11-12 deg Aries

A Triangularly Shaped Flight Of Wild Geese

  12-13 deg Aries

An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest

  13-14 deg Aries

A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman

  14-15 deg Aries

An Indian Weaving A Ceremonial Blanket

  15-16 deg Aries

Nature Spirits Are Seen At Work In The Light Of Sunset

  16-17 deg Aries

Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence

  17-18 deg Aries

An Empty Hammock Stretched Between Two Trees

  18-19 deg Aries

The "Magic Carpet" Of Oriental Imagery

  19-20 deg Aries

A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter

  20-21 deg Aries

A Pugilist Enters The Ring

  21-22 deg Aries

The Gate To The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desires

  22-23 deg Aries

A Pregnant Woman In Light Summer Dress

  23-24 deg Aries

Blown Inward By The Wind, The Curtains Of An Open Window Take The Shape Of A Cornucopia

  24-25 deg Aries

The Possibility For Man To Gain Experience At Two Levels Of Being

  25-26 deg Aries

A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold

  26-27 deg Aries

Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained

  27-28 deg Aries

A Large Audiences Confronts The Performer Who Disappointed Its Expectations

  28-29 deg Aries

The Music Of The Spheres

29-30 deg Aries

A Duck Pond And Its Brood
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« Reply #12 on: September 04, 2007, 10:40:19 am »


0-1 deg Taurus

A Clear Mountain Stream

  1-2 deg Taurus

An Electrical Storm

  2-3 deg Taurus

Natural Steps Lead To A Lawn Of Clover In Bloom

  3-4 deg Taurus

The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

  4-5 deg Taurus

A Widow At An Open Grave

  5-6 deg Taurus

Cantilever Bridge Across A Deep Gorge

  6-7 deg Taurus

The Woman Of Samaria At The Ancestral Well

  7-8 deg Taurus

A Sleigh On Land Uncovered By Snow

  8-9 deg Taurus

A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree

  9-10 deg Taurus

A Red Cross Nurse

  10-11 deg Taurus

A Woman Watering Flowers In Her Garden.

  11-12 deg Taurus

A Young Couple Window Shopping

  12-13 deg Taurus

A Porter Carrying Heavy Baggage

  13-14 deg Taurus

On The Beach, Children Play While Shellfish Grope At The Edge Of The Water

  14-15 deg Taurus

Head Covered With A Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, A Man Braves A Storm

  15-16 deg Taurus

An Old Teacher Fails To Interest His Pupils In Traditional Knowledge

  16-17 deg Taurus

A Symbolical Battle Between "Swords" And "Torches"

  17-18 deg Taurus

A Woman Airing An Old Bag Through The Open Window Of Her Room

  18-19 deg Taurus

A New Continent Rising Out Of The Ocean

  19-20 deg Taurus

Wisps Of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across The Sky

  20-21 deg Taurus

A Finger Pointing To A Line In An Open Book

  21-22 deg Taurus

White Dove Flying Over Troubled Waters

  22-23 deg Taurus

A Jewelry Shop Filled With Valuable Gems

  23-24 deg Taurus

An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging From His Belt

  24-25 deg Taurus

A Vast Public Park

  25-26 deg Taurus

A Spanish Gallant Serenades His Beloved

  26-27 deg Taurus

An Old Indian Woman Selling The Artifacts Of Her Tribe To Passerby

  27-28 deg Taurus

A Woman, Past Her "Change Of Life", Experiences A New Love

  28-29 deg Taurus

Two Cobblers Working At A Table

  29-30 deg Taurus

A Peacock Parading On The Terrace Of An Old Castle
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« Reply #13 on: September 04, 2007, 10:44:57 am »


0-1 deg Gemini

A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders

  1-2 deg Gemini

Santa Claus Furtively Filling Stockings Hanging In Front Of Fireplace

  2-3 deg Gemini

The Garden Of The Tuileries In Paris

  3-4 deg Gemini

Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas

  4-5 deg Gemini

A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For Action

  5-6 deg Gemini

Workmen Drilling For Oil

  6-7 deg Gemini

A Well With Bucket And Rope Under The Shade Of Majestic Trees

  7-8 deg Gemini

Aroused Strikers Surround A Factory

  8-9 deg Gemini

A Quiver Filled With Arrows

  9-10 deg Gemini

An Airplane Performing A Nose Dive

  10-11 deg Gemini

Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For Experience

  11-12 deg Gemini

A Negro Girl Fights For Her Independence In The City

  12-13 deg Gemini

A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert Performance

  13-14 deg Gemini

Bridging Physical Space And Social Distinctions, Two Men Communicate Telepathically

  14-15 deg Gemini

Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge

  15-16 deg Gemini

A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause

  16-17 deg Gemini

The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker

  17-18 deg Gemini

Two Chinese Men Converse In Their Native Tongue In An American City

  18-19 deg Gemini

A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom

  19-20 deg Gemini

A Modern Cafeteria Displays An Abundance Of Food, Products Of Various Regions

  20-21 deg Gemini

A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration

  21-22 deg Gemini

Dancing Couples In A Harvest Festival

  22-23 deg Gemini

Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree

  23-24 deg Gemini

Children Skating Over A Frozen Village Pond

  24-25 deg Gemini

A Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees

  25-26 deg Gemini

Frost-Covered Trees Against Winter Skies

  26-27 deg Gemini

A Gypsy Emerging From The Forest Wherein Her Tribe Is Encamped

  27-28 deg Gemini

Through Bankruptcy, Society Gives To An Overburdened Individual The Opportunity To Begin Again

  28-29 deg Gemini

The First Mockingbird Of Spring

  29-30 deg Gemini

A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds
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« Reply #14 on: September 04, 2007, 10:46:40 am »


0-1 deg Cancer

On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One

  1-2 deg Cancer

A Man On A Magic Carpet Hovers Over A Large Area Of Land

  2-3 deg Cancer

A Man Bundled In Fur Leads A Shaggy Deer

  3-4 deg Cancer

A Cat Arguing With A Mouse

  4-5 deg Cancer

At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By A Train

  5-6 deg Cancer

Game Birds Feathering Their Nests

  6-7 deg Cancer

Two Nature Spirits Dancing Under the Moonlight

  7-8 deg Cancer

A Group Of Rabbits Dressed in Human Clothes Walk As If On Parade

  8-9 deg Cancer

A Small Naked Girl Bends Over A Pond Trying To Catch A Fish

  9-10 deg Cancer

A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting Process

  10-11 deg Cancer

A Clown Caricaturing Well-Known Personalities

  11-12 deg Cancer

A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him To Be The Reincarnation Of A Great Teacher

  12-13 deg Cancer

A Hand With A Prominent Thumb Is Held Out For Study

  13-14 deg Cancer

A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast

  14-15 deg Cancer

In A Sumptuous Dining Hall Guests Relax After Partaking Of A Huge Banquet

  15-16 deg Cancer

A Man Studying A Mandala In Front Of Him, With The Help Of A Very Ancient Book

  16-17 deg Cancer

The Unfoldment Of Multilevel Potentialities Issuing From An Original Germ

  17-18 deg Cancer

A Hen Scratching The Ground To Find Nourishment For Her Progeny

  18-19 deg Cancer

A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony

  19-20 deg Cancer

Venetian Gondoliers Giving A Serenade

  20-21 deg Cancer

A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic Performance

  21-22 deg Cancer

A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat

  22-23 deg Cancer

The Meeting Of A Literary Society

  23-24 deg Cancer

A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Seas

  24-25 deg Cancer

A Willful Man Is Overshadowed By A Descent Of Superior Power

  25-26 deg Cancer

Guests Are Reading In The Library Of A Luxurious Home

  26-27 deg Cancer

A Violent Storm in A Canyon Filled With Expensive Homes

  27-28 deg Cancer

An Indian Girl Introduces Her White Lover To Her Assembled Tribe

  28-29 deg Cancer

A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins In Golden Scales

  29-30 deg Cancer

A Daughter of The American Revolution
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